Sometimes, you're just minding your business, enjoying something, and someone comes along and totally ruins it for you.

How? By basically forcing you to focus on one flaw or outstanding element of your activity. You can never not focus on that now. Like the water bottles in Game Of Thrones. Now, when you watch those episodes, all you'll see is water bottles.

u/JAG1117 asked:

What's something you can't unsee once someone points it out?

Here are those infuriating items.

Speakers In The Trees


The fake bird noises in golf coverage. They are all fake and constant.


I'm convinced that NBA games add sneaker squeaks to their broadcasts. I was watching a game a few years ago and there was a comical amount of constant squeaking. To this day I can only hear that and forget about any commentators


That Short Gold

Because Bruno Mars is so much shorter than Mark Ronson, in the Uptown Funk video they are never shown standing next to each other in the same frame. One is always sitting/leaning on a car.


A Gasp In

In this case, more like unhear. breathing in songs. Once you start paying attention to it, you cant hear anything else.


Not many people realise but it is something that the mixing engineer will consider while mixing the song. Removing it completely would make it sound weird, especially for an acoustic guitar or something like that. But if it's too loud or harsh then it distracts from the actual notes being played. So you need to have a nice balance.


You'll Never See A Sign The Same

Kerning. My kids still curse me for explaining kerning to them. Now every time they see a sign, they see bad letter spacing.


/r/keming is not for the faint of heart.


Conan The Barbarian...And Then Some

I meet this guy that was a huge Conan the Barbarian fan so he got a big Conan tattoo on his arm, he was not happy with it, I couldn't see it but when he pointed it out, I could not unsee it, the tattoo artist did a bad job when shading so it looked like Conan had one leg and a huge dick, laughed my *ss off when I saw it and I feel sorry for the guy.


Why Do We Fall Down?

In Batman Begins... when he head-butts Falcons, something white bounces away from between them... I have analyzed it to death. Is it a cotton ball? A ping pong ball? Cocaine? WHAT IS IT????

Also the mole by Christian Bales right eye

It's Dumbo!

Some sort of unique facial/head feature of another person. Take ears for example. I was watching baseball the other day and my SO pointed out the pitcher's ears seemed to stick straight out. For the rest of the game, all I noticed were his flapping wing ears.


Dem Ain't Da Words

Some guy was in a bathroom stall at the movie theater while I was pissing at the urinal. I guess he didn't know I was there. He starts singing away to himself, to the tune of Hall & Oats, "Because your piss, your piss, is on my wrist... because your piss is on my wrist... when I turn out the lights!"

I burst out laughing. Now I can't hear that song for the rest of my life without singing that dude's alternate lyrics.


-Jump Noise-

In Super Mario Bros for the NES the clouds are the same graphic as the bushes just a different color.


A slightly more well-known one, but frustrating when you see people make the mistake, but Mario punches upwards whenever he jumps, so he's not actually hitting blocks with his head.

I think this was more prevalent before the 2000s though.


My TV Shows Are Done


Back when Everyone Loves Raymond was popular a friend of mine said that every episode was just ray doing something stupid and then his wife would yell at him.

I stopped watching it shortly after.

Same thing happened with Home Improvement.


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