Some things pique a person's interest for mysterious reasons.

It can be a tactile sensation found only in one place, on one object. It might be a niche area of research. Or perhaps its a guilty pleasure, so guilty they hope nobody ever discovers it.

Whatever form it takes, a hidden obsession carries a strange mixture of feelings. It's often viewed negatively, something embarrassing to publicize. But alongside the shame is pride. After all, there is some sense of ownership over the thing so strange you're the only one that does it.

Lucky for us, the internet, with its characteristic anonymity, provides a space for the hidden pleasures to be announced.

Untraceable entries on Reddit threads are a worthy place to get the secret obsession off one's chest, all the while clinging to the assurance that nobody in real life will know.

OGJJ asked, "What secret obsession do you have?"

Gettin' Academic About the Hanky Panky

"Reading about sex and watching documentaries related to sex."

"My horniness extends to a intellectual curiosity that is in some ways more embarrassing than just watching porn or masturbating."

-- djdancer431

Rabbit Holes

"I love to look for small YouTube channels, I love the idea of watching something that very few other people have ever seen." -- Johnny_English

"Same. And if that channel ever gets really popular than I can say I was one of its first viewers."

"I also just go through the comments in other more popular videos and click on their profile pic to look at their channel." -- Olimon888

Sounds Like They Hope it's Found

"I have a leather old school style book that I'm slowly filling with intricate and ornate geometric drawings. One day, when it's done, I'm going to bury it or hide it to maybe never be found."

-- NotYourSnowBunny

Earning Commission, Perhaps?

"Pyrex. I have cups, plates, bowls, mugs, measuring cups, food storage, the whole bit."

"It looks like pretty glass, but you can pour boiling water in it, put it in the microwave or in the oven, even put it on the stove. And it is quite shatter-resistant. It just makes me feel secure."

-- survivalothefittest

A Hot Take These Days

"Hand holding in public." -- Its_me_Markos

"Be gone, thot! My virginity is immune to your petty attempts to seduce me!" -- Garfield4President

"Wait. That's illegal." -- Teleshadow

Carpet Mines

"Legos. I collect a lot. Unnecessary amounts for my living situation." -- th3_warh0g

"I hope you have some strong slippers so you don't kill your feet, or the legos." -- Satanicbuttmechanic

"Brooo same. I feel kinda wrong thinking about like, 'When I'm older hopefully I will have money to accumulate a huge collection of LEGOs.' " -- brixalot10

Shameless Escapism

"The Brady Bunch. So dated, so cringe-worthy...but just such a wholesome and weird snapshot into a simpler time on television. I have always loved trivia and facts about the show and had a huge crush on Florence Henderson." -- art2med

"A snapshot into a highly curated perspective depicting a simpler time." -- yougotthisone

"Moved to LA in 85. My buddy was from Sherman Oaks and took me by the actual house. Never so disappointed by anything in my life." -- Guy_In_Florida

Geographic Niche 

"Learning about Passports. Rankings of usefulness, how to obtain them, how they look, the history of each countries respective passport, etc."

"Most interesting fact I've learned about passports: Caribbean passports, notably the Bahamas and St. Kitts and Nevis, have objectively good passports that allow travel to more places than you'd think."

-- phalhanx

Simple Pleasures


"I love the designs on the handles and how the light reflects of the blades. I also just like, love the feeling of holding scissors in my hands. The shape is very pretty to me, and I just love them so much."

"I can't explain it well, but I've just always been obsessed with them as long as I can remember."

-- scissor_blades

A Lucrative Obsession

"I am obsessed with commodity price movements and tracking cargo/ oil tankers around the world. The first four websites I open every day are wall street journal, Bloomberg, Reuters and Marine Traffic."

-- redindian_92

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