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Everyone has a good story about when they first fell for their crush. And while sometimes it doesn't work out, it doesn't stop us from remembering that person fondly. Such was the case when user Na1naD asked the online community "What made you like your crush in the first place?"

"She made me laugh..."

She made me laugh genuinely for the first time in a good while.

Going on 2.5 years now, we live together, and she's still the funniest goofball I know.


"Her laugh."

Her laugh. She was always self conscious about her smile because her front two teeth were fake after a childhood accident, but when I could get her to laugh she'd forget to hide her teeth behind her hand and give a full, genuine smile. She's grown out of being self conscious but I still try to make her laugh everyday, and have for the last 18 years.


"We both were in marching band..."

We both were in marching band and ended up sharing the same large group of friends, he was especially quiet and socially awkward and i was one of those girls that made an effort to be friends with everyone in band. One day after practice i wanted to get a milkshake, so two of my friends and i make a plan to go and he mentions he could go for one as well which was a little odd because me and him never really talked much due to his awkwardness and this was about to be a very intimate get together, he knew he would have to talk to me.

We all get there and get our milkshakes and the sun is setting and the entire inside of the diner was orange. I don't remember what joke was said, but he bursted out with laughter and the way his eyes lit up, how the green in his eyes was illuminated by the sun, everything. I couldn't even laugh about the joke, i was blushing and was staring at him as he just laughed. He looked at me, still smiling and we just stared at each other for a second before i had to look away. a couple months later and a VERY awkward and unintended confession, we've been dating for three years now, and that moment with the orange light across his face and his green eyes still manages to make my heart feel lighter.


"The fact that..."

The fact that she would go out of her way to talk to me. I usually keep to myself and rarely speak, and having someone appreciate my presence despite how naturally quiet I am was a pleasant surprise.

Y'know, that sounds a little cliche.


"On our first date..."


Her confidence. On our first date, I was too nervous to give her a kiss goodbye. I was rambling while slowly backing away from her, but she grabbed my arm and said "come here" and pulled me in for a kiss. That confidence really made me like her.


"I started singing..."


I started singing the Phineas and Ferb theme song and she joined in with Candice's parts unprompted and that is when i fell in love.

"I wasn't sure how into him..."

I wasn't sure how into him I was at first, but we decided to hang out as friends and get to know each other better (he was interested in dating me). We went to the gym together and the light hit his eyes a certain way, and they were basically the prettiest eyes I'd ever seen. Right after that we saw a play together and walked around to discuss it after it ended. He was good to talk to. Plus he always got so excited when I entered a room. We got married in December.


"Finding out..."

Finding out how wonderful of a person she was. she was beautiful and full of kindness and compassion? that is surely a rare find. i've loved her since that moment.


"Their smile..."

Their smile, their laugh, their intelligence, and how passionate they were/are about things they're interested in.


"Her creativity initially..."

Her creativity initially, then when I heard her voice and saw her smile for the first time I just knew I was screwed man.
The crush is pretty dead now since she got a boyfriend and I'm moving on myself but, she has a very special place in my heart as she is probably one of the most important people in my life and I'm happy for her.


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