Couples Who Became Pregnant After Engaging In A Three Way Share How What Happened After

Sometimes you just want to get a little creative in the bedroom spice things up a little! Sometimes, that manifests itself in the form of a little mnage trois. Sometimes, someone ends up with a little extra surprise at the end of it all. 

Here, couples and singles alike share stories of times that their threesomes ended in pregnancy, and how it all went down. If you'd like to read more, check out the source link at the end of the article. 

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I knew a woman who had a threeway and got pregnant but she knew who the father was. It was the man.


I have one with a happy ending!

A couple of friends of mine were in a relationship and, since the guy was infertile, they didn't use condoms. One time, at a massive orgy, a condom used by another guy broke, and the girl got pregnant. She was pretty scared to tell her bf, but he was actually overjoyed - he never thought he'd raise a kid, and now he had the chance.

Several years later, during medical exams, they find out the kid was actually his, apparently a one in a million chance considering his fertility.

They're still together, and the kid is awesome.


I know a dude from work who had a threesome with his girlfriend and her best friend. Apparently on more than one occasion. Well guess what! They both got pregnant!!

Edit: they both had the kids. The girlfriend broke up with him and I understand he gets the children some of every week at the same time.


Had a friend who had similar happen. His girlfriend got pregnant after a threeway with a different couple. They split, he has come out as MtF trans now, and the other couple have both been to prison since then for drugs.


Wife had a guy friend who was "not gay". He had a boyfriend who was gay. They had a threeway with this girl and "not gay" got her pregnant. " Not gay" asked her to marry him and she said no. She then asked "not gay's" boyfriend to marry her. He said yes. "Not gay's" boyfriend dumped him and married the girl.

Edit: Neither my wife nor me were part of the threeway. I knew NG in passing because I saw him with the gay crowd at clubs we all went to. My wife was friends with NG, G , and the girl.


Probably late to the party...but regardless, my mother was the one who ended up pregnant with me during a threeway. I grew up not knowing who the father was (Given a false story, he ran away etc) - To this day, my mother does not know who out of the 2 is my father.


Not me but a family member we'll call X. Dude was a boring guy in his youth apparently and started up a company with a couple in the USA in the 1980s. It was a pretty open secret that they were a mnage trois but no one really acknowledged it. The wife got pregnant and had a kid and I think things settled down a bit afterwards with them all focusing on the company. Or at least things would have settled down except as the kid grew up it became more and more apparent that X was the father. The boy was the absolute spitting image of X. X's mother was a very conservative lady and apparently it took her close to a decade to even meet up with this boy, she was so outraged with his conception. Last I heard that same company they started up together was acquired for over 20 billion dollars.


I was the guy in an unplanned ffm threesome that got a text message 2 weeks later with the words 'I'm Late'


Quick rundown of the night if anyone is actually interested.

Was my 30th birthday. I'd gotten home from work and the girl I was seeing called me. It was around 7pm. She asked about my day and for some reason I led with 'Oh, well it's my Birthday so I'm just having a quiet one in'. Her response was 'Shower, shirt and're coming out with me and my girlfriends'.

Spent a couple of hours at her house in her garage drinking because drinking at the club is expensive and the girls wanted to be drunk before they went out. I caught a train with 6 girls into the city (Perth, Western Australia if anyone is curious) at around 10pm. We club-hopped (I spent more on cover charges than drinks). I spent my night at the bar drinking while the girls danced (I am not a dancer...or a club person really) and mostly spent the night with the girl I was seeing. If the girls got hit on when they didn't want to be, they came and grabbed my arm and used me as a buffer. I'm 6 foot and pretty big so there tended to be few people willing to push the issue. drunk, went back to girlfriends place and because I had work the next day didn't stay the night. Stupidly said I was driving home (about 20 minute) and the two girls in question asked for a ride as they lived near me. Halfway home they asked to stay the night as they didn't want to wake their parents. Drunk me didn't see a problem. They came in, we drank some more on the couch, they began to fool around with each other, and not seeing why I shouldn't, joined in. An hour later and we were all asleep in my bed.


Not that exciting, but true story. Recently-ish involved in a planned MFMF foursome (using an awesome app for the search), then found out my wife was pregnant a few weeks after. Obviously there's that little voice that says "what if it's that other guy's kid", but we knew everyone involved had taken the standard precautions (as responsible adults would for an arranged meeting of that nature). First ultrasound confirmed that the fetus was too young to have been from that night.

It did become a running joke throughout the pregnancy though, much to my wife's amusement.


