People Confess How They Actually Found The Love Of Their Life

People Confess How They Actually Found The Love Of Their Life
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Love is so illusive for so many.

When we watch the people who have found "the one" who can't help but wonder... "How did you do that?"

For all the singles, and not in a desperate way, we wonder... is there something we're missing?

How do you find "the one?"

In this day and age love seems like an illusion or chess game.

I'm willing to play, but can I get the treasure map to navigate?

Redditor dkidontwatchAnimeto discuss life's most important issue... finding love.

They asked:

"People who have found the love of your life, how did you do it?"

I'm over it all, but not really. I'm willing to try many things. Enlighten me...

It's ME!!

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"Online dating. I essentially found a female version of myself by accident doing this and now have a 6 month old son with her." ~ Zealousideal_Hat4431


"I joined a class for people who had lost their way or were just struggling to get started in life, it was either that or I'd probably end up in jail. She was one of the classmates because she didn't know what to do with her life, She seemed too nice for someone like me so I wasn't trying to win her over but we spoke a bit, and found we got along quite well."

"One day I was messing around with a ball and showing off, I tripped and landed awkwardly knocking the foot out of place, tried to ignore it but the ankle started swelling up and teacher took me to hospital, came back a few days later for a charity event."

"But since I was in crutches I was just supposed to watch, another boy in the class was paired with her and she was clearly uncomfortable, I hobbled on over and took his place she was happy, I invited her for a drink and then we ended up going out that night."

"I was in a bad place at that point in my life but she helped me and fixed me up, we have 2 kids now and been together nearly 16 years, moving into a new house today, we've been through alot to get to this point but things are good." ~ Bigbadbobbyc

The Natural

"At a party of a mutual friend group. I was hanging out when he walked in. I knew this group for a couple years, but never met this guy. Turned out he lived in the next state over while he was in school. We were introduced and started talking. We ended up talking all night. It was the easiest conversation I ever had."

"It all felt so natural. Side note: There were many times when we should have met but didn't. When he lived in my state we worked next store to each other and he used to come in to my work all the time (coffee shop). And he was at several parties that I didn't attend."

"It's for the best because I had a boyfriend at the time and he was still in his 'bad boy' phase. A couple weeks later I get a message on Myspace from the guy. We start talking and decide to meet at the halfway point for a date. The rest, as they say, is history. Been in love ever since." ~ tiny_little_planet

Thanks Bro...

"He was friends with my brother. He was always super nice and was such a wonderful dog dad that I knew he would be a wonderful father. We had been hooking up and his roommate ended up getting a DUI and had to move back home from the college town they lived in. He needed a roommate to help pay rent so I moved in and never looked back. We’ve been together for 15 years now and he is the best husband and most amazing father to our two kids." ~ TalullahandHula33

The Crasher

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"When I was 18, I heard a guy my age talking about books with his friend's at a bookstore closing (RIP Borders) and just… crashed his conversation. Six months later, we were engaged. We’ve been together for ten years now and have been married for half of it." ~ WitchoftheWords

Bookstores are dead. That was my dream. A handsome reader, who likes the smell of parchment.


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"By being myself and finding someone who does the same."

"If you and the other person are 100% truly yourself around each other and 100% enjoy every minute of it, you just may have found the one. Also, never try to change them. It will build resentment. Instead, work on accepting them and expect that they do the same." ~ HelpMePeez

I said, I guess so...

"We met in graduate school. I wasn’t interested in a relationship and wanted to concentrate on my studies. He said we can go out as friends, right? I said, I guess so... We found out we had a lot in common and had similar values and goals in life, not to mention the same career! Life has been good and I was lucky to find my best friend and soul mate. We’ve been married over 15 years and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else, in this lifetime or any other." ~ mtn4444


"I found myself suddenly single at 31. Still single at 32 but after being in a long term relationship for years I was enjoying the freedom. A friend invited me her house warming party. Not long after I arrived I locked eyes with this guy and we both smiled. I am rather shy and it took me three attempts to get the courage to talk to him. Been together 18 year, married 16 and have 4 kids." ~ battleangelred

I Quit...

"We worked together. He sent out an email saying he was quitting. I always thought he was handsome so I emailed him saying we should meet up for a goodbye drink. Our company offered him more money and a better position in the company so he ended up not quitting."

"We met up getting a drink anyway. Neither of us were sure what we were for months. We got drinks after work and went on 'dates' but weren’t physical because we worked together. One day, we went hiking and then back to his house. It was a beautiful day and we were on the hammock."

"He kissed me and the rest is history. Soon after he moved in with me, we got engaged a few months later. We were married 3 months after we got engaged. We had our son the next year. We are very happy together and I am thankful for him everyday." ~ kristenleighgio


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"Took a pee in the ladies room and she walked in." ~ DeaddyRuxpin

At the Christmas Party

"I knew her younger sister, who invited me to a Christmas party at their house. (I was 16). The older sister was a tiny, pretty little blonde. Met her there, but she started going out with another friend. Three months later she dumped him. We all hung out at a open house meant to keep we juvenile delinquents off the street."

