Men Break Down The Most Ridiculous Reason Someone's Questioned Their Masculinity
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Regardless of how anyone identifies themselves, people still seem to be in a position where they are asked to justify their gender identity.

A man who happens to like the color pink does not make them gay or any less of a cisgender heterosexual male.

But we still live in a socialized world where outdated norms dictate one's masculinity, which is a shame.

Curious to hear from our male friends online who've personally had to explain themselves, Reddit soyeahithrowaway asked:

"Men of Reddit, what was the most ridiculous reason why someone questioned your masculinity?"

Guys got "read" by others for being literate.

The Bookworm

"I was reading a book on my lunch break while I was working construction, and got a bunch of sh*t about reading being for women. Which is easily one of the top 15 of the stupidest things I've heard said out loud."

– Middle-Eye2129

Writing Well Is Gay

"My BIL told my SO that he writes ‘like a f*g,’ by which he means in full paragraphs, with proper spelling and grammar. Apparently writing like an adult with a firm grasp of the English language is extremely gay."

"We’ve also been told to not gift his children books because 'books aren’t real presents.'”

"Personally, I’m convinced my BIL is functionally illiterate because his anti-reading stance is completely insane unless he’s desperately trying to hide the fact that he can’t understand anything more complex than text messages that are 95% movie quotes."

– Cheaperthantherapy13

Keeping up with appearances can draw judgment.

Man's Castle

"My apartment was clean."

– NorCalDustin

Safety Is So Not Manly

"For wearing gloves while welding."

– masonsweats

Staying Warm

"Being dressed for cold weather. Apparently wearing a men's jacket is not manly."

– SparkAxolotl

Office Supplies

"At work I gave a guy a report and it had a pink paperclip on it."

"He asked me why I gave him a pink paperclip. I told him I just grabbed one. He then asked why I had a pink paperclip - I told him I had a rainbow pack."

"Then he wanted to know why, when I saw it was pink, I didn't throw it away. He told me I shouldn't use pink paperclips 'people might have questions.'"

"So anyway I spread that story to basically everyone at work and then everyone wanted some of my pink paperclips to use when they gave him stuff."

– Everyday_Im_Stedelen

All Tied Up

"About 30 years ago, they came out with neon string lines. As I work construction, I am constantly using string to ensure things are straight. By far, the brightest of the strings was a pink one."

"So, I was constantly chided by the crew for having a pink string. This only happened until it started getting closer to dusk, at which point they all wanted to borrow my string."

– Dioscouri

Requires Demonstration

"Somebody once told me I wasn't applying deodorant manly enough."

– PearSB

"You set fire to the can and let it explode behind you as you look epically to the camera."

– Astrophobia42

"Did you put the can up your butt ?"

– Comfortable_Donut679

Scrutinizing Kindness

"Got accused of being gay for being nice to people in the dive bar I go to... I guess it's not masculine to be nice to people."

– pgh613

Men, watch what you put in your mouth.

Grown Men Don't Eat This

"Had a friend give another friend sh*t because he wanted to eat a corn dog. He said grown-a** men don’t eat corn dogs. Any man should understand."

"2 days later he was mad ranting and raving at me because I gave everyone else hot dogs and he didn’t get one. I just figured he was on his grown man sh*t."

– mondayortampa

No Fancy Cocktails For You

"Went to a Mexican restaurant and we waited at the bar before we could get a table. This place has awesome strawberry blended margaritas so I got one. Apparently lime = straight, strawberry = gay."

– Thirty_Helens_Agree

So Fruity

"My husband bought some of our homegrown raspberries into work to share and a guy he works with said they were 'girl food'. It must be so exhausting to have to gender your food."

– Pepperfig_clover

Not A 'Hard' Food

"Said online that I like soup, it's one of my favourite things in life. Then some guy replied, assuming I must have been brought up on soup, which in turn meant I didn't eat much 'hard' foods growing up and probably given me an unmasculine jaw."

– D-Rez

"Childish" Lunch

"My dad got sh*t from a guy he was working with because he was eating a plain bagel with butter on it and drinking chocolate milk because the guy said it’s childish. Dad never cared and just laughed at the guy for being an idiot. Who wouldn’t like that combo? It’s a great thing to eat!"

– WhatsUpFishes

For The Feminine Diet

"My husband bought some of our homegrown raspberries into work to share and a guy he works with said they were 'girl food.' It must be so exhausting to have to gender your food."

– Pepperfig_clover

It's all so silly, really.

I was once asked to check for any gum on my shoe during recess at my middle school.

When I looked behind me and lifted my foot up to check, these two dudes were laughing hysterically, saying I was gay for not inspecting my shoe by lifting my foot out in front of me.

Well, I guess their gaydar was actively engaged at an early age. Whateves

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