Things That Make People Irrationally Angry

Angry Man
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Patience is indeed a virtue.

Some people are lucky in that virtually nothing gets on their nerves, and even if something does, they can control their temper and deal with it calmly.

Others, however, are not blessed with the gift of patience, and even the littlest things will completely and utterly set them off.

However, no matter where we stand on the patient level, we all have some things that truly get under our skin, and try as we might, find our temper going completely out of control.

Often resulting in groans from bystanders, who have trouble understanding if the reaction was merited.

Redditor justtoaskthisq was curious to hear all the little things which result in massive outbursts from the Reddit community, leading them to ask:
"What's something that makes you irrationally angry?"

Seriously, Why The Rush?!?

"People who overtake you but then slow down when they are in front of you."- isason

"People rushing me when I’m trying to get ready."- emma_flies

No One Likes A Repeat Journey

"You know when you drop something small on the floor and you bend down to pick it up but you miss and you come up a couple inches because you anticipated that you would actually successfully grab it then you realize you don’t have it so you bend down again and miss one or two more times?"

"It kinda ends up being quite the core workout."

"Man that drives me nuts."-JaceUpMySleeve

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Honestly, Understandable

"Being shouted at, takes every last bit of self-control to not punch them."- Or4ngut4n

Especially If It's Irrational...

"Kids screaming and crying."- CapG_13

Nothing Exacerbates A Tick Like A...Tick!

"Repetitive noises."

"If a window is open and the wind keeps moving the curtain repetitively, peeping sounds, tapping."

"It drives me insane and I have to stop it or I can’t focus on anything else."- OkMaintenance6282

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False Advertising!

"When it says 'tear here' and it doesn’t."- FishingHigh

We Can Hear You!

"People yelling and talking loud when there is literally no reason to."- Kalishnikova56

"Random loud noises or unnecessarily loud music/movies."

"I'm not sure why but it's always triggered me."- SirBobRoss69

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Equally Awful To Look At

"The sound of people chewing with their mouths open."- FoobarMontoya

Just Unnecessary

"Condescending people."- skittlez_lmao

Totally Defeats The Purpose

"People wearing masks with their nose out."

"Motherf*cker, do you know basic human anatomy?"

"Might as well rip that f*cking thing off your face for all the good it's doing."- ZenEvadoni

Mask Quarantine GIF by SWR3Giphy

Hey, You Never Know...

"Every time I’m in a hurry at the gas station I grab my drink, my snack and rush to the front only to find an old man or lady undecided on the vast collection of lotto tickets and scratch offs."

“Hmmmm how much is#27?'"

"'I guess I’ll take #12, oh how much is it, never mind'."

"Then they will pull out 50 old tickets and start cashing them when one wins a dollar or 2."

"Hmmmmmmmm let me put that towards 7 seconds when my uncle #99'."

" Meanwhile, I'm ready to go full Thanos and just start purging our world of lotto players."

"I’m sorry if a close member of your family plays the lotto you deserve better."

"I f*cking hate lotto players."- Flawless_100x

Slow And Steady Does Not Always Win

"People who do 40 on the on-ramp to the highway."

"How do expect to merge safely into highway traffic going 20-30 mph slower than everyone else!"- cheesusismygod

chevy drive slow GIF by Off The JacksGiphy

We all have the little things that get to us.

And the best thing we can do is take a deep breath and try to move on.

As there are much more practical things we can direct our anger at.

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