When will the madness and bullying stop?

Gay people do all the "normal" things the rest of you do.

Straight people do things gay people do.

Except of course... being gay.

Gay people play sports.

Straight people like musicals.

It's a whacky world, friends.

Redditor The_WereArcticFox wanted to hear from all the straight boys out there about the times they've been censored in life.

So they asked:

"Straight men of Reddit, what is the strangest thing you have been told not to do because 'that's gay?'"

FYI... you can be straight and love Adele, Beyoncé and Madonna. In case you didn't know.


episode 1 sewing GIF by RuPaul's Drag RaceGiphy

"Not me but a friend was seen as effeminate because he was into sewing. I'm sorry, but the manliest man trait on the planet is practicality, and sewing is one of the most practical skills to have at literally any point in history."


"X book"

"I was engaged, and my co-workers knew I was engaged to a woman. I was at some sort of work thing, and started talking to a guy who was obviously gay. We started talking about philosophy, and I thought he was a cool guy. I was just like hey, if I ever read 'X book' that we were talking about, I'd love to discuss it with you over coffee or something, but I might not read it anytime soon."

"I'd just graduated college, where getting coffee with someone didn't mean anything, and you just did it if you wanted to have a conversation with them. Apparently everyone thought I asked the dude out. I guess I see where they're coming from, but I just wanted to talk about Wittgenstein with someone who'd read him should I ever read him."



"When I was in 8th grade, i got a solid beat down for wearing a plain purple t-shirt. Apparently only gay guys do that. YEARS later i found out I was gay for liking guys, turns out it had nothing to do with my shirt. Who woulda thunk?"


Feel the Pain

"I was taking prescription strength painkillers after surgery. My friend had come over to check on me. Her boyfriend (ex) thought it was gay to take painkillers and told me to be a man."


"My brother thinks taking painkillers is gay too. I have no idea why but he will suffer a migraine instead of taking an aspirin."


"He sounds abusive. My friend had a bf like that he wouldn't let her take painkillers when on her period. Something about painkillers makes you weaker."


Play On

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"I played the clarinet."


"I played the clarinet. I did it because the chicks playing flute were hawt. And dudes don't play flutes. Cause that's gay."


Knowing any instrument is a great skill.

Legs Out

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"I had a girlfriend that started laughing when I crossed my legs because that’s hella gay. And it was like the full straight guy spread out T leg cross."


free dessert...

"Apparently going out for Mexican and margaritas with your pal. No one said it directly, but the waitress gave us a complimentary dessert for 2 and said happy anniversary... free dessert is free dessert, I guess."


"I also went to a Mexican restaurant as well with a friend and the waitress treated us like a waitress would treat my and my GF she definitely thought we were gay. Guess I'm the top in the relationship since the bill was placed in front of me."



"Wear pink or similar colours, although it definitely is my color."


"Yep, got made fun of a lot for wearing pink, purple, yellow, teal, etc. I look damn good in them though, especially in summer where I get really tan."


"Just want to say that I do wear pink and other similar colors despite what people say, no need to be supportive, also cheers for the upvotes."


Oh what a time...

"80s kid here. Anything involving showing emotion is gay. Wearing any clothing that isn't muted is gay. Stating that something is cute is gay. Getting excited about hobbies is gay. Calling your guy friends to talk is gay. Crying is gay. Airing grievances of everyday life is gay. Washing your butthole is gay. Shaving anything other than your face and neck is gay."


The Menu

bananas GIFGiphy

"Eating bananas, hot dogs, popsicles, string cheese, using a straw, hugging other men, touching feminine hygiene products. This is the one that kills me; letting your 3 yo daughter do your hair, makeup and nails."


Wow. We really need some therapy because all of these acts are just human behavior.

Wear pink. Eat popsicles. And enjoy being comfortable in your sexuality, whatever that may be.

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