Romantics Share What Can Instantly Kill A Crush On Someone

Romantics Share What Can Instantly Kill A Crush On Someone

Romantics Share What Can Instantly Kill A Crush On Someone

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Everyone catches a crush at some point or another. If there's one thing I've learned being old and grizzled, it's that those butterflies can die off just as quickly and easily as they popped up. Usually, that instant crush-killing moment is a gift, let's be honest. One Reddit user asked:

What immediately made you lose a crush on someone?

My mom has instilled in me a thing against mouth noises, so I was expecting a lot of petty responses like that. Turns out, the thing most likely to make someone forget their crush on you isn't mouth noises, not opening car doors or mispronouncing a word... it's just being a trashbag human being. Who knew?

A Consolation Prize

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When we hooked up and I told him I had no idea he liked me too, and he responded by telling me he thought my friend was a bit too out of his league.

Drunk On The Job

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She asked me to help her get a job where I worked as a tutor so I did, I would've done it anyway without the crush as I thought she would be suited to working in the job. After 4-5 weeks she was still incredibly bad at the job, her marking was all over the place and due to my role in the company it was my job to speak to her about it. Fast forward to the next week she comes into work at 3 in the afternoon after drinking half a bottle of vodka and openly admitting it like a badge of honour, I told her that she can't work and she needs to go home and I'll just tell our boss that you're ill, she refused and walked past me to sit down and do her job which she naturally did incredibly badly and was found out within about 2 minutes.

I lost all respect for her that day.


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Whenever we meet she would be constantly glued to her phone, which is kinda annoying considering she would often take a day or more to reply back to any messages. Taking forever to text back while always clinging to their phone when you see them is the most glaring sign of disinterest.

So I try to keep my distance, but she would just randomly drop a text just to talk about the drama in her life and just generally complain about anything.

Hi Dad

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Turned out she actually just wanted to hook up with my dad... She even went as far as sending me nudes just so I could forward them to him.


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My highschool crush became a drug addict who doesn't have any eye brows. So yeah, that one sorted itself out.

Only A Teacher

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We were texting while he was at a wedding reception. I asked how it was. His response killed the crush immediately. He commented that it was ugly and crappy because the father of the bride didn't have a good job and was poor. He talked so bad about this man's job and about how low-budget he thought the wedding was. He said something like "Her dads only a teacher." Emphasis on only.

I'm out.

No More Drama

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When the girl I was crushing on kept telling me how much she hates drama, yet kept telling me stories about all the drama she was involved in. Also, she kept asking me if I had any juicy gossip about our mutual friends as she wanted to know everyone's dirt. Immediately made her way less attractive and I eventually lost interest in her altogether.

Fast Food Workers

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I had a crush on my next door neighbor. She and I started to hang out more and more and my crush intensified. Then one day we were in a drive thru. She put in her order and then told them how they'd BETTER give her fresh bread. As soon as she completed her order she told me how stupid fast food workers and how they never listen. Then when she got to the window she again chastised the workers and told them she was coming back if the bread wasn't fresh. I told her when we were driving away that they probably spit in her food. She gave me a "Thanks a lot!" look.

In a way, she did me a favor because I hadn't realized how mean and selfish she was. Other aspects of her behavior started to make much more sense. A pretty face and a hot bod will only get you so far in life.

"I'm Not Paying That"

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Co worker of mine that I had a crush on forever said she was having a bad day and wanted to see if people were going out for happy hour after work on a Friday. So I made sure to ask around and get something going. We go to the place and all have a good time, each of us have 2-3 drinks and all share appetizers. She left a little early and the bill was way higher than expected (sf bars, just the worst). So it was like $40 for each person. I put it on my card and people said they would pay me back which they did. The next week she texted me asking how much it was. Since it was super high and I knew she had a bad week, so I figured I would cover a little bit of her share without telling her and just said it was $30. Her response was:

"Um no, that's way to high I'm not paying that."

I instantly lost my crush on her after that. We still talk sometimes, but the fact that she had no problem knowing it was a high price since she looked at the menu, ordering food and drinks, eating that food and drinking those drinks and was cool with other people paying it rather than covering her own share was just too inconsiderate for me. Fun fact she never paid me anything....

