People Confess The One Socially Unacceptable Fact About Themselves

People Confess The One Socially Unacceptable Fact About Themselves
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Being human isn't easy. And surviving humanity is near impossible.

We all have little things about ourselves the outside world may not immediately take to heart.

That's fine. That's the fun part.

But it's not always easy to be fun.

When we're in public we may need to acknowledge the rules of decorum.

But it's ok to not follow the rules, just own the rebellion.

Redditor HisMajesticDickenswanted to hear some confessions.

They asked:

"What is one socially unacceptable fact about yourself?"

Who is willing to dish?

Speak up... because I'm not. LOL


"I don't talk to anyone other than close relatives. Not even friends." ~ Ok-Cat-9129


hands up...

"I've always struggled with sweaty hands and feet since I was a small child. In formal settings I enjoy the option of wearing opera gloves. People think I'm being fancy. Nah bra I'm just hiding that I have to shake 9000 hands at this event tonight and I don't want to have to keep wiping them on my dress." ~ happyfunisocheese

My Purpose...

"I will do nothing but sleep and eat all day if I could." ~ fernandito_chiquito

"I'm currently unemployed and basically do that everyday. And trust me, it's very easy to stop caring about yourself, stop showering, stop brushing your teeth, thus getting more lazy, not going out anymore because showering seems already like so much effort and sleeping is so much easier and BOOM! Depression pit."

"It's so easy to slip into this and just a tiny little step each day. There are a lot of days that I feel like useless garbage and that I absolutely suck I can recommend taking a break from working for two months or maybe even 3, but it's not as easy sitting home all day as we imagine it is. I feel like I have no purpose anymore." ~ Shadowchani

So incredibly toxic...

"I think my family are a bunch of self involved manipulating a**holes and if they didn’t talk to me again, it might make my life easier." ~ rockinthe90s

"I second this. Except I separated myself from most of the sick biofamily. The extreme levels of delusion with terrifying amounts of narcissism to cover the fact that not single one of them even knows how to be or even what happiness is. O and to cover up the blind ignorance and the absolute refusal to grow. So incredibly toxic. I have never been happier." ~ hurricane4689


"I am faking everything. Literally. I could not care less about anything. But I fake it all." ~ NotNotRonSwanson


Facades are normal.

We all hide behind them.

Don't stress.

Over Cheers

"I never just have a 'few beers' if I have one." ~ Chicekly


I'm Tired

"I typically do not masturbate for pleasure. i usually do it just to make myself tired enough to fall asleep." ~ lauryngrace

"I still remember an episode of 'According To Jim' (I think, might have been some other sitcom from around that time) where the fat guy mentioned 'some of us do it as a sleeping aid' in a room full of people and he got weird looks while the laugh track played. That 'joke' was definitely based in reality for sure." ~ Chromattix

Bad Kids

"I hate kids and am a teacher. I’m a high school teacher and I enjoy teaching teenagers, but can’t stand kids under the age of 11." ~ ljnr

"I work with high school age kids and I cannot stand the super entitled ones that must think their crap smells good. They are so rude, so condescending, they'll tell you off for not having the latest iPhone or airpods. Have fun with your soulless, materialistic life I guess? They're so self centered they'll probably never even realize how petty and unlikeable they are. Sad." ~ joantheunicorn

"I definitely do not know at what point expressing my desire to talk to someone crosses from 'reaching out in a friendly way' into 'annoying and impinging'. And I worry about it!" ~ TheShendelzare

"I constantly feel like I'm annoying everyone that I talk to. Even my training supervisor, who has to remind me many times a day that I'm allowed and encouraged to ask questions in order to do my job better. Still feel like I'm always interrupting and pissing her off." ~ AzraelleWormser

Can you hear me now?

"Sometimes I like having fake phone conversations. Sometimes because I just need to talk through a problem or plan something out loud but my mom isn't picking up the phone. Sometimes for my own entertainment (trying to get people to eavesdrop)." ~ deqb


Conan Tales

"I have full on conversations when I'm alone in the car. I find that its a good way to get my thoughts in order. I have conversations that I'll never have in person. I'll imagine that I'm arguing with somebody or that I'm on Late Night with Conan O'Brian taking about my new movie (I'm not an actor. I just love Conan)."

"Sometimes I just pretend that I'm explaining a hobby or something to a friend. Thank goodness cars have Bluetooth capabilities these days. Sometimes at stoplights I'll take breaks in between sentences so that the people in other cars think I'm talking on the phone." ~ stinkystinkypoopbutt

Just be you.

We all have traits and quirks the "public" won't love.

But clearly the public has them too.

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One would think we're in a place in time where all conversations should be easy.

But that is not the case.

So much is still too "taboo" to be truthful about.

It is so frustrating.

There is so much to discuss.

Being shy is understandable, but it's something that we can all get over.

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