Buddy of mine and his two female coworkers. A few too many drinks one Friday night led to office flirting to a 2 minute 3-way in the back of his car, which all 3 of them agree was pretty unpleasant

Few weeks later, they both find out their pregnant (not sure how he knocked them both up), and they're definitely his. They all end up renting a 3 bedroom place together, and from what he tells me they still fool around every now and again, which i kinda believe since they're both pregnant again


My first son was conceived during a threesome. My partner and I actually met the girl through a website aimed for meeting people to have threesomes. We spoke on the net at first and then sms and then she came over. Stayed for a few days... and then it turned bad, tried to play me and my partner against each other, and then she got back with her ex and asked me to be with them... found out a few weeks later after we stopped speaking to her that I was pregnant. Bumped in to her and her ex a few weeks after that when me and my partner went shopping for our first baby outfit. Loved rubbing it in her face that I was pregnant. She got the last laugh. Turns out she had chylamdia and I got it off her and during labour I transferred it my son who got pneumonia and bad conjunctivitis from it!


My ex girlfriend and I were on and off for a while in college. One of her friends got married and my ex was asked to be a bridesmaid. She started to get a little smitten with the groomsman she was partnered with. I think they went on a date or two, but shortly thereafter, she found out he had been involved in a threesome. The couple he was with were trying to get pregnant for years without luck. He was pretty certain the kid was his. This was a deal breaker for her. At the time, I remember being relieved because I wanted her back.


I became pregnant under these circumstances. We were fairly sure whose it was, but we did a DNA test once baby was born, to confirm.


I personally did. I'm actually in the process of miscarrying the pregnancy.

Story goes like this - my ex best friend is polyamorous. She decided that she NEEDED to be with my husband. My marriage was struggling - poly came up in discussions. My husband latched on to the idea. We all began dating. I knew after one interaction that I was not in for it. They both decided it was because I have trust issues, not because I just wasn't interested. They fell in love, I was marked the jealous, prude who was unable to get out of the conformity of marriage. I was ruining the best thing they both had.

Fast forward, my husband and I split up. He goes to live with her. I'm devastated. She and him decide that the only way I can be with him again is if I am poly. I stupidly agree because I'm heartbroken and I don't want to throwaway 12 years of marriage. This time I wind up being the only one dating for now - this was their idea. So I could warm up to the idea. I agreed only thinking that maybe my husband would lose interest.

He did not. He wanted her and I was getting in the way. He began to get really mean, really abusive. I finally relented and said they could date again. They ran like the fucking wind with it. Wanting sleepovers, even though my husband would barely pay me any attention. He was glued to his phone.

She came over one night, after I told her not to. She proceeded to tear into me. When it was obvious that I didn't care, she got meaner and more aggressive and then eventually turned on the tears. My husband comforted her, the two of them decided they should snuggle down in our bed.

Basically, the threesome I participated in was nonconsensual, but sex is sex in my mind. I told them to bang while we were there because it was going to happen one way or the other (or it had already). I got pregnant.

I have since separated from my husband. No longer speak to her. They are dating. They've somehow decided that what they've done is okay and fine. They are dating from my understanding and I'm over here bleeding out the remains of that fucking awful night.


Have a friend (let's call him Mike) who is married to (Sarah) and they had a devil's threeway with one of the Mike's buddies. Sarah got prego. They never had a test or talked about it really they just all assumed it was his. Didn't really matter who's baby it "really" was, Mike was it's father. Everybody that partook understands that and I'm not sure if they're ever gonna tell the kid (Now 3 months) about the situation.


My friend was in an open marriage type deal where they slept with really whomever so long as there was a "hey, meet this person. If you like them as well, we're gonna fuck." WHALE! Needless to say, she ended up getting knocked up from all the threesomes and she came up to me asking me what the chances are that her husband isn't the father. "Well, how many times did the other guy bust in you?" "Only a couple of times." "And your husband?" "Only a couple of times." "You're going to want a paternity test." I stopped talking to them shortly after that, but I assume the child wasn't a bastard based on what everyone told me.


My husband and I decided to stop preventing pregnancy, but didn't get pregnant for two years. In the mean time, we both were making 'jokes' about having an ffm threesome... but I was serious and apparently so was he. I figured if we didn't have a baby, we may as well explore that fantasy instead. We were in our mid to late twenties, very attractive, and wanted to just hook up.

I found a sex club in our city, most of the time we are the youngest people there, and we proceeded to have many ffm and fffm hook ups at the club and outside of it.

We decided it wasn't always worth the membership costs to keep regularly perusing the club when there wasn't always someone we wanted to sleep with (poor us, I know). We started fooling with a dating app, and meeting hook ups that way. One of those hook ups was so good that we continued hooking up with her, and dropped our other extracurriculars to continue exclusively hooking up with her.

