There is nothing more alienating than saying “No" to splitting some avocado toast.

Instagram and Pinterest have ramped up the strength and frequency of food obsessions. There are certain condiments, specific veggies prepared a certain way, and jars of viscous liquids of all sorts that go great on sandwiches.

They all grow so popular and talked about that having something from a food truck can make someone feel a strange, undeserving pride. It's as if one of the nutrients listed should be cultural capital.

Some, however, are left on the sidelines. They simply cannot rouse the taste buds to like the “in" thing. So they access pride through an equal and opposite energy: they trash the food into oblivion on a Reddit forum

deadlydude2448 asked, "What is something a lot of people enjoy that you hate the taste of?"

“Another Round of Ginger Ales, Please”

"I don't care for booze. I live in the UK so this means no social life." -- GoatGoatGadget

"One of my good friends in college didn't drink. Often times I would rinse out my beer bottle and fill it with water for him to carry around at parties. He would even participate in chugging events and nobody ever noticed."

"I do't think people generally would have cared, but he hated answering the 'why don't you drink?' questions that he would inevitably get." -- Xeibra

Steer Clear of Bistros

"Truffles/truffle oil. I can't stand it and people think it's so fancy and great. It's gross." -- hicanipetyourpupper

"God. I agree that a lot, if not all, people that use truffle oil have no idea what they are doing. Especially if they are just gonna straight up add truffle oil onto something and not even try to balance it out. Less is more, for sure." -- Abundantly-Addicted

"Yes thank you! Would burger joints PLEASE stop ruining their perfectly good fries and mac and cheese. I'm beggggiiinnnnggg." -- MsAlyssa

Flakes of Horror

"Coconut. Nature makes it just to frighten me out of eating candy." -- shleppenwolf

"I have personal hate against whoever made coconut water in cans." -- RedDemonCorsair

"Can confirm, one time I was on vacation on a Caribbean island, and we were chillin' on the beach. We spot these dudes coming towards us brandishing machetes and we were all like 'OH SH*T.'"

"But then they all pulled coconuts out and chopped em open with the machetes and gave some to us. Best coconut ever, especially considering I wasn't murdered." -- The3MiteeyLambo

Screw the Microbiome

"Kombucha. Get that fermented cow's p*ss away from me." -- idkjustsomedude

"I liked it okay until I saw where it comes from. I can't stop picturing that disgusting blob they call a 'Mother' and it makes me gag." -- SlapCracklePlop

"It looks like something you'd pull out of an infected sinus cavity." -- Flamboyatron


"Ranch. I can't even stand the smell of that putrid excuse of a sauce!" -- OmniTheProdigy

"The thing with Ranch for me is, I don't think I know what Ranch is. I swear, every where I go to the thing taste different. When I try to go to a store and get some for myself there're like 20 different version of Ranch for each brand."

"And these things range from being utterly disgusting to heavenly tasty." -- Hippobu2

Eggs are cool. Oil is Cool. But Mayo is NOT

"Mayonnaise, absolutely disgusting." -- BentNotBroken12

"It's the devil's semen! Anything with the texture of mayo is a turn off for me." -- xendaddy

"It is vile." -- i_said_no_mayonnaise

Something’s in the Water

"Cucumber. I can taste that sh*t a mile away."

All forms. Sprays, water, lotion doesn't matter, if cucumber in any shape or form is involved, I'm f*cking out." -- TheGodmama

"Yes! Finally someone who shares my hatred."

"I actually bought of bottle of Sprite a few months ago, took a swig and it was cucumber flavour!? The bottle looked exactly the same. It was absolutely rancid." -- surelywolfbeak

"Agree. Apparently their smell is what could also scare cats away. I often thought I am indeed a cat." -- 9december3



"Milk tastes like phlegm and smells like a barn floor. On this I can not be moved." -- claire_goolihey

"I grew up drinking it. Then left to college, never really had it anymore, then when I came home on break I had a glass or something and thought I was going to die." -- chuullls

No Pineapple, Got It

"Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. Pineapple. It's way too tart, sweet, and sour all at once. Keep it away from me and my pizza." -- TheRebelWarden

A Very Hot Take

"Avocados. They are absolutely horrible. I tolerate guacamole but avocados can f*ck off." -- Hopewolf115

"Avocados are disgusting. Just musty off tasting." -- splintercinder

"Avocados. All slimy and disgusting and tastes like fricking soap." -- asarcasticgirl

Multiple Hypotheses, All Terrible

"Redbull. It smells like urinal cakes." -- just-keep-walkin

"I like red bull. I think I've just discovered a tasty new snack!" -- HoggishPad

"It also smells like Drano. I had a bad clogging situation in my bathroom and it smelled like red bull for like a week after resolving it." -- CLTalbot

Plant-Based and Grotesque

"Cilantro. It tastes like chewing on the seventh circle of hell. It destroys everything it accompanies." -- Buhhfly

"There's a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap to some people." -- ellumenohpee

"I've never tasted a stink bug but the flavor of cilantro really reminds me of the smell those things expel when agitated." -- nicoleyotova

A Scathing Review

"Carp. Tastes more like crap to me." -- ChilliPuller

"Carp is to fish what Velveeta is to cheese." -- kalidava

"Same!! I think fish in general are gross." -- poptarts4me

Going With Your Gut

"Pumpkin flavored anything. A few years in a row, when pumpkin spice season came id be all excited and get pumpkin flavored things."

"And then remember that I HATE pumpkin. I think I've finally come to accept that I hate it. Even pumpkin pie. I much prefer sweet potato pie."

-- HopefulPlantain

Some Concise, yet Aggressive Views

"Horseradish. It is the edible embodiment of pungent sweaty armpits." -- thebiggsad

"Celery. It ruins every single dish. It's impossible to change my mind." -- zoishiez

"Mushrooms. These disgusting squishy f*ckers." -- poppy_poppin

Pluckin' Up Trash


"Before you ask, yes I have had the very best beets prepared by the finest chefs at Michelin rated restaurants and they still taste like god-damn DIRT."

"I get tempted by the gorgeous colors, the addition of goat cheese (my favorite) that maybe this time they will taste different, but no. It is a curse."

-- whipsmade

A Dedicated Few

"White chocolate idk why." -- justanredditacount

"I do too! You're the only person ever to agree with me. You might as well just pour some sugar on some butter and eat that. Super gross." -- kalidava

Rage Against the "All the Rage"

"Sweet potatoes. I hate them. They're literally one of the only things I won't eat." -- MericaMericaMerica

"Yes especially when they're made into 'fries.' I swear people only order them in restaurants because it's marketed as an 'upgrade' and they feel like being fancy, but I'll take the fried russet potatoes every day over those abominations." -- Aero_Jet

Seeing Red

"Bell Peppers! If I have just a small piece I can taste it for hours afterwards. And it is put in so many things." -- Jaerynn

"They are poison. Poison everything they touch. In summer husband makes stuffed ones on the grill so I don't have to suffer. The smell of them cooking literally has made me ill to my stomach since I was a child." -- deviantelf

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