People Who've Walked Out In The Middle Of The First Date Share Their Stories

People Who've Walked Out In The Middle Of The First Date Share Their Stories
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First dates are already weird and awkward the majority of the time. You never really know a person until you hang out with them one-on-one, and in those cases, you can see their true colors and find out who they REALLY are.

And sometimes, they're so bad that you have to just peace out. These are the stories of such dates, courtesy of Reddit. eseohii asked:

Those who've walked out on first dates, what was your "I'm out of here" moment?

​Unfortunately, we can’t completely learn about a person just through dating apps. There’s always a chance they won’t be honest.

Hey, Scorpios are cool!​

“First date we are at a Japanese restaurant. She asked me my star sign, I replied "Scorpio". She leaned over the table and slapped me clean & hard across the face. Naturally I was shocked and confused, I mouthed "What...?", she firmly says "I NEVER date Scorpios".

I went to the bathroom, came back - she had gone, and paid for everything.”


“At least she paid, so at least that's something.”


​Just hold it until the next bar!

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“Legitimately when she said she needed to take a wee as we walked down a back alley to the next bar. She pulled her jeans down, TOOK A SH*T behind a bin, then searched in the bin and wiped with a sheet of newspaper.

I was totally infatuated with her after working with her for a few months and in 30 seconds it disappeared, fast.

I just don't get why she didn't wait until the next bar?!

After a few comments, I have to state, we were wasted at this point, she didn't just drop trou and squeeze in a planned brazen act of defiance, I hope."


It takes a lot of confidence to be this blatantly rude.

“She told me she was probably going to ghost me and then asked me to buy her a second drink while I was only a couple sips into mine.”


“This has ‘villain reveals their plan to the hero before the plan has succeeded’ energy.”


“Bold and aggressive” is an understatement.

“I went to the bathroom, but left my phone. She texted every girl name in my phone ‘i miss you’.”


“Bold and aggressive move to find out if there's anyone else in your life.”


Even the people we think are perfect can end up being absolutely bonkers. The only way to find out is that first date.

As a cat person, I can confirm that this is awful.​

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“She had 22 cats and would just randomly take in strays. Not give them any vet care and was planning on keeping a recent litter. I love cats... I paid the bartender when she went to the bathroom and hyper walked to the door. Forwarded her contact info and a summary of what she told me to the humane society.”


Gross gross gross.​

“Sadly I was inexperienced when this happened and had to wait until the end of the date but after meeting him I said I'd go and get drinks. He said ‘atta girl’ and slapped my a**.

In shock I went to the bar and got the drinks. I should have walked out of the exit immediately. He was obnoxious.”


​No Netflix and chill for that girl.

“Just a nasty rude person. Maybe she had a bad day, who knows, but she said something that I just lost patience with and scooted basically mid-meal.

We went to a cool-but-not-expensive hipster-ish restaurant*, it was a Friday night and they were busy. She complained the whole time about the service being slow and then stupid for having a hard time understanding her over the loud noise, she made fun of the other customers, not in a cleverly-observational-Larry David way, just a senselessly mean and petty way.

The break point was at one point she made a comment about my appearance that in hindsight must've been meant as some flirtatious shade, but I just took that personally, and regardless of intent it was an unflattering thing to say. I wolfed my food and then signaled for the check. I waited an agonizing 5/10 minutes while it came, then stood up, threw down enough cash for my meal and a generous tip for both of us (she'd been such a monster to the servers I knew she wasn't going to tip anything), and started putting my windbreaker on.

She asked me "are you cold?" "No". "Oh. Where're we headed next then?" "Home." And when I said that she looked confused for a second, then gave me a coy look and said "oh ok, yeah, I'm down for Netflix", and, realizing what she thought I was implying, I just said "oh, no, I meant alone". Out the patio right onto the street and freedom.

* I was 23, 24 - young people reading this, do not do a restaurant for a first date unless it is someone you know/are already friends with and know there's a spark before you sit down to a meal. Go for drinks or coffee, it's cheaper, more casual and easy to conversate, it's also easier to disengage - you can pound a beer or a coffee and scoot away in seconds, unlike a meal."


Chefs Share Major Red Flags To Look For While Out To Eat | George Takei’s Oh Myyy


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“This guy and I were eating dinner after chatting for a couple of weeks, and unprompted (in the middle of something I was saying) and completely unrelated to what was being discussed, he said something along the lines of, 'So you know in order for this to work you're gonna have to share yourself right? My friends and I like to pass girls around.'