"Myself and four or five of my friends were standing in a circle outside, smoking... and she stepped out of the Hall. One of the guys pulled her into the circle (she was pretty, remember?) and we started pushing her guy to guy to guy.... around the circle. (we were 16, remember? lol)."

"When she got to me, she threw her arms around my neck, and wouldn't let go. Even I can take that hint! She was my first gf. That was in 1971. She is downstairs right now, drinking tea." ~ ThatNewOldGuy


"Just back from Vietnam, young airman, working at bowling alley to make ends meet. Walked around the corner and there was the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Today we are married for 45 years. Best thing that ever happened to me. My wife said I did cartwheels to attract her attention. Got my nerve up to talk to her. For an hour or so I found any reason to clean her already clean table. She said I was cute and gave me her phone number."

"The number she gave me was 8 digits long. I got mad and threw the phone number away. My manager picked the number up figured out what happened and gave me the good number. Come to find out she was as excited as I was and accidentally added one too many digits. The result we have been married for 45 years." ~ Emergency-Pangolin79

Hey Jen...

"I was 17 year old me working at the gas station/auto garage my grandpa owned. It was spring break week, so we were expecting heavy tourism traffic. Things were running along smoothly, when this Toyota Highlander pulled up. The dad and oldest daughter got out, and went inside. "

"I started pumping the gas, and checking the tires when Jen they came back in. I noticed the band on her shirt was my favorite band, so I simply just sang a line from one of my favorite songs by them. She looked my way, and finished the lyric. I took that as a sign that I should talk to this girl more. It was brief, but I got enough information to know where she was staying for the week, and a coffee date at 6pm that night."

"One date led to three more times seeing her before she left, and us deciding to do a long distance relationship. So many thought it would fail, and that we couldn’t do it, but as we get ready to celebrate our 20 year anniversary of our first date, we’re still proving the critics wrong." ~ Reddit

Open Heart

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"It just happened. Find out what's most important in a partner to you. Don't waste your time on people who are way off what you find important. Stay positive and keep an open heart." ~ BXL01

‘casual encounters’

"Craigslist. I put an ad up in the non ‘casual encounters’ page and got one response. We emailed back and forth for a couple of days and then I asked her out that weekend. We went to dinner and it lasted like 3 hours. An older couple next to us asked us how long we’d been married. We told them it was our first date and the woman said we seemed so comfortable with each other. We’ve been together 9 years and married 6." ~ Anakorhil

The Circle...

"First I worked on myself by taking up hobbies and working out. This naturally built up my confidence. Then I expanded my social circle by going to meet ups. I met a couple people who I'd consider friends. Then I met friends of those friends. Before I knew it someone had come along who took an interest in me. We became fast friends and figured out we shared each others' values. She asked me out and we've been together for 4 years." ~ plasma_dan

16 years later...

"Completely by accident. We were friends in college. I thought he was cute, funny, caring and thoughtful. He had a girlfriend. So I let it go. Moved on, stayed friends, but secretly hoping. In the spring he and his girlfriend broke up. It hit him pretty hard. We hung out more. I kept inviting him to events to make sure he didn’t get estranged from the friend group."

"One day neither of us wanted to go our afternoon classes and we went to lunch instead. He insisted he pay for lunch. I counted that as a date. He did not. About 2 weeks later that I asked if he want to go on another 'date' and he was confused but agreeable. 16 years later. Married for 6. Happiest I’ve ever been. He’s still the man I fell for all those year ago. I will love him forever." ~ foxandsheep


"Honestly, I always say he found me rather than the other way around. I was a wallflower at a social event my then-friend invited me to and promptly abandoned me at. Not knowing anyone else, I basically just sat in a corner and waited for it to end (my usual anxious go-to move)."

"My now-husband noticed and didn't want me to be bored and alone so he came over and just started chatting until we'd found a few commonalities. He asked for my phone number at the end of the event and just under 3 years later we got married! Amusingly, we were both actively trying to date online when we met, but were on different websites so never would have found each other that way."

"I'm just thankful my husband isn't afraid to talk to strangers, because I wouldn't have had the guts to start talking first. His advice is always start by asking simple questions about themselves, as it's easy for them to answer, most people like to talk about themselves, and you can gage how willing they are to keep chatting from there." ~ saileach


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"Any post here is going to make me happy for the person with the story. It’ll also make me sad because I no longer believe that something like that is in the realm of possibility for me any longer." ~ Karmachinery

Wine Crush

"I straight up messaged him on social media letting him know that I thought he was hot. I had a crush on him when I was in high school, thought he’d never know who I was (different schools), and years later I was a bit wine drunk and decided to shoot my shot. Absolutely worked in my favor, have never had a love like this." ~ belugawhalebih

I've learned it's all random. Be you. It's all we've got.

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