People Describe Which Things Are Not As Attractive As People Think
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How often do you look at a person or society as a whole and think... "Um, no. Just no?"

What are people thinking?

How do we leave the house in various states of disarray and think its fashion?

There are trends and behaviors that are just over, in fact they never really were.

Yet so many people persist.

We need to put together a guidebook of what's in and out.

And what never was.

Redditor Liam_Tangwanted to have a discussion about what's hot and what's not.

They asked:

"What's not as attractive as people think?"


Stop with the clogs.

Not only are they ugly, they're dangerous.

They're half a shoe!

No Boys

"When guys take pictures of themselves doing that furrowing the brow, biting the lip, rubbing the hands together thing. What is that? Who told them that looks good?"



Play Straight

"Pretending to be or overplaying being drunk/high."


"My best friend is this way. I’ve seen her exaggerating her drunkness and then turn it off so quick. Love hanging out with her, but I don’t enjoy drinking with her anymore. Nothing wrong with sober fun though!"


"Add on people who make getting drunk/high their entire personality. Do what you want to do, but hopefully there are other important things in your life."


You "Right?"

"The way the internet has made everyone think they are an expert."


"This was the case before the internet. The internet just allows everyone to communicate with more people they otherwise would not have. You are seeing a much larger sample size. Flip side, easier to see if they are right or not."


"There are so much idiots you either feel like you are an Einstein amongst idiots, or you believe that you are a genius because all other 'geniuses' reassure you."


Bye Chad

"Obsessed about being alpha/gigachad."


"I remember a self promoting giga-chad appearing as a guest at an industry seminar I attended. He said some gross things, nothing related to the industry. I had no idea where the hell they got this guy from, so I checked out his socials. Anyway, he promoted himself as a 'lifestyle coach' and 'alpha male.'"

"His YouTube was full of depressing videos of him in a windowless sterile room he called his 'studio' (obviously his rented bedroom). These videos spanned a number of topics, like how to convince women to have sex using psychology, making money from crypto and weird social theories he had."

"His Instagram was full of pictures of him in front of stranger's Lamborghinis pretending they were his, high-end nightclubs (with no evidence of friends) or dodgy styling tips. He obviously chose to live a lie... And yet this was the lie he chose. Weirdest rabbit hole I ever went down."


You be better

"Pointing out someone else's flaws to show how much better they are. Doesn't make them better; just makes them a judgemental a**hole."



This sounds about right for society as a whole.

I'm staying in more.

Bored Now

"Playing hard to get. I'm all for putting in effort, but stop giving me signals of not being interested, while you actually are. I'm here to build a relationship, not solve some nonsensical puzzle."



Over You

"Trying to act stuck up and showing off by flirting with other guys/girls in front of the person you like to try and get them jealous."


"Yeah, this one has always seemed trashy to me. If you need to make somebody jealous to get/keep them interested, then maybe you aren't that interesting. My friend had a crazy ex who did this shit and I just look at her with utter contempt."


Stay Calm

"Conflict =/= Passion."


"Girlfriend of 3 years did that to me. She broke up with me and then harassed me for weeks to get back together; telling me to man up, you name it. It took a huge toll on me. I finally asked her why she would break up if she still wanted to date. Her response? 'I thought you would fight for me!.' Nah bro it doesn't work like that. Relationships are not game."


Be Quiet

"Some who isn’t being direct, but expects anyone and everyone to be direct + whoever they’re talking to to be a mind reader and gets mad when neither happens."


"And the flipside where they proudly declare 'I speak my mind' and have zero social tact, and offend others around them constantly."


Can I get a Refund?

"People who show off their money."


"There's a TikTok that went (somewhat) viral of a guy at the bar showing his bank account to some women (women were smoking hot, guy looked like a grease monkey). The guy had like $90k."



'less than'

"Dudes that talk down to people they deem 'less than' them trying to show that they're superior and dudes that really believe in the 'alpha' bulls**t."


"I was trying to word this exact thing but couldn't. I specifically remember being introduced to a friend's boyfriend at a bowling club and him giving the lady at the counter a hard time by trying to convince her he was a member and didn't have his card."

"It made no difference to us getting in and all it did was boost his ego because he needed to control the situation and piss me off. What a fucking twat. It was no surprise to me when my friend told me later he was controlling her entire life (friends, phone etc) and physically abusing her."


'hard to get'

"Acting. Acting like you’re hard to get, that you’re interested, acting like there’s a hierarchy. Acting like there are protocols to going on a date, what needs to be said, where to go, etc.. Just be yourself and be honest."


"What I hate most about the 'hard to get' people, is that their existence gives some other people the impression that those who are genuinely uninterested are just playing. No man, I'm not hard to get. I'm actually pretty easy to get, if I like you. I don't like you. Stop showing up at my house."



"Calling yourself 'brutally honest' when really you're just a *ick."


"Brutally honest is usually not related to truth."

"It's usually someone's opinion."

"People who stream-of-conscious say what they think are depending on others not to act like themselves."

"It's asinine."


It's not attractive!

"Men rubbing their hands together while biting their lip. It's not attractive! You either look like a creep or a housefly, pick one."


"I've seen this posted 3 times now and I have legit never witnessed this behaviour. But yeah it sounds weird."


robert downey jr lip bite GIFGiphy

Puff Puff

"Basing your whole personality on smoking weed."


"Basing your personality on any single topic is tiresome. Harleys, craft beer, yoga, football, cross fit, gaming, Jesus, Star Wars, travelling - if it defines you - you’re pretty one dimensional."


"Meh. Depends on the person I guess."

"Also, with the strength of weed these days, I find it far easier to drink a beer with someone and have a meaningful discussion rather than smoke a joint and wonder if they hate me for the way my t-shirt shows too much of my arms."



"Being mean to other people to impress someone."


"Does anyone seriously believe being mean is attractive?"


"Reminds me of a guy me and some friends and others were hanging out with at a bar after an event we all attended. I asked the guy if he had any social media accounts I could keep in touch with him through and he said no, I'm not emo or suicidal or something like that. Everyone laughed and I just thought the guy was an a**hole after that."


Chill Out



"This one is it. Also hate it when it's casually shown to wait staff and customer service people. Punch up your aggression my dudes."


"I think a lot of guys think women want this but it seems like it's the guys that want women to want it."


"Agreed. I especially can’t stand when someone always tries to resort to violence, even though the other person clearly had no intention of being violent. I work with a guy like this. Some other (male) coworker will disagree with something he says and he immediately threatens to beat his a**. Also, he’s never been in a fight that I know of."


Nobody Cares

"Flaunting wealth. That only works if you're not flaunting, but it just shows. Like if you pull up in a nice car. There's no way you couldn't have pulled up in a nice car. Therefor acceptable and conveys the point. Don't interject your car into a conversation where it doesn't belong though. Nobody cares."


"People really inject their car in to conversation like that? That's disgusting. My 05 Lamborghini mercialago wouldn't go anywhere near those people."


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So much of this leads back to bad behavior.

We need better goals and more self-esteem.

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