"That's a deal breaker, ladies!"

A line memorably uttered by Jenna Maroney during a sketch written by Liz Lemon on the fictional sketch comedy show TGS on the legendary sitcom 30 Rock.

The "deal breakers" in question were red flags women noticed in men which made them unsuitable to be romantic partners.

Heightened and extreme as the sketch was, it wasn't so far fetched from reality, as just about everyone has a deal breaker when finding their soulmate.

Be it smoking, excessive gambling, obsessions with sports and/or shopping, people often look out for things they don't want to deal with, or compete with, in a relationship.

Redditor madamtiddies was curious to hear everyone's biggest romantic "deal breakers", leading them to ask:
"What’s the biggest dealbreaker in a relationship in your opinion?"


"When she/he makes you choose between them and your family."- Sheriff_Disko

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Kindness. Shouldn't Be So Hard...

"Not being nice to animals."- _Picklesandpotatoes_

"Abuse of any kind."- TeamGodzilla

No Monogamy? No Deal!

"Abuse of any kind and infidelity."- Knighthawk235


"Emotional, physical .. any kind."

"This is only if both parties have agreed to be exclusive and monogamous."

"If they’re poly and have communicated it beforehand, that’s perfectly alright though."

"I OBVIOUSLY don’t mean cheating is ok if you’re poly, just that the rules are different."- Zeph-11

"If they are married is a biggie for me."- HouseDog2020

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Nothing But The Truth

"Pathological lying."- Frosty033

Failure To Launch...

"Their parents make decisions for them."- kiwilemonbee

Lack Of Investment

"That the other person doesn't really want to be in the relationship."

"It takes two people working together to keep a relationship going, but once one of them decides they don't want to be there, it's either effective or actually over."

"You can try all you want, but the relationship will never reach liftoff."

"This seems obvious, but in my experience, it's pretty common for people to just coast in neutral in their relationships."

"The other person does all the work until they decide they can't take it anymore and THEY have to do the breaking up."

"When the Mr./Ms. Neutral Gear either checked out long before or never even checked in."- zazzlekdazzle

Uneven Playing Field

"When one feels to compromise a lot more than the other(s) to keep the relationship going."- Lambda_Settings

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Everyone should be adaptable and open to evolving.

Even so, everyone has things in their life that they simply can't tolerate, or even shouldn't have to tolerate.

Few would argue that it's better to avoid a problematic relationship early, rather than endure months, or years, of unhappiness.