As everyone must know all too well, looks can be deceiving.

Someone who might seem perfect on paper might be anything but in reality.

This requires prospective partners to look for warning signs of trouble ahead while out on a first date.

Redditor xDarkPhoenix8161x was curious to hear what men considered to be a definite red flag when looking for a significant other, leading them to ask:

"Men of Reddit: What are some immediate red flags in men that women should look out for?"

Don't Settle For Used Goods...

"Pretty much anything you look at and think, 'I can fix him'.”

"Or relatedly, 'But he won’t do that with/to me'.”

"No you can’t, and yes he will."- Amiiboid

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

"If a guy tells you he's no good, listen."- JackPoe

One has to wonder how they got there...

"Holes in the drywall."

"RUN."- BMG1976

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The telltale signs...

"Anger management issues."

"Holes in drywall, being in fights despite 'never looking for them', or even road rage."

"This is a red flag on its own, but it gets worse when getting defensive about it."

“Oh, I got mad when [x, y, z] happened, but I didn’t hurt anyone' is a half step away from 'I hit [person] when [x, y, z] happened'.”

"Someone so easily angered has all the ability in the world to be physically abusive."

"I’ve seen this as early as high school, and these are the a**holes who never grow up and face the unfair acts of the world with a plan."

"They simply react and never advance; they move along or worse: regress."

"These are also the first ones to gaslight anyone in an embarrassing situation."

"These types are always right and everyone else is wrong."

“'But I have a great sense of humor'.”- pug_fugly_moe

Make sure they mean it.

"Keep an eye out for insincere apologies."

“'I’m sorry YOU feel that way'” or something similar is not an apology."- CDubs43

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The Things That Make You Tick...

"Pushing small boundaries that aren’t a 'big deal'.”

"Then, once called out on it, backpedaling, apologizing for it and then DOING IT AGAIN."- TMusicalNerDnD·

Common Ground is steady ground

"Inability to compromise."- Paapa-Yaw

Always The Victim...

"For people looking for a long term partner."

"Beware when someone complains about everything and is seemingly the victim in every situation."

"This is the type of person that will very quickly blame you if anything goes wrong, and is likely sh*tting on you to other people already."

"Secondly, it means you will be perpetually drained by the negativity over the long haul."- Kurupt-FM-1089

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Understanding What "NO" Means...

"If he doesn’t respect your boundaries."

"If he doesn’t respect consent."

"If he makes you feel any less of a person than you feel when you’re not around him."

"If it looks, smells, and waves in the wind like a f*cking red flag, treat it as such."

"It’s not worth the risk."- frymtg

It's always a risk to pre-judge people based on a first impression.

But then too, it's always wise to trust your gut intincts.

After all, if something is driving you crazy over the course of a first date, will you really be able to handle that for the rest of your life?

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