There's nothing worse than having to live next door to someone you can't stand. It disrupts your life every day, and makes your home feel unsafe and stressful. There are many reasons why someone may hate their neighbors. Here are a few examples, courtesy of Reddit.

u/johnnewburg asked: What do you hate about your neighbors?

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Jack_McCrossan / Twitter Stevie-Ticks / Instagram

Four roommates from Bristol, England were somewhat heartbroken when they discovered their new landlord didn't allow pets.

All four had grown up with dogs and not being able to have one was just plain sad.

Not to worry, though... these blokes hatched a plan that went down adorably and is now making rounds on the internet thanks to peak level cuteness.

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Remember when a name was just a name? You could walk into a room with your head held high, a grand smile and say "Hi. I'm Karen or Chad (or a few other now infamous names)," and people wouldn't snicker or sneer. Now thanks to pop culture and the popularity of a few high profile tv shows and films, some names have taken on meanings to describe people in a "certain" unflattering light. It has to be wearing on the nerves for Karens and Chads and their peeps. But also, there is some truth when it comes to a few of these people.

Redditor u/BringBackWaffleTaco wanted to hear from all the people out there who know some Chads and Karens and what the life effect is by asking.... To all of those actually named Chad, Stacy, or Karen, how does it make you feel knowing that your names are used as insults?

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Emily Crane/Facebook

Rex, a cat owned by Emily Crane, had a habit of disappearing every day.

Then he returned home with an adorable note from his neighbors which shed light on the cat's whereabouts.

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Planning a wedding can be a nightmare for some people. It's amazing how quickly an event that is supposed to be about the couple can turn into a whole big production about literally everybody else. I know from experience, I actually cancelled my wedding and surprised people with a beach BBQ/wedding because planning it got to be so stressful. So when one heartbroken man asked Reddit what to do about his fiance's struggles with planning their wedding, I felt for the bride-to-be way down deep in my bones.

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