People Divulge The Reasons They Broke Up With Their Last Partner

People Divulge The Reasons They Broke Up With Their Last Partner
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When it's over... it's over, let it die already.

Yes I'm talking about the end of love. Not all romances are meant to be forever.

In fact sometimes the best part of a relationship is the end.

Too many people seem to stay together long past their relationship's expiration date. That is so unhealthy.

Just listen to the immortal words of Cher... "Do you believe in life after love?"

Yes, yes I do. And so should you.

In case you need convincing, read along.

RedditorHoneylemonFrogwanted to spill the tea about why we all have run screaming from a relationship. Drink up.

They asked:

"Why did you break up with your last partner?"

My relationships ended out of necessity. We got out while we still liked each other.

Others weren't so lucky.


"Because we brought the worst out in each other." ~ Little_Land_271

"Well put. A simple sentence that says so much. When it isn't meant to be, that repelling force comes whether you want it or not." ~ drumsripdrummer


Hang Up

"I've never been the one to break up with someone. My last partner broke up with me two weeks before our wedding because the guy that always got away, was single and in town. They dated for a year, he stole her money, knocked her up, disappeared. She called me back after all that and asked if we could get back together. I laughed, and hung up." ~ NobleEnsign


"She was mentally and emotionally abusive. When I asked her to go to marriage counselling she told me she was OK with being 'married housemates' and it was up to me to accept that. I took the nuclear option and ended it." ~ Flight_19_Navigator

"Sounds familiar. Asked for couples counselling. Was told 'this is a two way street so maybe you should get help by yourself.'” ~ bRainshower2021

Just Wrong...

"My ex broke up with me to be with someone she’d been cheating on me with. She tried to restart our relationship after they had just married and were living halfway across the globe (husband was in military). Started off by sending me unsolicited nudes while she was pregnant with their first kid."

"She was coming back to the states in a few months and wanted to hook up, telling me she had made a horrible mistake etc.. I was dating someone at the time and we’d been hanging out less than a couple of weeks. Even if I weren’t dating someone, that whole situation my ex was trying to perpetuate was nefarious and just plain wrong."

"I sent a very condescending email telling her I was going to notify her husband if she didn’t leave me alone. Luckily she did… until a couple of years later after she had her second kid." ~ tiraralabasura_2055

Over It

"She wasn’t interested in me anymore but she didn’t have the courage to break up with me- she ended up pretty much explaining every reason why I should break up with her, so I did." ~ Deez**alls


Why do people cheat? Just go already. You know you're not happy.


"The girl he was cheating on me with tried to surprise him by decorating his room for his birthday. I showed up early to do the same." ~ FrasierCranes*itch


Dear John,

"She left me a letter while I was at work saying she was essentially moving out for a month. On the way out she stole my dog, a bunch of my stuff, and 20k from my side hustle. She ended the letter with how some time apart would be good for us, that she loved me still, and in 4 weeks we could go back to normal after she had some time to herself."

"She was insisting we weren't breaking up, just taking a pause. I never got a reason for the sudden pause in the two days I tried to figure out what happened. It was so odd and out of character. I packed up her stuff which was all still at my house, had a friend drop it off to her, and then texted her that it was over."

"She didn't seem to think it was a huge deal or that I should be upset, since it wasn't a break-up. I found out later she was cheating and apparently a thief, I decided she was right about some time apart except my time-line was forever." ~ Illustrious_rocket


"He is an absolutely lovely person in his unique and weird way. But we had one of those unbalanced relationships where I was expected to act more like a mother than a girlfriend (taking care of him and housework). We also had nothing in common apart from just 'history.'"

"We didn't do anything together. He was never willing to watch something I liked and never initiated any activity. We were just two lonely people when we met and though 'a relationship' would mend us. We didn't think about what we loved in each other which wasn't much." ~ FatalJuice


"She wouldn't spend time with me unless she brought her friends that hate me with. She told me I was only really a boyfriend to her when she wanted one. She left me in the rain on Halloween bc she changed her plans without telling me and went to her friends house instead (this is when I broke up with her). And more... What's crazy is I liked her for 7 years just to have this happen. Now bc I refused to get any other girl friends bc of her I am stuck with 0 options because I don't know many girls." ~ Amaturatsu


"She expected me to be in charge of every point we moved forward in our relationship and never talked about her expectations or wants. I don't have time for that. Talk with me and help decide our future." ~ Sanguiniutron


Don't be cruel.

Think of it all like pulling off a bandaid.

Pull and run.

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