People Break Down Red Flags To Look Out For During A Job Interview

When a job hunt leads to work that sounds promising, it's easy for those who are unemployed and eager to earn a paycheck to throw themselves into the prospect, blindly.

However, it's important to note that those who are interviewing them for the job should also be asked questions to make sure they actually want to work there.

Curious to hear of the warning signs to be cognizant of, Redditor SwagYoloThiccChilFam asked:

"What's an immediate red flag to hear from HR during a job interview?"

These Redditors took issue with companies and misleading salary details.

Undervaluing A Potential Employee

"'What would be the lowest salary you would work for? Absolute minimum that you can tolerate?' What a nice way to make a possible new employee feel appreciated."

– lizztastic_chick

False Advertising

"On two occasions I got a job offer but the official salary was different than what was in the job listing. Each time I was told it was because 'listing a higher salary attracts more qualified candidates.'”

"Declined both offers right there on the spot."

– Reddit

Boasting About Having Integrity

"In the same breath they’ll talk about how honesty and integrity are core values they expect of every employee (below a certain pay grade)"

– zipperkiller

It's Conditional

"If you don't give me a salary range I'm out."

"If you offer compensation that falls outside of the salary range you gave in the ad or in talking to me, I'm out."

"I mean unless it's more than the range you're offering me. I'll probably take more."

– IceciroAvant

The demands of working for a a start-up were mentioned here.

Since They Asked

"I interviewed for a job recently with a small start-up and they asked me if I had any questions. I told them work-life balance is important to me and asked what a typical work day looks like for their employees. They told me that was a risky thing to say in an interview and most start-ups would consider that question a red flag. I said I didn't need to work for that kind of company."

– earlysong


"Work Hard Play Hard (Translation) Prepare to be worked so hard that your only options will be to quit or become a high functioning alcoholic."

– SpareAd2794

Toxic Culture

"We're no longer a startup, but still have the startup culture. This really means 80 hour weeks and low pay even if the company is doing well."

– arelath

So Much For Company Loyalty

"Recently happened to my Dad. Was one of the original employees, they have grown significantly but refused to pay him fairly when newer employees (younger guys 25-30)were starting at a higher wage than him (25yrs experience in the field). They had switched him to salary a couple years back and just got more hours for less raises."

– KaiNCftm

False Label

"The whole 'startup' tag is suspect. I did a job reference for a friend who was applying at an 11 year startup. If you are still hunting for investors after 11 years you have to wonder about your business model."

"It seems to be a buzzword for cool, cutting edge, and a culture of overwork."

– ElectricMan324

Stumping The Interviewer

"I’ll tell you what I heard a few days ago in an interview. The woman was talking about how much work there is to do being a startup. I said given that, I’m concerned about work-life balance. What is that like? She pauses and goes '……that’s a good question….' Which told me all I need to know lol"

– peteypeteypeteypete

Bullet Dodged

"I had a recruiter reach out to me about a job months ago. I went through the process, and when I got to the last interview I asked the VP about the work life balance, since I’m very happy with my current company’s position in that regard. The recruiter reached out to me a few days after and told me that one question, which took two minutes, 'put them off' and they decided to go a different direction."

"I was like…I’ve got a great job already and you reached out to me, fella. Bullet dodged no doubt."

– Infected_Pretensile

The demands were already too much from the outset.

A Pre-Requirement

"You need to buy X to start training."

– thekillercook

Beware Of The Alternative

"Or sign a contract that will charge you for training if you do not work there for so many years and a non-compete clause to force you into a different line of work if you leave. I believe some of these have been outlawed in some places now."

– fanestre

Peace Out

"'You'll wear a lot of hats.' We're going to make you do the work of three people but only pay you for one. 'We have a hard time keeping people in this role.' People realize this job sucks and bail out quick."

– about_a_biscuit

The Usual Suspects

"Anything that changes. Job title, pay, manager, interviewers, work location (a lot are saying hybrid and then want you in everyday), etc"

– Harrydinkledorf

Toxic Work Environment

"This. Interviewed for a remote position, after arriving told it was in person. Reluctantly took the job only for my trainer to never train me. Just sexually harass me and use his upper role to justify it. Was told by a top manager 'it’s not what you know, it’s who you know." the same day I asked my trainer to please stop asking me sexual things it’s inappropriate and making me uncomfortable. I quit due to 'safety issues'. Aegis (Ancora) I’m looking at you. This individual did this to several other women in under positions and was promoted also."

– justherelooking2022

Many of the examples above demonstrated that your self-worth will always be a priority.

It also served as a reminder that sometimes, the biggest indicator that something is off with a job prospect is what your gut is trying to tell you.

Listen to your instincts.

It could save you a lot of time.

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