People Who Had Sex With A Friend's Parent Break Down The Aftermath
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When I was first sent this article I told my editor, I'm not sure this topic will have much there. I figured there would only be a handful of answers. I opened Reddit and child... I found 8000 comments to start. Some of y'all people are scandalous! SCANDALOUS!! Now I am in no way judging, believe me, my house on these matters is made of the clearest kind of glass. I'm just stunned at the amount of people who "date" a little too close to home.

Redditor u/keyjeyelpi wanted to see who was willing to share some details about their bedroom buddies that may make people a bit... shooketh... by asking...

People who've had sex with their SO/ex/friend's parent, how the hell did you get to that point? What happened after?

The heart and the loins want what they want. That is just scientific. It's the mind that has no clue what heck is going on, once the loins start burning. Which is unfortunate. Almost all of the time these types of hook ups are not the best idea and they can carry heavy consequences. Case in point...

Mama's Boy

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I have slept with two of my Mom's friends. The first one she just asked if I wanted it and it happened.

The second one, I went to her house which was a couple of hours away to do some handy work. Next thing I know we're drinking and we ended up having sex. It went on for about six months after that. I'm not allowed to meet her friends anymore, which is okay because I'm happily married now.


FB Issues

Friend's mom going through some tough times with her husband, "accidentally" added one of our friends on Facebook, she started flirting with him and eventually they did it. After this kept going on for a couple of months, dude decided to tell his friend (son) about it, at his house. The son cried, they threw hands at each other and everything was alright moments later. Don't really know what happened after that, lost contact with both of them.


Family Fued

My brother's best friend from high school dated my Mom in his 30's.

She had my brother really young, when she was barley 15, so when his friend was in his 30's, she wasn't yet 50.

I will always remember the night he found out. They fought, and my brother's friend left the house, and got into his car. My brother followed him out, and punched him in the head though the driver side window.

He managed to go through the window and still connect with enough force to knock him out cold.


Party Foul

In my late 20s, I had a friend in a small mountain town in the Western US. His Mom gets separated, moves in with him. She's mildly flirtatious with me, no big deal. Not enough to raise any red flags. Job changes and I move to the city, 90 miles south. He comes on weekends to party a few times, normal stuff. Then he comes to party and brings her. At her request we have a late night romp while he's passed out in the next room. Major violation of bro code by me, but she asked nicely. No surprise we weren't friends after that.


A Pro Tip

I got super freaking drunk at the friend's mother's house, we all did really, but mainly me and the mum...

But I'd come as my friend was going through a bit of a tough time and it was supposed to be a nice surprise, my friend was going to her mum's for a nice night of merriment and the mum told me I should come to cheer her up, which I agreed was a good idea.

Everything started out fine, but as she and I got more drunk, we started kinda flirting (something that had actually happened before when we were both drunk). Then when it was time for everyone to go to bed, I "snuck" into her mum's room. My friend totally knew, a fact I wasn't aware of until a little while after, but her mum then had to drive me to the train station to go home the next day.

What happened after is I, like a complete coward never apologised, even after I found out my friend knew, and I lost that friend. They deleted me from social media and didn't speak to me for almost 2 years.

We did recently reconcile, I sent a long text a couple of months back apologising and letting my friend know how much I missed them, they then recently reached out because they found out I'm expecting my first baby, I'm very happy to be back in contact with this friend.

Tip for everyone, don't sleep with your friend's parents, it's a bad move. But should that ever happen and you want to keep this friend a friend. Own up, apologise and then give them space. The truth is always better than a lie, and your honesty and apology will be appreciated.


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My pearls have been clutched so tight I think I broke a knuckle. And my jaw is on the floor shattered. And they say all those pornographic storylines are phoney. I'm going to go with the truth is stranger than fiction. Let me get a retrieve of lemonade and we'll continue on...

Years Later...

A good friend of mine had this happen to her back in high school. She caught her (also high school aged) boyfriend sexting her 40-something year old mother and it led to her mom and her step dad's divorce. All while she was 17 years old.

She still has a strained relationship with her mom to this day, we are 25 now so this happened almost 10 years ago.

I don't think you can ever get over that kind of betrayal by your own mother... I believe she still has a good relationship with her (now ex) step dad though.

Her mom is now dating a man her age, but she will always be a predator in my eyes that seduces her daughter's boyfriend. So gross.



After graduation, she joined the Air Force (US) and continued long-distance style with her boyfriend she's been with for over a year. She was at her first duty station (where I met her), away from home for the first time. Serving in the military and trying to make a life for herself. And then she got a call from her dad. Turns out her boyfriend and her mom had hooked up. She was devastated. Her parents divorced.

And her mom kept going with the relationship. Total scumbag move. It messed my friend up. She didn't want to go home on leave because she was embarrassed. And her little brother had to witness all this. I think my friend's ex eventually married her mom.

I've lost touch with my friend. I don't know if she ever forgave them or if they get along at all now. This was more than 20 years ago.


It was Inevitable...

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A friend of mine's mom basically hit on a number of us in the group and sadly it just became kind of a matter of time before one of us caved and it eventually happened. He saw it coming I feel bad for him.

Recently divorced mid 30s hot mom and a group of 18 yr olds. It wasn't me who did it.



I had sex with one of my best friends mom. It was Thanksgiving and I was driving her back home and she confessed that she didn't have sex in years since she was a widow. I told her that I didn't have sex in months since I was moving. We talked a bit more and we sorta flirted and once we got to her house, she asked me to come inside and we did the deed.


Like A Virgin

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One of my first girlfriends in high school. Her mom used to seriously tell her that she should give me her virginity. Often.

Then mom started flirting with me.

One day while at their house mom grabbed me in the hallway and kissed me. After we split up mom used to still call me every now and then. One time asked if I wanted to come over and hang out. I did and mom got my virginity.



This reminds me of the mom of my cousin's wife. When her kids were younger they used to bring home kids from school that had it really rough in their life. She would talk with them and help them, but one thing that was interesting she mentioned was that she was glad to have parrots around who would initiate physical contact with them.

She said she knew these youngsters needed physical contact since some of them had been feeling lonely or mistreated for a while, but she said she couldn't be the one giving it to them. Now reading these comments, I understand what she meant by that.


Sounds like everybody really needs some therapy, regular therapy and sex therapy. Lord have mercy. Let this be a lesson. Think first. Take big breaths. Take a moment to think about cause and effect. It may help in these situations. Not every notch on that bedpost is necessary.

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