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Gender-specific activities like knitting or playing certain sports have become outdated perceptions in society today.

Anyone ridiculing a person for an endeavor that was previously deemed exclusive to one gender will only face backlash.

People tend to forget that many professional football players have in fact participated in ballet as part of their training.

While the practice has been stigmatized, the ballet and football combo actually makes sense. It helps players with their flexibility – which is equally as important as strength while out on the field – and also prevents many injuries.

Ballet training also helps with speed, endurance and focus.

So if you mocked a football player for going to a ballet studio and were consequently tackled for it, well, you probably deserved it.

There is no shame in going against societal conventions to do the things we enjoy.

Redditor -AboveAverageJoe asked the men of Reddit:

"Guys, what feminine things do you do that you're not ashamed of?"

Based on the many responses to the thread, the pride was real.

His Gorgeous Mane

"I grew out my hair for the first time ever. At 35 years old, my grandma told me my hair was so beautiful that I should have been born a woman."

"Thanks, grandma...."


Products Made For Her

"I accidentally bought women's shower gel once and now use nothing else. It just smells better."


"I ran out of deodorant once and had to use my wife's Secret brand deodorant."

"I kid you not, it's the best deodorant I've ever used."


Calgon, Take Him Away

"take long hot baths, complete with candles and bubbles."



"Had a college level psychology teacher tell me that cooking was a feminine thing to do."

"I like to eat good so I cook.¯_(ツ)_/¯"

"Edit:Just wanted to clarify that my psychology teacher was a woman."



"'Girly drinks' are usually super sweet and full of booze, I'd much rather drink those than 20 s**tty light beers that I need to have been drinking for a decade to not think are absolutely disgusting."


Leave My Daiquiri Alone

"It only takes one good daiquiri to make you completely drop the whole gendered drink thing. Life's too short to give a single fuck what people think about my alcoholic slushie."


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You Can Leave The Seat Down

"Sit down to pee."

"Hear me out: you can play on your phone and relax for a few minutes."


"Keeps floor more clean."

"Listen, doesn't matter how accurate you are, there are still little droplets that come out from it hitting the water."


Smooth Pits

"Shave my armpits. Forgotten why I started, but just keep doing it."


Sew What?

"Sew like a champion."


I think everyone should a least know cooking and sewing basics. Both are also fun."


My Friends Are Plush

"So I've got a horde of stuffed animals on my bed, and Idgaf what anyone has to say 'bout it! They have been instrumental growing up and even now in helping me cope with anxiety and depression. They're my kiddos and my best buds."


Preventing A Bad Habit

"I paint my nails so I won't bite them. I like having colorful nails tho."


Saving Face

"Facial masks with my wife. I just started getting into it and I LOVE it!"


Whatever Moves You

"I listen to a lot of 'teenage girl' music. For a long time I was very self conscious about the music that I listened to and wanted my taste to be 'masculine' and as a result I listened to a lot of music I didn't like and stopped myself from enjoying music I genuinely loved. Then one day I woke up and realized that wasn't who I was. And now I'll proudly blare my Taylor Swift or Carly Rae or whatever new girl pop disco trash whenever I want."


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Hey, If It's Comfy

"I cross my legs like a girl occasionally, I guess. Not ankle on top of knee, but knee on top of knee. It's comfy."


Releasing The Floodgates

"I'm not sure if that's feminine, but I cry at movies. A lot."

"I'm 23 years old and most recently watched 'Captain Phillips.' I cried out of relief for the character."

"While my country was locked down because of Corona, I stayed with my parents, where my 15 yo sister made me watch 'Coco' because I used to have Disney+ for 'Mandalorian.'

"The result of "Coco" was that I cried three times. My sister also cried. From laughing at me."

"The whole movie was so beautiful and my feelings were all over the place."

"Then, right after the movie we watched the short movie 'Lava.' My sister said she wanted to 'Cheer me up.'"

"As soon as the singer hit the first note in the main lines, the gates were open again and I was weeping like a baby. I just couldn't help it."

"That also was when I decided to cancel my Disney+ subscription because I'd probably dehydrate from crying at some point. And I didn't want to give my sister the opportunity to fool me again."


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