The Men Are Talking

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I walked up to him, talking with a group of our mutual friends, and when I jumped into the conversation, he gripped my arm, pulled me away, and told me, "The men are talking."

Um, no, Rick. No.

As Long As They're Rich

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She insisted that rich people get to act like sh!theads and treat other people terribly because they were rich. She was not a rich girl; she waited tables at the time. I asked her if she ever had rude customers and how that made her feel...she said it didn't bother her as long as the people belittling her were rich...blew my mind.

They'll Burn In Hell

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Crushed on her for years in highschool, met up a couple of years later. Yeah, one on one time really changed things for me, lol. Found out she was super religious, but in a very unhealthy way. We were driving, someone cut us off, she has a quick flash of anger, then calms herself down by saying:

"That's ok, they'll burn in hell... they'll burn in hell after judgement."


The Bartender

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She was horrible to the bartender because she felt her drink was a little watered down. After she loudly berated the poor girl, she had the balls to turn to me and whine that the bartender seemed frustrated by her. I bailed after the first drink and left the bartender an apology note and a large tip for the trouble.

The Realization

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She was actually a manager of mine, she did my interview and was like 9 months younger than me, i was 21 and she was 20. She was the only manager at this store, there were 4 of us, her and 3 sales associates. We all hung out on a regular basis and constantly drank together so eventually we got pretty close even though she had a bf and she literally told me while we were driving in my car, just the two of us that she has literally cheated on every single boyfriend she has ever had. Leading to the realization of why we were getting so much closer so quickly lol. immediately turned away from that one.

Happy Little Dog

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I had a crush on a girl that lived down the street from my friend. I walked home from school with him one day and she walked about 50 feet in front of us. She walked past a house and a little dog came happily running up to the fence. She turned and started kicking the fence and harassing the dog. It ran off looking terrified.

I can't stand people that mistreat animals.

Ugly Dudes

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She texted me and was crying and legitimately upset that "I only want to date hot guys and it's not fair that only ugly dudes like me". That was a big turn off.


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I saw a girl cut her toenails and eat them...that will never go out of my mind!!

Club Of Cows

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He said "here comes the club of cows" when a group of slightly chubby girls neared the corner. Like, they weren't even that fat and cows move in herds you moron.

Erasing LGBT Tragedy

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We were talking about the Pulse nightclub shooting, I mentioned about how the shooter was homophobic and he said "Well most of the victims were probably straight anyway, a lot of straight people go to gay clubs." And then told me that bisexuality wasn't real and when I got pissed asked "Aw, did I hurt your feelings?" Very condescendingly. No idea why I ever liked that guy.

"What's Wrong With Her Face?"

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Freshman year of college, there was this girl in my friend group (she also lived on my floor) who had a stroke as a baby, so part of her facial features drooped slightly. Let's call her Lily. However, Lily was so sweet and funny, it's like the facial issue wasn't even there, you know? Everyone loved her, she was one of the nicest girls in the dorm.

I met this guy a few months into the school year who lived in a dorm across campus. He was super good-looking, polite, respectful, no red flags. Eventually I invited him to a Friday night out with my group of friends, which included Lily. He met me at my dorm and I brought him upstairs so he could meet my friends.

As soon as he saw Lily, he immediately froze up. He was acting so stand off-ish & rude, as though he legitimately had never seen someone who looked a little different before. He couldn't hold a regular conversation with her without stuttering over his words. The second we got a moment alone, he whispered to me, "What's wrong with her face???? It looks so weird!!" as though this girl was some sort of freak.

I was so turned off by the fact that this guy was so immature he seriously could not handle being in the same room as someone who looked a little different. It seemed so pathetic, my crush on him was instantly killed. The way he was behaving reminded me of some sort of high school snob, not someone I wanted to be romantic with. In addition, I have a little sister with a severe genetic disorder and looks very different as well. I knew that if he couldn't handle acting normal around people who have disabilities/physical irregularities, there was absolutely no future to our relationship.

H/T: Reddit

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