There are few feelings worse than when someone goes out of their way to insult you.

In fact, what might be the only thing that feels worse is when someone insults you accidentally or without realizing it.

This might happen when someone assumes you're on your way to a costume party based on your choice of clothes or laughing upon hearing your middle name on the assumption it must be a joke.

When in fact you went to great pains to choose said outfit and were most definitely not kidding about your middle name.

Redditor IrohsFavoriteTea was eager to hear some of the most unfortunate accidental insults, leading them to ask:

"What is the worst insult you've suffered from someone who didn't even mean it as an insult?"

Wait for them to share the news...

“'You’re pregnant?!'”


"'Are you sure?'”

"Never wore that dress again."- ExcellentFormal4261

So comforting to know what your parents think about you

"When I was a teen, my dad told me he heard of an athlete who wrote a book about how he used to be bullied when he was young, how he was the school's loser and had no friends."

"'Exactly like you', my dad added."

"What a way to advertise a book to me, thanks dad!"- Baphee

Um, I'm right here!

"I did nude figure modeling for painting classes for extra cash in college about 15 years ago."

"One of the students was having trouble capturing my likeness and called the teacher over for help."

"The teacher: 'well - she has an unremarkable, normal face with no strong features, which is much more difficult to paint'.”

"I mean, they’re not wrong from a painting point of view - but nothing like quietly dying inside, fully naked with an audience."- kettleofhawks

Can't help feeling like a "nobody"...

"One of my in laws walked in when I was the only one in the house and, looking straight at me, said 'Oh, there‘s no one here'.”

"And… turned and left."- Mirabolis

Used to be?...

"Childhood friend from school turned coworker."

“'Yeah you used to be really smart!'”

"I had dropped out of college and we were working as bartenders at a restaurant, were talking about plans for the coming year or two and I had mentioned trying to get a new job/go back to school."

"I died a little/a lot."

"They were trying to be supportive, and were immediately horrified and apologized but yeah."- AlericandAmadeus

Do I need to show my ID?... I really don't mind...

"I started getting asked if I qualified for a senior discount in my 40s…"- FunnyNameHere02

Aging Jamie Lee Curtis GIFGiphy

Um, thank you?

"'You look like you own ferrets'."

"I don't even know what that means but it was 4 years ago Hailey and I still remember."- memeking_69

How many ways to express your love...

"When i proposed to my wife she said 'I guess I can’t say no'."

"But she meant to say 'how can I say no'."

"She also had a panic attack the first time we kissed."- _chasls

Kids LITERALLY say the darndest things...

"Kids are the best for this."

"'Daddy, why don't you use your weights any more?'"

"'Is it because you got fat?'"- blimpcitybbq

Not Bad Kids Say The Darndest Things GIF by CBSGiphy

Thanks... I guess?

"A good friend’s girlfriend told me, 'I love how not girly you are and how you don’t care about how you look!'"

"I think she genuinely meant it as a compliment, but both of those things were news to me…"- angerilla

What are you implying, exactly?

"My cousin came to my house when I was playing on my PC, he just said 'get outta the cave dragon'."

" Sounds better in Portuguese."

"That was a little sharp, ngl."- randompopatoe

Of all the comparisons...

“Y'ou have a cute laugh it’s like a hyenas'."

"My childhood friend."

"We were in fifth grade."

"I was so upset I didn’t talk to him for a week."- NBsub

The Lion King Lol GIFGiphy

Back handed compliment...

"My ex best friend told me 'if you weren't such a good person you would be easier to forget'."

"Like?? Thanks? "

"Are you trying to forget me?"- unluckyunnoticed

Tell me something I don't know.

"How about the opposite? "

"My mother teasing me for being a '30 year old virgin' a few years ago."

"Not realizing I'm Ace and have no desire to."- SnooDrawings1480

Thanks for rubbing it in...

"Now it's not so insulting, but back then it was."

"I was 11 or 12 and visiting family."

"I have a cousin who is autistic and we were hanging out and she asked me why I have bug bites all over my face."

"She said it innocently but I had horrible, painful acne when I was a kid so I was pretty sensitive about it."

"Ruined my mood for the rest of the trip."- morgannemary

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Offense taken!

"My friend and I were trying on dresses."

"She picked out a really short dress for me."

"I didn't want my a** out wearing it, so I stated 'I don't think that would work, I don't want my a** hanging out'."

"She states 'no offense but you don't really have an a**, you're giving yourself too much credit'."

"It stung."

"Not what I meant but ok."- lookylookielilcookie·

"What baby?"

"7 year old daughters best friend had a birthday party a week ago."

"I haven’t met this best friends family yet so we did introductions and all that but the grandma kept saying something about the pregnant lady."

"Like when I would get in the pool to swim with the kids and she’d be able to get out she’d say 'go easy kids, the pregnant lady is on drowning patrol, grandmas tired!'"

"So after a few of those comments I said 'oh haha I'm not pregnant I'm just fat' while holding my 2 year old son."

"She was super embarrassed and insisted I told her I was pregnant."

"I was like hmm I didn’t say that but maybe you just heard that when I said something else?"

"Idk lol."

"I don’t even look pregnant and I’m not even that fat at all so I’m just confused at her unintentional insult."- censoredlass

But how do you really feel?

"Girl best friend: I'm just looking at the persons character if I want to date them."

"Me: So uhm you wanna go on a date?"

"Girl best friend: You have the most beautiful character but you ain't my type, sorry."

"Okay thank you."- AngryPuma_

sad episode 14 GIFGiphy


"'It's okay. You did your best!'"

"I had very purposely not done my best, but she didn't know that, and it kinda sucked that she thought that was all I could do."

"Knowing the kind of person she was, I know she would never mean to offend me, but dang."

"If you're wondering why I purposely didn't do my best."

"We were in gym class in middle school."

"Our coach wanted us to run back and forth across the gym until we got too tired."

"Last person running won something, don't remember what."

"I knew I wouldn't win, and I get a pretty bad runners stitch, so I just pretended to be out of breath early on so it wouldn't actually get to that point."- fishwantme

Of course complimenting someone on their new haircut, dress for a special occasion, or big news is always the right thing to do.

But those who are wise always remember to think before they speak.

So one should always think very clearly as to what exactly they are about to compliment...

Or be prepared to open your mouth before your foot reaches it.

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