The All-Time Most Annoying Television Characters

More often than not, what keeps us tuning into a TV show week after week, or in one lengthy binge, are the characters.

Indeed, who wasn't filled with joy to get that iconic side-eye from Fleabag, being serenaded by Friends' Phoebe Buffay, or wish that Grey's Anatomy's Meredith Grey come to their rescue one day?

Not all characters are so innately loveable, however.

Indeed, sometimes we watch a show in spite of the presence of certain characters, and that's only if they aren't so unbearably annoying that watching their show seems an unbearable chore.

And we're not talking about villains or antagonists here.

Indeed, these are the main, sometimes title characters, who are often the biggest liability of their respective series.

Redditor booksrmylife was eager to hear which television characters had people to immediately turn off their screens, leading them to ask:
"Who is the most annoying character in the history of television?"

Can't She Keep Her Hands To Herself?!?

"Didi from 'Dexter’s Laboratory'."- SeaworthinessHairy12

Shameless-ly Annoying

"Debbie Gallagher."- asialovesye

Does Anyone Find Him Cute?!?

"Caillou."- YeetThatBanana

kenan and kel GIFGiphy

[Insert Tasteless Mafia Joke]

"Janice Soprano."- CALiSpeed2·

More Like Scrappy Don't!

"Scrappy Doo."- Libra_Zebra

Her Presence Was Anything but Glee-ful

"Rachel Berry from 'Glee'."- Substantial_Wish_182

Shocked Lea Michele GIFGiphy

How To Make An Infamously Annoying Character Even More Annoying?

"Jakovasaur."- daddios_amigos

Reality Can Be Far More Unpleasant Than Fiction...

"Any Kardashian."- User avatarlevel 1z____ro

"Kim Kardashian."- Aromatic_Ad8890

Kim Kardashian GIF by E!Giphy

Just Keep On Walking...

"Lori Grimes ('Walking Dead')."- LaReinaTormenta

To Think He Was Meant To Make A One-Off Appearance...

"Urkel."- mikeyeah17

His Name Says It All...

"Buzz Killington."- Boston_Strong_CQB241

Those Curls Didn't Fool Anyone...

"Nellie Olson."- Elliebell1024

little house on the prairie 70s tv GIF by absurdnoiseGiphy

Seriously, Who Would Cheat on Aiden With Big?!?!?!

"Carrie Bradshaw!"- DarkDaysintheSunCity

No One Wants House Calls From Them...

"Dr Phil or Dr Oz."- JacksEmptyWallet

Some shows have writing strong enough to make you overlook characters who border on insufferable.

Other times, one can't help but scratch their heads at the popularity of certain shows with their utterly repelling main characters.

Seriously, did anyone find Rachel Berry remotely likable?

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