Two years later, we have a five month old, she was there for the conception (presumably), pregnancy, and for the delivery (which was great, she was so supportive of both of us). She and her primary male partner babysit and we (she, myself, my husband) are still hooking up.


my friend (guy - let's call him C) was in a relationship. He was in a relationship and one time his GF told him that her girl friend had just gotten over a tough breakup. So C did the kind thing and invited her for a threesome to help her get over it. Except C got a little too enthusiastic, and in the throes of his first threesome, climaxed in the friend's vagina hard, as his gf was being eaten out by the girl. C and his gf broke up 6 months later, he forgot all about it. another year goes by and he finds out he has a little girl from that ONE TIME. He's on good terms with the mother, but never wanted to be in couple with her. He has now married a diff woman, with whom he has another child.


I'm a guy, was in university and lived with 6 girls. Some would say that was pretty sweet - I didn't - they were the messiest, laziest bunch of girls, any who, I had a big crush on two of them, so put up with it. Quite regularly we'd chill, watch movies together.. I kinda took it my role to look after them when we'd go out - get rid of letches or some guys by 'pretending' to be one of their boyfriends, and helped them make their escape.

We all would prank each other day-to-day.. so we've done things like run round the block naked, hide in each others bedrooms and jump out or wear a mask late at night and scare each other, good bunch of friends. One evening, we're all together, drinking Tequila and playing spin the bottle and truth or dare.. We're getting slowly more and more hazy, but I remember saying on one of my truths that I had a huge crush on those 2. The next morning I wake up with those 2 girls in one of their beds. I just had my boxers on and were cuddling both of them either side of me. Still in my Tequila haze I look at both of them and wonder what the hell went on last night and why could I not remember probably the best night of my life.

The girls woke up and it was bliss... I thought all my numbers came up on the lottery.. and that peace and harmony reigned over the world. Angels sang. You know, that kind of stuff. Girls said it was the best night ever and it should happen again.. Girls left.. I fantasized for a few hours ;-) and hated myself for not remembering what happened.

A week or two later.. they both knocked on my door.. now remembering I'm a young, permanently horny guy, I thought that round 2 was coming and I was definitely not going to have a single drop of forgetful juice. They asked to talk.. We sat down and they said they wanted to chat about "that night"... awesome I thought... getting turned on by the second. They said they both were pregnant. My ass dropped out of my pants. They said that they both wanted to keep the babies and we could all raise them together, it would be fun they said..

In a flashes of logicality, thinking about dropping out of university, getting a job, supporting 2 babies and 2 mothers and living together, and the horror, yet strange excitement about it all. They said they would go and let me thinking about it.

For the rest of the day I was in a fog - not knowing what to do or how to feel. My horny side was YES! I've gotten together with the two most beautiful, nicest girls I've known. But with awesome power, comes awesome responsibility. I started to rationalize how I could make it all work. But it was going round and round in my head.

That evening the girls get home and we're all sat round the table. The 2 girls are sat there looking at each other. When they blurted out that it was all a joke. All the girls knew I had a crush on these 2.. they set the night up, as they were all drinking water and I was drinking the Tequila. Nothing happened that night but them putting me to bed and them all making it look like something did.

It was a strange mix of having the best prank that anyone has ever done with a slightly depressing bout of damn, I kinda wish it had happened!


I had a friend who was in an orgy that also involved his best friend and his best friends girl. My friend claims to have just came on his best friends girls belly but nobody really believes that shit.

She got pregnant and my friends mom offered to adopt the baby on the basis that she NEVER know her brother is really her father and never knowing her mother as anybody but my friends mom.

Shes about 8 now and looks identical to my buddy but still does t know or suspect her origins. Shes a spoiled rotten brat but also my friends mom is a textbook narcissist.

Its a whole clusterfuck that my friend wants to fix but hes in a legal battle with his mom over identity theft (she used his credit to buy a house) and is a little overwhelmed with all the wtf that needs to be addressed in his family.


This happened to me.

So I was just chilling with my main bitch, regular Saturday. Went to the park, ran around a bunch, then basically hung out on the couch for a while.

While we were at the park we both noticed this really really great looking female. My girl was really into her, they were running around together while we were playing frisbee. You could tell they were into each other by the way they kept smelling each others assholes.

Anyways fast forward to when we were home on the couch. We see the other bitch walk by the house, so we bring her inside. I gave both girls a full scoop of dry food with some wet food. They ate greedily. can imagine where it goes from here....


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