People Break Down What Everyone Should Try At Least Once In Their Life

People Break Down What Everyone Should Try At Least Once In Their Life

Life is a never-ending cavalcade of experiences, with new things to try literally around every corner if you just give it an extra look.

But that doesn't mean we get around to doing everything. In fact, humans are very much creatures of habit, and trying new things is a rare occurrence for some people.

But there are some experiences everyone communally agrees that the human race should share.

Redditor pineapplesanon asked:

"What should everyone try once?"

Here were some of those answers.

Fashion (Don't You Wanna See These Clothes On Me?)

"This goes hand in hand with fashion. Funky haircut (rocking a mullet atm) and fresh outfits along with couple of piercings made me way more approachable by people and way more confident in my own body and looks, even though I'm rather overweight."

"Getting compliments on a daily basis, alongside many curious glances from people in the streets. I felt anxious at first but now it feels natural. In short, i'm a personality now instead of a gray sheep."

"I can't imagine looking like someone taken from a conveyor belt and slapped on the streets anymore. Take a leap and come out of your comfort zone with clothing, there's more to looks than skinny jeans and a shirt. Experiment with proportions, colours, take a risk."

"Thrift stores are your best friend because there's unlimited supply of inconvenient cuts, models and shapes of clothes that might actually look good on you all while being affordable. Takes time to sort through the trash, though. or use a secondhand marketplace like Grailed."

"Not to mention they're more healthy for the environment than all the fast fashion chains. Lowkey fashion subreddits and following interesting people on instagram is a good starting point for inspiration. My recommendation is don't fall for the hyped trends and try refining your own style instead."

"That way you can dress well indefinitely, and not until the trend is over. Takes time and practice but i find it exquisitely satisfying and pleasing to express myself with clothes. Maybe you will, too. In other news, i wish i was as confident with getting laid as i am with my fashion advice lol"-tulolas1

All By Myself (I Wanna Be)

"I was never able to afford living on my own."

"I lived in house shares where I barely spoke to the other people, which is kind of close, but never fully alone."

"Now I earn enough to do it, but have bought a house with my partner, so that ship has sailed. I do wish I'd had the chance to try it."-_chasingrainbows

An Extra Stream

"A Japanese style toilet seat that sprays like a bidet. Wife bought me one and I was mad. Now I hate using regular toilets."-erichmich

"I live in South East Asia and we have this hose thing that is attached next to every toilet that we use to clean our butt with. Don't worry it is not so strong that it tears your a** skin off."-TheFlipFlopDragon

These are the things that can actually significantly broaden your mind and raise your quality of life.


"Go on a road trip alone, even just for a weekend. It's incredibly freeing and I personally love traveling on my own schedule and doing exactly what I want when I want."-Anticrepuscular_Ray

"I might actually try this out. Been wanting to travel for awhile but can't find anyone that has the time or money to join me, so I been holding off myself."-YungDaggerD*ck19

Or Cute Boy, Or Cute They

"At some point in your life you gotta swallow your goddamn fears and just talk to that one cute girl."

"The shame from rejection will hurt like a motherf**ker and it'll make you want to crawl into a hole to die, but it'll improve your sociability, make you more resilient and you'll have gained more insight into yourself."-Astralnclinant

"Tried it once, asked the cute girl out, she politely and respectfully declined, I said no worries and wished her well."

"Years later when I actually met the girl of my dreams I was not worried about asking her out because I know it wouldn't be that bad if she said no. We have been together for over 3 years and I couldn't be happier."-expert-apprentice

All Of Us Are Libras

"Whenever possible, to see both sides. Be the customer, then try being the server. Be the audience, then try being the musician. Be the son/daughter, then try being the parent. And always try to improve on what your experience was."-TheArmchairEveryman


"Skydiving! If you can afford it. At first, the trepidation builds up as you're going higher and higher in the plane. Then, you're at the edge of the plane, excited to leap, when you think, 'Wait, what the hell am I doing?'"

"And then the person you're strapped to jumps without a moment's notice. You feel the wind hitting your face, all pins and needles, and you want it to stop because it stings."

"Before you decide that you're not enjoying falling towards the ground at a quick rate of speed, the parachute pops open and now, you're floating through the air."

"Descending to the earth and seeing it below you is surreal. You see fields, houses, cars, and trucks; you see so much life in one glance and enough detail to actually register it, unlike flying in a plane and looking down."

"It's so serene - it feels like a religious experience. I felt so much peace in that moment, which was especially contrasted with the feeling of adrenaline beforehand. It's an absolutely delicious experience. I can't wait to go skydiving again."-xyrinnia

It feels like, without fully experiencing these things, you could be missing out.

Whole Life

"Healthy living for a week or two. Focus on eating better, getting better sleep, and exercising for just a couple weeks."

"I didn't used to do any of that, but after trying it I can't go back. Be warned though, you made turn into a lame person who enjoys going to bed earlier."

"I'm convinced most people don't try living that way because they don't realize how much different their life can be. Try it for at least a short period of time, but the longer the time period the more it works."-TexLH


"Literally any food (unless you have a known allergy of course). I hate when people say that they hate sushi, or curry, or brussels sprouts, or insert food here without having actually tried it."

"And it's always some obscure reason, like don't you know that's seaweed? B*tch, steak is carved up cow muscle and eggs come out of a chickens butt. You're worried about seaweed which is no different really to any other plant?"-Levis_Dad

Retail Rage

"Working in retail for a minimum of 2 years. People always say just a day or a week is enough to educate the entitle ignorant masses but that gets them out of dealing with the hell that are holidays and events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday."

"Oh no, you don't get the real experience for just that one day or one week in the spring when there aren't huge rushes, staff shortages and maniac idiot customers."

"You have to deal with the entire gambit not just when it is easy and convenient for you."-The_Book-JDP

Did you see any experiences here that you realized you wanted to try before you said goodbye to the world? Likewise, did you see anything on here that you HAVE tried and would recommend someone else try as well?

The human experience is varied, so not all of these have to be done for a fulfilling life. but as much experience as possible is usually a net positive--so try and get out of your comfort zone.

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