People Break Down Which Questions You Should Never Ask On A First Date

People Break Down Which Questions You Should Never Ask On A First Date
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Dating during a pandemic is a little awkward. Some people have tried dating over zoom, other have tried going on dates outdoors.

Though one thing that still remains are topics and questions that should just be avoided on a first date.

Not everyone is comfortable talking about intimate details in their life when they're just starting to get to know someone. Opening up too quickly could set off a red flag.

Redditor koyanggi6563 asked:

"What's something that should never be asked on a first date?"

Let's see what people had to say.

The hard hitting questions.

"On a first date, my date asked me what percent of women I had sex with on first dates."

- nyle2

"Percentage???? Were they a statistician???"

- Designer_Ant8543

"60% of the time it works every time."

- Redditor

"What's your body count?"

- godfatherdoh

"'You mean as my hobby or for my job?'"

- LowFatWaterBottle

"'83 confirmed kills. Why?'"

- Dahns

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Financial questions.

"How much money I have."

"Before I was married, I went on a date with a woman who asked me on the first date, how financially comfortable I was."

"We had known each other for a few weeks (mutual friend). I think she asked because she deducted that I lived alone in a house I owned, at age 25, and it probably appeared that I didn't work (was self employed)."

"As soon as she asked, it was obvious why she pushed us to try dating because she saw money."

"She ended up marrying for money, but not mine. It's obvious there's a prenup, because she's miserable, and not leaving him."

- FinestTreesInDa7Seas

"Ask me about my job... we're fine. Specific questions about my salary or savings... I nope out."

- ghost882

A little oversharing.

"I had a girl once talk about how her period was so bad this month it caused her chest to break out in hives. She then wanted to show a diner....full of families and sh*t. I did not ask."

- bybeardandthrone

Probably shouldn't ask this either:

"U on ur period?"

- poopmanpoopmouse

Or this:

"Have been asked my bra size on multiple first dates."

- GreatBigWhore

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Very concerning.

"I had a first date ask me my favorite genocide, and then went on to talk about various historical genocides for the rest of the date. I was really creeped out..."

- gallopingwalloper

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What a weird way of putting it.

"I had a guy ask how far I could run without stopping."

"Why? Are you going to chase after me????"

- Designer_Ant8543

"Probably interested to see if you are physically active or not, but asking it in a strange way."

- btax1

"Yes more than likely. He was an odd duck. He was a federal agent."

- Designer_Ant8543

Moving a little too fast.

"Can I introduce you to my friends as my man?"

"Like chill girl, we don't even know each other..."

- expertvirtuoso

"Where should I put my suitcase till my furniture arrives?"

- SharkForce_12

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Hope they knew about her before this came up.

"Is it ok if I bring my wife on our next date?"

- The_rotten_pineapple

Not everyone agrees that it's inappropriate to bring up money, sex life, or exercise routines on the first date.

However, if you find those things important to know before a second date maybe it's best to get it out of the way first.

It's probably best to steer clear of the chloroform questions though.

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