People Who Left Their Significant Other Because Of Their Sex Life Explain What Happened
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Relationships are never easy. That is a fact we all tend to forget when we have some alone time between love interests. Admit it, how many of you have always been blue in between serious partners? Only to realize, once in you're in love again, you think, this is work. And a lot of that work comes in the boudoir. Why do so many people neglect the sex factor? If it's broke, you better fix it.

Redditor u/VILE_0RGANIZM wanted everyone to start discussing some uncomfortable facts about relationships by asking... [serious] [NSFW] People who left their SO because of the sex, what happened?

BTW.... ***THIS IS AN NC-17 PIECE***

just is...

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The sex wasn't enjoyable for a long time but we ended up making a baby regardless. Eventually there was 0 sex life. He looked elsewhere--first, it was a porn addiction and then he was dating other women. It's been a few years and we're solid co-parents and both just doing our own thing. Wasn't a messy breakup.



He had a different idea of what monogamy entailed, he thought I meant emotional monogamy, I meant full monogamy and had said as much. Imagine his shock when I didn't take him hooking up with randos off Grindr well. He was playing stupid and deflecting. We'd definitely had the discussion where we both said we were exclusive to each other, he tried to say that he misunderstood and he "wouldn't mess up again", but by that point I was done. He'd been hiding it already, if he truly didn't know what I meant then he wouldn't have hid it at all.


Test Smart

My ex and I waited until 2 clean STI tests and a monogamous relationship to have unprotected sex. About a year later he demands that we use condoms because "HIV can spontaneously happen". Spoiler: found out he was on Grindr like 2 months later...


People... it's not just about you. Why do so many of us feel so entitled? And when that entitlement encroaches, we decide we should look elsewhere and betray the ones who are there and willing to put up with our drama? There are two people in every love story, or three or four, just all be on the same page.


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Well the sex she was having was with another guy, so needless to say yea kinda had to end.


Me Too Please...

He only liked oral, no reciprocation. Basically just wanted to use me. Like, dude, I'm happy to give it but I'd like to finish, too.

ETA: The... audacity of his selfish nature. Am I doing this right?


I dated a girl for a few months who I wasn't really attracted to sexually, but we got along really well and had fun together so I figured I would give it a shot, test the whole personality over looks thing. I figured that with time maybe I would grow to find her sexy, but that never happened.

I found myself avoiding sex any time I could, and when I did have sex with her it felt like a chore just so she didn't get upset with me. I finally ended it deciding it was not fair to either of us. She was a great person, but the sexual attraction was never gonna be there.



He wanted to have really rough sex with little to no foreplay. I left that "relationship" pretty quick. I'm not going to waste my time with someone who won't put in the effort and uses me as an object.


Dear God... if you're gonna get freaky, please be polite and prepared. Everyone should enjoy the experience. Personal preparation and interest and investment is key. Again... IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!


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She did not have the best hygiene. If you have ever gone a day without showering and felt little balls of dirt rolled in your sweat, then you know what it was like.

We had sex once after a shower and I never called her again because it was just that nasty.


Check Please...

Oh god... I was dating a chick who lost her apt then basically moves in to my house uninvited. She must have gotten a yeast infection and not noticed, it smelled.


As a woman you notice that smell or you've smelled it for so long you don't notice anymore which is not good.

Also her being homeless and possibly losing all of stuff (hygiene products included) didn't help the situation much. Female hygiene products are not cheap and she might not have had the money to buy them.


Sex is an adult situation. And it should be treated as such. And if you have a solid feel for certain desires... you need to speak up early. That is important. Positions may need contracts drawn.

The backend...

I had an ex that loved it up from behind so much that's all she ever wanted.

Now I'm not a prude but daily adventures of poop was a little too much for me.

She was also a nympho, I know you think a nympho sounds cool but it's actually not. She wanted it all the time. We even had sex in her hospital bed when she was recovering from surgery.

Almost got arrested having sex in a movie theater parking lot once, and another time under a highway underpass because she couldn't wait to get home.

She was down with threesomes, foursomes, literally whatever.

She also couldn't be trusted because she loved penis way more than she loved me.


bored now...

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She wanted missionary only, very slowly. She would cum in 5 minutes and would sound like Darth Vader the whole time. That lasted 3 months.


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