People Explain Why Their Last Serious Relationship Fell Apart
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Brace yourselves. Love may not always be forever. It's true.

You can love and lose. And lose BIG!

And often times though it may not feel like it.... it can be for the best. Love is fragile and sometimes fleeting.

So listen up and try to figure when it's most healthy, worth it and able to save.

Redditor meowmeowtime89 wanted to know who was willing to discuss the origin of their heartache by asking...

What was the final straw that made you end your last serious relationship?

Knives Out. 


"While we were arguing over a stupid thing, she took two knives from the kitchen and started to hone them by grinding them at each other."


The Recipes....

"She told me that I was a 'cheap fool' because I wanted to cook for her instead of taking her to Texas Roadhouse. I was so excited about a new recipe I wanted to try out."


"I'd always choose the food offered by someone who cooks out of love rather than for money."



"Boyfriend when i first met him was sweet and full of potential. Towards the end of our relationship, he became toxic, rude, and lazy. He dropped out of college to focus on being a sound cloud rapper. (God how I cringe at my choices.) Him dropping out put me on the fence, and I eventually discovered he was cheating."

"The final straw you ask? I confronted him about said cheating, and he started FREESTYLE RAPPING to me about how sorry he was mid argument. And it was TERRIBLE. On the bright side, I lost all feelings I had for him dead on the spot and walked away laughing."


 "money is tight right now"... 

"I was dying of the flu and asked him to get me some soup. He came back with 1 can of $0.69 soup, venmo requested me for $1 because "money is tight right now", then bought an $80 bottle of scotch 3 days later on Election Day, and the fool didn't vote because he got too drunk."


Bye Girl....


"She tried to manipulate me by threatening to break up, so the next day when i went to pick her up i dropped off all her crap and ended it right then and there."


He stopped trying......

"He stopped trying, I couldn't even remember the last time we went on a real date. All he wanted to do was sit and do nothing. He stopped caring and so did I."


I chose the dog!!!

"Married 9 years, two kids. He cheated on me at least twice. He confessed the first time, which occurred a week after we got married. I forgave him out of fear of being alone and pregnant. Second time, he didn't confess. He just came up with some wacko excuse."

"We had two kids by then. Then he was on WestPac. I know full well he cheated on me, gut feeling. But I had no proof. After all that, we continued. I finally woke up and realized that I didn't need him anymore. The straw that broke the camel's back was him threatening to kill my dog. I chose the dog over him."


Health Issues... 

"I was having a health episode and since it wasn't an emergency, I texted him (I figured he was asleep.) my best friend was up with me all night, taking care of me. When I called him in the morning and asked why he did not call or text me in the morning he said 'your health isn't my problem.' And I knew it was over and never could fix that."


Valentine's Peace Out. 

"His brother was rude to me at the table, and I said "I'm not sure I agree with that, let's leave it there" to which his brother stormed off. I was then banished from the house until I apologized to the father, and all the brothers for 'disrespecting' a man in the house. My boyfriend told me I had to do this. Didn't want to, so he ambushed me on Valentine's Day (4 months later) for a 'special night in' and locked me in a room with his brother until I apologized. I apologized and got the heck out of that room and relationship."


No Sex Please....


"She started ignoring what I said and only wanting sexual advances from me, if I tried to spark a conversation I was either ignored, spoken over, or cut off."

"I wasn't okay with that and she got mad when I mentioned it, and went insane when I left her and wouldn't stop texting me. I blocked her number so she used her siblings, the parents, then cousins phones to keep calling and texting me. I have blocked all the numbers so far and she has stopped for now. Also recently found out I wasn't even her main girl so that's great."



"My ex had severe anxiety due to his parents divorce and wouldn’t allow me to hang around guys even in a group. I dealt with it for 3 years because I loved him so much. I ended it after my best friend graduated and I wasn’t allowed to go say goodbye before he left for college. I did it anyways and came back to my boyfriend having the worst panic attack I’ve ever seen. It’s been 5 years now and we’re still great friends. He just needed help and refused to get it."



"Her parents demanded that I bought a house before we could be married. Funny thing is I already owned an apartment but the value (400k) was not quite as much as the value of the house she owned (600k) so I had to get a house of at least even value to even it out. Unfortunately, my ex-gf decided she would side with her parents on this one after I pointed out the absurdity of it."


I had enough...

"End of a 7-ish year toxic and complicated relationship (swinging and polyamory were mixed in). She was living with me with her 2 kids. We are both in bed and she just says 'I have been seeing this guy for a few weeks now.' I went out and sobbed at my computer for a bit."

"I don't recall much of the actual fight but the gist of it was that she wanted to sleep in my bed with me and still see this other guy and basically slowly end our relationship. I had enough. I was considering kicking her and her kids out that night but I decided to do the nice thing and wait until the morning. They had a place to go so I wasn't too worried."



Gordon Ramsey Idiot GIFGiphy

"When while we where hurting for bills and i spent my last penny he went out and bought a $50 dress cause he lost a bet to take a picture of him in it."



"I dated him for 5 years and he lived with me at the time of the breakup. I forgave him for cheating just a month prior, which I know I shouldn’t have, and I was having a really hard time with trust and everything still (duh). I told him I was going to stay with my mom for a couple days because I was struggling."

"And he said 'which sl*tty friend put that idea in your head? I know you would never be strong enough to come up with that on your own.' Who says that?! Yeah...get the f**k out of my house. Now."


17 and Done

"I have asthma and had an undiagnosed chest infection. Woke up in the night unable to breathe, asked him to call the NHS. Which he reluctantly did. The whole time we were waiting for advice and then ambulance I was gasping for each breath he was complaining about how he had to get up for work in the morning and the lack of sleep etc. No concern or sympathy at all."

"Finally an ambulance came out, gave me oxygen and some other medication and I started to violently shake. Eventually felt a lot better and they left. He started on at me that it was my fault I was ill because I worked too much etc and ended with him saying ‘if you won’t look after yourself then quite frankly I can’t wait for you to die’. That was it for me. 17 years together and children but left and never once regretted it."


Done Now

"When I was 23, she was a gorgeous 47 year old Spanish woman, we had zero problems, we connected so well, every part of our relationship was perfect. Almost 2 years of bliss and heaven together. Until she said I was too old for her. And dropped me for a 19 year old."



Sam Heughan Dancing GIF by Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and GrahamGiphy

"Distance. She moved to Scotland and I'm still here in the east coast of the US. I was the one who broke it off, and the decision still haunts me. I don't know how to get her off my mind."



"He was using me as a means of propping up his mental health. Putting me on a constant pedestal, and always telling me how he wouldn’t even leave the house if I wasn’t with him. Completely incapable of or wanting to do things on his own and not because he was emotionally damaged, but out of sheer proclaimed laziness. It was annoying and I couldn’t take it anymore after he finally told me that he would likely kill himself without me. It had been only a few months. UGH."



"Screaming at me in front of my mother. The woman who brought me onto this world. That was a whole new level of anger I had never felt before. I took the abusive, the constant shouting and put downs. But when he disrespected me in front of my mother. That was the final straw."


Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

Do you have similar stories? Let us know in the comments.

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