The Reasons People 'Noped' Right Out Of A Relationship

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The lucky few who've managed to find love subtly gloat about their romantic status on their various social media platforms.

Who can blame them?

When you're enamored of your significant other and the feeling is mutual, they rightfully deserve to proclaim their love from the top of the highest mountain.

But sometimes it takes one incident or discovery about their soul mate to make them do a 180.

Sound familiar?

It did to these strangers online when Redditor MistaPwickles asked:

"What made you straight up 'nope' out of a relationship?"

Sometimes, it takes several red flags for people witnessing them to finally take action and head for Splits-ville.

The Horrific Dinner Date

"Wouldn't really call it a relationship as it was only 3 dates, but I had met this girl at a wedding. She was a friend of a friend and we shared numbers that night. Texted for a while and then had a date. 1st date was probably a big red flag, but I shrugged it off. We had connected on Facebook and she noticed that she went to college with a girl I went to high school with. No big deal, until I found out she had been messaging that girl and asking her all these questions about me in high school... who did I date, what car I drove, etc. Anyway, third date rolls around I wasn't really sure how long we would be together so typically I wouldn't have taken her to a really nice restaurant so early in a relationship, but I was in the mood for steak so I took her to a pretty high end steakhouse."

"I have never been more embarrassed by someone's behavior in public in my life, and I have a 6 and 3 year old at home now. She sent 3 martinis back because they weren't made correctly while being extremely insulting and rude about it. She ordered a steak medium and then got pissed because she insisted she ordered it medium rare. Both the waiter and I told her she had ordered medium. She was making comments about what other women in the restaurant were wearing, and not very subtly. Then, despite me trying to get out of there without buy her desert, she got a desert menu and expected them to make her something that they didn't have on the menu. They had cheesecake and she wanted chocolate cheesecake. Another outburst at the staff. On the way out the door she made a point to stop and complain to someone loud enough other customers could hear. When we got into my car I was so embarrassed I pretended I had left my credit card on the table so I could go back in. I gave the waiter an extra $20 and apologized, telling him I was dumping her as soon as I got to her place. He laughed and told me he wished he could see it. I didn't really give her a chance to say much. She called me a loser and stormed off. Havent seen or heard from her since."

– StyrofoamCueball

Party Girl

"Met a girl on tinder, we went for a coffee date. Shared some of the same music tastes. She lets me know that one of them is playing at a local club on Friday. I suggest we go together and do dinner before."

"Friday comes, we do a late sushi dinner and head to this club around 10 for the show. Headliner, who we wanted to see, went on around midnight. Get to the club, finally get to the bar and order drinks then head to the dance floor. She pounds the drink and says she is getting another drink. She comes back few min later with a new drink gives me a kiss on the cheek and wanders off on the dance floor. I am not someone who is overly possessive and figure my wanting to be in the back to get a full visual and auditory experience is not her jam. All good. 20 min later I see her grinding on some dude. Now mentally, I am already back at my car but I want to see what happens when she makes eye contact with me. They start making out and the guy notices me eyeballing them. She wanders off to get another drink and he comes up to me asking if I have a problem. I explain the situation and he says something to the extent of 'Sucks bro, she is with me now. F'k off.' Took his advice and did."

"Called up a friend and went to his house and played Catan till 2ish. Then my phone rings. It's 230a and she is calling me asking where I went, my car was missing from the parking lot. I told her I went home and she was on her own to find a ride. "I bet that guy you were making out with could give you a ride" to which she responded with 'which one' (we kissed once, made out zero times). I laughed , hung up, and rolled for more bricks."

– OldRuskiNoir

The List

"How about things that should have been red flags but I was too naive to recognize?"

"-left notes on my car windshield when I was at work/a friend’s house/the store (seemed sweet, but I realized later that was my SO keeping tabs on me, even when I didn’t say where I was)."

"-let me know how much a hit man cost and that it was 'cheaper than you’d expect.'"

"-would tell me something, and then later say that was a lie or a test, as though I should have figured that out instead of expecting the truth."

"-expected me to answer every call, and would get angry if I wanted to end the call first."

"-complained about my friends and family all the time. All of them. Apparently everyone I knew was manipulative and/or rude. I didn’t figure out this was an attempt to isolate me until after we broke up."

– BitwiseB

For some, it just takes one thing for people to decide their person isn't the one they'd want to spend the rest of their lives with.


"When he didn't want to have sex because he was grossed out by my period that I had finished three days prior."

"Noped out of that one real quick."

– eleonora6

Niche Hobby

"He introduced me to his beanie baby collection. On the third date. I wasn’t too bothered until I made the motion to leave and he asked me to hug, kiss, tuck in, and address each one by name before I left. There had to be at least 30."

– l8n8owl

The Deceiver

"One day he casually told me he has a wife and 2 daughters but was unhappy and his wife never suspects anything. Stalked me for 2 months to change my mind. Crazy guy."

– Sibel_Rac

Some people were loyal to a fault and wound up experiencing emotional trauma.

Slippery Slope

"I kept having to call the cops to calm down my wife after she became addicted to a slew of prescription drugs. I told her doctors that opiates for a a ruptured vertebrae, stimulants for ADHD, Ambien most nights to help her sleep and an assortment of others for anxiety and depression, and more to combat side-effects, made her violent."

"One of the times that I called the cops to calm the situation down during a bad episode just made me cry. All he had to say was that he had already been there, and asked when it would stop."

"I thought I’d been holding things together reasonably well. I had an office job where no one knew what was up, though my work had suffered greatly. I kept clothes and food in my trunk, just in case I had to stay out for a bit because she had decided I was part of ‘the conspiracy’. I had a gym on the way to work I could where I could shower or just have some down time. I did all of our housework and errands, because she couldn’t work or do much of anything most of the time."

"The cop saw through it. Being seen like that and knowing that even that lifestyle was running out hurt. I’m now recovering from the divorce and enjoying the calm. I still sometimes panic for no reason, and I feel more comfortable with clothes and food stashed in the trunk, but I feel much healthier. I get more sleep. My blood pressure has normalized (for the most part). I don’t cry at work anymore."

– 3Grilledjalapenos


"She threatened to stab me."

"We were dating for a month"

– PossoAvereUnoCappo

No relationship is perfect.

Every coupling has a few cracks, and if the people involved are mature enough to identify the problems and work on fixing the issues in their relationship, hats off to them.

But if the issues are recurring, or if your significant other threatens to stab you, then I guess there are exceptions where peace-ing out is the best option, no questions asked.

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