I was pretty dumbfounded and after a bit of stuttering I told him I didn't think it was going to work, asked for a to-go box and my portion of the check, and noped the f*ck outta there."


How rude.

“I had to pick him up and he complained about everything. My car, the way I drove, my music taste, why was I being so quiet while carefully plotting my escape plan. Definitely the moment he said ‘My friends really want to meet you. I need them to know you're real.’ Annnnnnndddddd that's when I bounced.”


They really do the bare minimum, don’t they?

“He spent the whole meal talking about how he only dated nurses because they were great caregivers and looked after him. He talked about his last GF who after working her shift, came over to his place, and did his laundry. I was a cook but he was willing to give me a tryout depending on how good my cooking was. We left and there was a busker outside with a crowd and we stopped to watch. I slowly edged my way into the back and then quickly walked away. He also showed up in sweatpants for an evening meal.”


​To the Redditors featured in this article- how do you find these people?????

​As a neurodivergent person, this makes me mad.

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“We didn't even make it to the date. She was a friend of a friend. I thought she was cute and was getting up the courage to ask. But while I was doing that, she kept sneaking up on me and making sudden loud noises in my ear or grabbing me then giggling like she thought it was quirky and cute.

I have anxiety and autism. Sudden touching and loud noises are my two worst meltdown triggers. I told her this and asked her to stop the first few times she did it. She kept doing it. That crush died fast.”


​Now that’s good management.

“This guy was about 10 years my senior and very clearly on coke or another type of upper. He offered me a job where he worked, asked me to move in with him to make his ex wife jealous and refused to drive separately to the restaurant he wanted to take me to after we had drinks at a local pub.

Got to the restaurant, told management I was feeling super uncomfortable and the manager himself came up to me and told me there was a phone call for me at the front. I grabbed my purse, drank my glass of wine and hightailed it out of there.”


Well that’s just creepy.

“This is going to be lost in the comments but I just want to share.

I went on a first date with a really cute girl my age (both ladies if that matters?). Anyway, we get to a pretty popular bar/coffee shop in the area and are chatting over drinks. Honestly it was going really well at first. I'm also 100% okay with people talking about mental disorders on the first date as I have some myself and it legitimately is part of who they are/dating them. Also, as long as they are not doing it to imply I have to fix them or to excuse sh*tty behavior then I'm okay with it. If they say they did something sh*tty and then fall back on their disorder it's a no from me.

She mentioned that she had been in inpatient recently and I said I had too. She then said that the exact reason I went into inpatient was why she was in, and said she was at a specific one that I had been in and even the exact same diagnosis as me. I asked when and she told me the week I had been there. I knew for a fact she hadn't been there and it really deeply bothered me. I didn't recall ever telling her these details and usually only bring up mental health if the other person does.

Turns out she worked at a restaurant with a "friend" of mine who divulged a bit too much personal information when she showed him who she was going on a date with. Needless to say, I bounced and neither of them ever heard from me again beyond a "don't talk to me or about me" text.”


Was this person on a date with Dennis Reynolds?​

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"Hoping I don't catch sh*t for this but here goes…

We were going to a fairly nice place, fully indoor restaurant. He brought his dog.

Now I LOVE dogs but knew it wouldn't be allowed in the restaurant we had picked. He used it as an opportunity to insist I go back to his house with him. I told him I would wait there while he dropped his dog off and came back and he was furious that I would suggest such a thing. I started to get really anxious because he was yelling and forcing my hand, so I told him I would follow in my car and once we were driving I totally bailed out."


​How they treat service workers is usually a good indicator.

“She was rude to the waitress, and I mean really rude, not just short or impatient. I said I was going to the bathroom, walked up to the waitress, handed her some cash, said keep the change and walked out of the restaurant.”


​Let this be a word of warning- if you’re going on a first date, be prepared for it to go south. Have an exit plan ready to go just in case it goes nuclear, because it’s honestly a 50/50 chance that it’ll be awkward af.

Also, when you’re on a date, be sure to not talk about your ex or sh*t outside. That should be a given.

When you gotta go, you go.

That should be a mantra for getting rid of the toxic people in our lives.

Not every relationship is meant to last forever.

Some people don't know how to be friends.

They are awfully good at pretending though.

Be vigilant of the signs and red flags.

Toxic people are crafty.

And once you're free, never look back.

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