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Unfortunately, toxic masculinity is still passed down from generation to generation. Things are deemed too “girly" for a man to do when they really have no reason to be so gendered. A lot of men out there do want to break these societal norms--but they may not know how to go about it.

These guys might have a few ideas. Reddit user Eicaker asked:

Boys, if it was considered more universally acceptable, what is a "girly" thing you would like to do?

​Weirdly enough, a lot of these so-called “girly” things are just basic human decency.

Be the change, dudes!

“Hug people more/compliment people more, I'm a guy and whenever I do any of those things people think I'm being weird and it's so annoying.”


“In a weird way I wish I was a girl, but not because of any girl thing except for how supportive and friendly they are, particularly with other girls. It sounds like an easy way to make a lot of friends.”


​This is so sweet.

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“I brush my friends hair and she taught me how to braid it. We keep it quiet.”


“I taught my son to french braid hair when he was a young teen because I remember being impressed as hell with a guy who could do this. My son practiced and got really good at it.

He's reported back that girls have responded very positively to this skill.”


​More guys need to do this.

​​“Talk more openly about feelings, some sh*t really just needs to be worked out.

Edit: This is just a general suggestion, I personally have a support structure in my life that allows for this. However thank you for the concern(s), comments, and the awards (which I never expected).”


“My best friend is a guy and whenever he needs to call me to talk he apologizes? After. Like "Sorry that was like two hours, I'm just really frustrated." And I always have to remind him that that's why I'm here. Like we're friends dude, don't feel like you're bothering me because you want to talk about how someone did you dirty. I end up just sitting in my car talking so we're not constantly interrupted by my kids trying to talk, it's not like I had to do anything.”


Society has really weird rules for what men can consume or wear. If these things became more socially acceptable, I think the world would be a better place.

​Fruity cocktails are the best way to get drunk.

“Drink a rainbow colored cocktail at a bar and watch more romcom sh*t.”


“"Real men drink beer!"

OK sasquatch. You drink your beer-flavored seltzer water and I'll continue to throw back these exceptional 1-800-f*ck-me-ups.”


​Dollhouses are the best.

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“Not a guy, but one time I went to a famous toy store with a guy friend and they had a HUGE dollhouse section. I was freaking out because I love dollhouses, and my friend's eyes got really big and he confessed that he had always loved dollhouses but never felt like he was allowed to play with them as a kid.

So we hung out looking at tiny furniture for like an hour.”


Why are scents gendered?​

“I want to smell like a coconut or a summer breeze, not BATTLESHARK or TIMBERKNIFE.

Also please make more conditioner for guys. I don't want to buy a bottle that works as shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lotion, and siracha sauce all in one.”


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​Anyone can bake!

“I used to think baking was girly, but I've been doing it since a kid and I absolutely love it.”


“I find this stereotype so funny. Hmm, yes, you know what's manly? Having to rely on others for food because you can't be bothered to touch a stove or oven. I cook for myself and I love doing it.”


​If we stopped assigning gender to the most random things, the world would be a better place.

​This guy gets it.

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“Guy in his 40s married with two kids. My hobbies include playing drums / woodworking / hiking. I take baths and put bubbles in because I like nice smells and it relaxes aches after working. I use moisturiser that includes sunblock because I'm in my 40s and my skin looks f*cking great.

I use conditioner on my hair because it's no extra effort and makes a massive difference. I drink whatever cocktails sound appealing / I haven't tried before because you only live once. I prefer mixed company because guy chat can be tedious.

I take care of what I eat but I'm not obsessive about exercise. I enjoy gardening and my home is full of houseplants which I tend religiously. I have a huge interest in design / art and music of all types with a special interest in jewellery design.

If somebody tells you sh*t is girly its pure ignorance and at my age I have zero f*cks for that kind of limited mindset.”


​Everyone needs a plant or two.

“I don't know if this counts, since it's not generally girly thing but I'd love to have a lot of houseplants.

But not the typical ones no no no, I want to focus on various herbs. Be it conventional ones like mint and its types or more wild ones like cowslick or firegrass. Essentially I want to get as close to a witch as possible while still keeping my logical worldview.”


​Leggings are the best.

“So, uh, don't judge but -

Leggings are pretty great.

Seriously, there's a reason they've become so popular with women, they're just really d*mn comfortable. And I know they've gained popularity in men for athletic purposes but not just casual wear, maybe they will someday.”


​Men, just be yourselves. Even if it means embracing your feminine side.

​Cat dads are the best.

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I love kittens and hate dogs. Don't get me wrong, I would never harm a dog and I get sad if I see a dog in a bad situation. I just don't want to live with them.

Anyways, the taboo of a guy with cats held me back for quite awhile. And I wish I could have shown more of myself in my twenties.”


​Wear that skirt, boy.

“Wear a skirt. Well, people do not complain if I do. Wear long nails. Well, most people do not complain if I do. Wear nail polish. Most people do not care. Waste tons of money on fancy shoes, bags and stuff.”


Flowers for everyone.​

“Flowers. Fresh ones all over the house. Roses on the piano and tulips on my organ. Buying flowers at the store I feel like I have to pretend they are for my wife but secretly they are for me!”



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“Considering I grew up with only women and I'm comfortable with myself and my sexuality I literally just do whatever I want....

Hugs, flamboyant exaggerations when I'm excited, hand movements when I talk, gasping and putting my hand to my chest etc.

Anyone who is uncomfortable behaving like themselves needs to get over how other people view them and just be themselves.

I get that the question is a generalization, but I think it is utterly pathetic that most guys feel like they have to put on this "manly man" persona for anyone to take them seriously.

I'm more of a "man" than any of the guys I grew up with and I'm 1000% more feminine than all of them.”


They’re the best.

“I'd like a lightweight robe. Can't really find a decent one as a dude without looking/feeling like Hugh Hefner or looking too feminine to feel comfortable.”


I personally love a man who embraces the not-traditionally masculine parts of life. My husband is the best cook I know and does almost all of the cooking in our house (I help sometimes). There are still a lot of men out there who would consider that a "woman's job", but talent in the kitchen supersedes gender.

In short, toxic masculinity makes no sense, and it needs to be stopped. Let men enjoy things

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No one wants war.

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