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What is it about creepy kids?

There's just something about those high pitched voices uttering the darkest ideas and unexplained happenings.

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Cameras are everywhere, capturing every second we breathe. It can be hilarious. However, security cameras sometimes aren't always as fun to watch as our phone cams. Security cameras are set up to record nefarious activity, so why are we shaken when we find ourselves proving its use. Maybe it's because those cams prove that we do have a lot to fear in life. Ghosts. Nutty neighbors. Wild animals. The UPS guy. The footage can sometimes be the thing of nightmares.

Redditor u/Pepperoniplayboy21 wanted to know what surprising frights some people have immortalized on film by asking.... People of Reddit with security cameras, what is the creepiest thing you've caught on video?
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Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

The zombie apocalypse and paranormal activity are undoubtedly terrifying enough to keep us up at night.

But the scarier things in life are the things grounded in reality.

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We don't give a second thought about beautiful flowers on display. So innocuous. So simple. So...creepy?

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It's no secret that truck driving is quite a dangerous job.

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