The world is full of questionable events and actions. That’s just a fact. A lot of these things seem like they should be against the law, but aren’t.

Then there are things that are actually positive, or even fall into the category of basic human rights, that shouldn't be illegal, but might be.

The world is prone to change. Just a few decades from now, both the questionable and the positive events and actions may be illegal.

Redditors all have their own theories about what may be illegal 50 years from now.

Curious about those theories, Redditor Dohkodilibra asked:

"What do you think will be illegal in 50 years from now?"

Don't Judge A Toddler By Her Tiara

"I hope child beauty pageants in US"

– SuvenPan

"I agree 100%. I always scroll to those clips showing the pageant tv show and that’s definitely child abuse. I don’t understand who would be that selfish to just shove their kid on stage with skimpy clothing on. The parents are forcing their kids to do it so they can live their dreams through their kids. It’s disgusting.."

– Select-Error-9829

Protect The Planet

"putting waste into orbit."

"EDIT: New required protocols have been implemented in a number of nations, including the US. It also goes against UN regulations, but those are not legally obligatory among its members."

– Perfect-Respe

"Welcome to my world"

"Welcome to my only world"

"(Welcome to my only world)"

"It is full of space junk"

"But your words are coming through"

"I'm riding on the space junk"

"And it's bringing me to you"

– SpaceJunk-

Those Poor Dogs

"Breeding super unhealthy dog breeds like pugs, frenchies and others. Super unethical. Hopefully people will do something about it."

– dasmycat

"To expand on this, eliminating like puppy mills."

– JordanDsGaming

The Fall Of Privacy

"Unfortunately I think privacy and the right to repair anything will become illegal slowly over time. I think that IP rights will take such an egregious turn that it'll become illegal to circumvent ads on webpages, and there will be DRM and planned obsolescence in absolutely everything."

"It should go without saying that I hope I'm wrong."

– Wolfje_

"You're not wrong at all, realize both things have been happening for the last 40+ years already. What you see today is all that is left of the rights to repair and privacy. I'm only 47 but I've been watching both things crumble my entire life. It's horrifying."

– CleanUpOn_AisleMe

Life In Front Of The Camera

"Family vloggers/social media influencers that are exploiting their kids for views and money."

– kentyrio

"i dont have a problem with them if they allow the kid to have some of the money or by doing that they can have a better life"

"but when they try to completely exploit their kid for the sole purpose of content and money that's where i draw the line"

– Kiro_sage

Never Gonna Happen


– Alexdoh

"Governments get a lot of tax I don't think they will give that easily"

– mrhippo1998

"Even though I hate tobacco, I would be against a full ban… prohibition is never the solution.. it would just create a huge black market for it…"

"I reckon they will just increase taxes so much so it becomes unappealing"

– raff7

Dirty Politics

"Bribing politicians? We can only hope."

– Brain442


"Factory farming. As lab-grown meat become cheaper, healthier and tastier, factory farming will be mentioned along slavery, after campaigns by lab-grown meat based companies and further protests."

– Namaenonaidesu

Our Own Thoughts

"Thinking freely"

– misterbungle1975

"Us: "I think we-""

"Gov't: "No, you don't.""

– xDxRockx

That last one is pretty scary!

If we take action to protect our rights while making sure things that should be illegal become illegal, it'll just be a matter of time before we’re in a better world!

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