Stay-At-Home Mom Livid After Husband Ruins Her Birthday With Late-Night Video Game Session
Some people can’t wait for their birthdays to be over. Finding them to be nothing more than a milestone that they are another year older, a reminder they find less and less pleasant with each passing year. Others, however, count the days until their birthday arrives, finding it the one day they can make about […] More
Widow Called Out For Not Informing Her Late Husband’s Estranged Mother That He Passed Away
It’s always sad when someone cuts off contact with a family member. However, sometimes doing so is the right decision, as there will sadly be nothing gained from remaining in contact with this individual. As a result, when they are excluded from important family occasions, there is little to no love lost on either side. […] More
Redditor Balks After Boss Scolds Them For Not Giving Her Their First Class Seat On Business Trip
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Dad Irate When Wife Flushes Medical Marijuana After Young Kids Almost Ate One Of His Edibles
Kids are inquisitive. That’s why they often can’t be left alone for extended periods of time. There is nothing they don’t want to get into. That is why parents are told to lock up everything and anything possible. Otherwise… trouble ensues. Case in point… Redditor FruitlePebbles wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. […] More
Pregnant Mom Called ‘Ungrateful’ For Insisting Guests Only Bring Diapers As Gifts To Baby Shower
Baby showers are a joyous and rather convenient occasion. In addition to celebrating the impending arrival of the bundle of joy, a baby shower is also an excellent way for expecting parents to get all the needed supplies for their babies. And thanks to gift registries, they can ensure that they will only open gifts […] More