It's rare for a day to go by where women don't, quite understandably, complain about the annoying, even misogynistic behavior of men.

Addiction to video games, poor hygiene, too much excitement over a football or basketball game, bad table manners.

The list goes on and on.

But men don't only annoy women with their behavior.

Indeed, plenty of other men get equally annoyed or revolted by certain stereotypically "male" behavior, and wish it would come to an end.

Redditor sinliciously was curious to hear the things men want to put a "cease and desist" on which are regularly done by their own gender, leading them to ask:
"Men of Reddit, what is something you wish other men would stop doing?"

Taking Others Down To Bring Themselves Up

"Insulting their friends to look cool in front of a girl."- SuvenPan

Always Needing To Be The "Tough Guy"

"I wish y’all would stop trying to be Mr. tough arrogant guy when an attractive women is in your presence."- Relevant-Quality2196·

It's Just Basic Hygeine!

"Not washing hands after using public bathrooms."- truetruster

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Women Are Not Property!

"Stop hitting on other dudes' girlfriend."

"Some guys take it as a challenge and it’s pretty f*cked up."- Blowmansalad·

"Being overly horny and hitting on women non stop who clearly are uncomfortable."

"It’s hard to watch."- cgollin34

"Treating women like an object that exists solely for their pleasure."

"Leading women to constantly live in defense mode, which leads to decent men having a hard time meeting and establishing a real connection with women who have become jaded by experiences with f*ckboi archetypes."- surivanoroc20

Learn Some Manners!

"That thing where a girl turns you down so you suddenly call her an ugly b*tch."

"It’s really not hard to NOT be a rude piece of sh*t, and it makes you sound pathetic."

"Have some respect and imagine your grandmother could hear you."- leastlyharmful

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What Are You Trying To Prove, Exactly?

"Acting overly manly and not smiling, like chill man I’m not trying to pee on your territory."- incognitoburrito2022

Not Cool...

"Stop approaching women in grocery store parking lots! "

"At night!"

"My girlfriend mentions that guys, often way older guys, will try to talk to her and ask her out while she’s carrying groceries."

"She’s had to stop wearing headphones because guys will follow her trying to get her attention."

"The worst was a guy who knocked on her window when she was sitting in her car."

"Nobody taught me, a normal dude, how not to be creepy."

"Where the hell did you guys learn to do this?"- UptownShenanigans

Not Fooling Anyone

"Joining MLMs and being really vague about what they do."

"I don’t want an exclusive chance to gain you as a mentor, I sat next to you in pre-algebra and know that the concept of math escapes you."

"Also stop renting luxury vehicles for a weekend and pretending you 'made it'."

"Maybe I’m just a hater but if your whole plan is to not just fake it till you make it but to 'flex' till you make it then I’m not interested in whatever opportunity you’re trying to sell me."- Exact_Thought_185

Its Sexual Assault. STOP IT!

"The unwarranted peen pics need to stop."- Ratakoa

Just Be Yourself!

"Stop pretending they are all that when they aren't."- Time_Relationship125

Fight The Good Fight!

"Stop giving up!"

"It's ok to be masculine."

"It's ok to be down on your luck."

"It's not ok to stop trying."- Dazzling-Umpire-5073

Not exactly something to brag about...

"Obsessing over how much sex you gotta have to be really a man."- NexysGaming·

Not A One Way Street...

"Thinking making food is the main way a woman can give to a man."

"Like please get with the times."

"I immediately lose interest."- bellllsssss

'Mach Macho Man..."

"Sexist....racist...womanizing....a**holes in general."

'I'm a man and I can't stand most men with their macho man bullsh*t.

"The end."- If*ckinghatethesunn

A Matter Of Personal Taste

"Having curly short black hair."- LinuxIsTrashAf

No Means NO!

"Pressuring me to drink after I’ve already said no."- batjunkrat

Some People Always Want What They Can't Have...

"Flirting with my gf"- theboldboy

What Does 'Masculinity' Mean, Exactly?

"Making so many unrelated things about 'masculinity'."

"It's not 'unmanly' to enjoy a fruity cocktail just because it tastes good, enjoy your 1% bread soda, Kevin
also making their cars as loud as possible, such small pp energy."-

When other "bros" are so openly put off by "bro" culture, maybe that means it's time has passed?

But seriously, did anyone find "bro" culture attractive?

After all, were we laughing with the boys of the American Pie films, or laughing at them...

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