Bisexual People Break Down The Differences Between Dating Different Genders
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I have straddled the genders when it came to romance.

But it's been a pretty long time.

So I don't recall a lot about the girls in the intimacy department.

But I've always been intrigued by the people who live in the "I love everyone" arena.

What's different?

What's the same?

The people want to know.

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It's hard out there if you're trying to date.

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge... none of these things have helped people connect as much as they'd like to—and countless people have shared that swiping, swiping, swiping on these apps has been detrimental to their mental health—though there are of course many success stories.

Since dating is so hard, it stands to reason that people would want to poke fun at it. We laugh so we don't cry, as people shared with us after Redditor DOMINOES asked the online community,

"What is the best way to respond to 'Is this a date?'?"
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Grief is not a straight line and we all walk the path in our time. Some people move through grieving at one speed and someone else might take three times as long. This is natural, healthy, and totally expected. The difficulty is when you have moved beyond your grief but someone else hasn’t and tries […] More
People Confess How They Dodged A Bullet With 'The One That Got Away'
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Unrequited love is tough to get over.

There's nothing worse than having your heart set on a crush who gives you butterflies, but they just don't feel the same way and would rather be with other people.

And while it's hard to accept the fact that "it's not meant to be," the reality of a person not being right for you can manifest in a way that can provide a huge sense of relief.

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As everyone must know all too well, looks can be deceiving.

Someone who might seem perfect on paper might be anything but in reality.

This requires prospective partners to look for warning signs of trouble ahead while out on a first date.

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