The Most Believable Conspiracy Theories People Have Ever Come Across

Sometimes the most outlandish ideas sound totally plausible.

In this day and age when 'Saturday Night Live' and 'The Onion' sound like credible news sources, anything is possible.

It feels like a lot of humans will believe literally anything.

Redditor Jeffery_DahmerTV wanted to discuss the ideas that sound too crazy that they have to be true, so they asked:

"What is the most believable conspiracy Theory?"

In this day and age of alternative facts, it all seems like lies and truth.

Enlighten me.


Sick Computer Virus GIF by Achievement HunterGiphy

"That computer viruses are made by antivirus companies to test their antivirus software."


"Parents bought a new computer recently, the McAfee stuff was in there pretty deep to remove. The staff bogged it down, way faster afterward."



"We are being goaded into waging culture wars that don't matter to keep us from waging class wars."


"Is this a conspiracy theory though? It would be if you assume it was engineered from the start, but this would also make it very unbelievable. But that existing conflicts had been fueled and taken advantage of by people in the position to for millennia is well evident I'd say."


Double Down

"Mattress Firm is a front for laundering money. There is no other reason for there to be so many. No one is ever even in there."


"Double down on this one! I have a Mattress Firm next to my job and I have never seen anyone in there ever. It’s been six years!"


"I’m not convinced of this. Our local Mattress Firm is clearly baking $1k+ into their margins and then aggressively selling credit-based financing. Selling two or three a month probably covers everything."


Weather Issues

Climate Change Earth GIFGiphy

"Those climate protestors that glue themselves to the road are hired by oil giants to make climate activists look stupid."


"I feel this way about a lot of 'extremist' groups on both sides, that there are plants from the other side doing really stupid stuff just to discredit the idea."


The climate is changing. We have to come together. How is that a conspiracy?

That's All

Meryl Streep Pursed Lips GIF by 20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentGiphy

"That the fashion industry purposefully doesn’t put pockets in women’s clothing so they have to carry purses."


Financial Clean Up

"That the only reason that the US government doesn’t do anything with student debt loans is because then people would stop signing up for the army."


"That and healthcare.

"When you join up you get healthcare fully covered for you and your family, and you can get a full college education.
If the government started providing either of those for civilians, no one would need to join the military anymore."


"I think so too. I know and agree with what that dude was saying but when I see or hear people use 'Army' as a way to generalize the military, it usually means that what they said is something they’re just repeating what they heard."


The Commission

"There's definitely more to JFK's assassination than the Warren commission made it out to be. Whether or not LHO was the sole killer, I find it fishy that the CIA was so desperate to hide information from the public."


"There is a very well-done documentary that concludes it was an accidental discharge from a Secret Service agent in one of the cars ahead of him."


"CIA probably considered the assassination a declaration of war against Russia. They’re probably covering up that they were about to start WW3 over it."


Dairy Pounds

"The Great cheese conspiracy. Each year the US government buys more and more milk to make more and more cheese. The US government is sitting on something like 2 billion pounds of cheese. Just to artificially inflate milk prices."


"Not even a conspiracy, just an example of the government controlling the economy in favor of dairy farmers."


"I watched a documentary about this. It's actually true."


They're Listening

government agent GIF by South Park Giphy

"That the CIA posts questions like this on Reddit to measure their past and current work, brainstorm for future projects."



"I have a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories. I believe the governments and 'leaders' of the world are actually rather incompetent, so much so, that they require the illusion of them being an ominous all-powerful all-seeing entity in order to remain in power."

"And to accomplish this they allow conspiracy theories like the Illuminati and etc to spread around to add a bit of urban myth to how 'powerful' they are."

"It's probably all a bunch of garbage Europe can barely communicate within itself you expect there to be some secret global order??? Oh, stop it haha."


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