Far too many people constantly feel the need to one-up everyone else.

Whether in the presence of friends or adversaries, they will always feel compelled to say that they have more of that item, visited that location first, or are better at that game.

So determined are they to outshine present company, that they might even find themself claiming superiority over things which others would never think is something to be proud of.

Redditor uglytruthshurts was curious to hear questionable things people have bragged about, leading them to ask:

What is something people brag about, but is not something to brag about?

Workin' Hard for the money.

"Missing scheduled breaks at work cause you work so hard."

"That’s not a brag that’s stupid."- User Deleted

"Working so much they barely have time to have a life."- sirsavage96.

Up and at 'em!

"'You slept four hours last night?'"

"'I only slept 2!"'

"You're sleep deprived, do you want an applause?"-notttienot.

"The amount of sleep people say they get is sad because they never brag about high amounts of sleep." - User Deleted

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Size matters...

"Once as a kid, me and my friend got in an argument over who had the smaller penis."

"Like 'no, MINE is smaller!'”- Airicearth.

Who cares what other people think?

"I've met a handful of people lately who use 'people either love me or hate me' as a brag and I've decided that it's a good indicator that the person saying it is probably a jerk."- Cipher1414.

"'I'm an a**hole.'"

"Ok. And?"

"Are you gonna work on that?"

"Or are you expecting for people to accept that?"

"I don't get it."

"That's weird."- Comprehensive-Style9.

"Being unable to talk to other people or hating other people."

"The amount of people that seem to think it's okay to dislike everyone as a default is amazing and depressing."- MajorMustard.

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What they don't know, won't hurt them...


"Like okay are you that proud of not being able to keep a commitment to someone/something."- Azraels_Angel.

"We are living in a material world..."

"The stuff they have."

"If it's so important to you, stop talking to me about it and go be with your stuff."

" I don't give a f*ck about your sh*t, go away."- fruitypants.

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The lengths people go to prove their superiority is indeed exhausting, to the point of sad.

As the likely truth is that these same people feel the need to overcompensate for all that is missing in their lives.

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