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Sometimes we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. We don't plan on it, but sometimes our curiosity--or bad timing--gets the best of us.

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Gas stations are a necessary evil. They often smell, they can take a while, you have to drop some cash, and there's no knowing who you'll encounter there.

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Nighttime is a little scarier no matter where you are, but there is something especially eerie about the silent pitch darkness of unpopulated rural areas.

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As humans, we always have this natural desire to find an explanation for every weird thing that happens to us. We are inherently skeptics. But at least a few times in our lifetime, we stumble upon an experience that is completely unexplainable, and it permanently rocks our world.

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Summer camps can be a place where kids form some of the best memories. In contrast, without proper oversight summer camps can lead to some disturbing experiences. From unlikely accidents to scare tactics, some people may not reflect on their time spend fondly.

We had an excellent summer camp close to where I grew up, we went every year and it was amazing. One summer stuck out more than the rest and looking back was a bit creepy. The speakers at that year's bike camp were, let's say, conservative. We had the example give that when we (a group of 12/13-year-olds) sin that God a big ultimate being hates it and will then oppose us. Fire, brimstone, gnashing of teeth, you can fill in the rest.

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