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At some point in our innocent lives, we've had wild imaginations in which we've conjured up companions to play with.

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Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

What are people thinking sometimes? Or are they even thinking at all? Everyone should really be required to use their "inside voice" as if they're in a library until vocals have been cleared by society. Or there should be punishment for people who speak out of turn. Too many people have utter things so deviant, Hannibal Lecter would be like... "Girl! You crazy! Just hush up!"

Redditor u/InbredPutin wanted everyone to discuss the times they've been left speechless by someone who should've been speechless themselves by asking... Whats the creepiest thing someone has ever told you?
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Local urban legends stem from a variety of sources.

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The world is a messed up place, fam. A lot of the stuff that we don't even realize is messed up is actually ridiculously sadistic. The horrors are everywhere, and they're inescapable.

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Our universe is filled with infinite amount of unexplained mysteries yet to be explored.

And yet, the limited number of substantive facts we are cognizant of still continue to baffle us.

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