People Explain Why They Noped Out Of A Job Interview And Never Looked Back
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As desperate as people are for a job these days, sometimes you realize real quick, this place ain't worth it.

Yes, we need to make money to survive, but some work opportunities will only ever lead to toxic drama.

Listen to your instincts.

Just politely say... "I'm sorry. I just had a death in my family. I must go."

Then run. I promise there are other jobs.

Redditor sheepofwallstreet86 wanted to hear about the reasons why they knew a job was not going to work right from the start. They asked:

"What happened during an interview that immediately made you realize you wouldn’t take the job no matter how much they offered you?"
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People Break Down The Double Standards They're The Most Tired Of Seeing
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Nobody is better than anybody else. Why is that such a difficult concept for so many people? One person doesn't get a pass for certain things that another person would be scolded for "just because."

Even in family dynamics, double standards are at play. Why should sons get a later curfew than daughters? Why can't a man vacuum? HOW are we still having these conversations?

It's time to break down the constructed hierarchies that have been imposed upon society. Let's get it all out there, so that we're all aware, so we can do better.

Redditor WistfulNightSky wanted to discuss the most unfair issues we all face on the daily, by asking:

What double standard are you tired of?
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"The Office" was, of course, a piece of satire. Surely, no actual office workplace is that absurd, that full of that many inappropriate comments and behaviors, run that ineptly on a daily basis.

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People Share Their 'F*** This, I Quit!' Experiences
jayk7 /

Almost all of us have daydreamed about quitting a crappy job in an awesome way. We imagine a moment when we know quitting would have the biggest impact and savoring the wicked pleasure of choosing THEN to just... walk away.

God it sounds so satisfying.

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Some managers think that their employees are robots.

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