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People Divulge The Strangest Thing They Realized About A Family Member Growing Up
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Traditionally, when you're a kid, the adults in your life may try to shield you from the realities of the world. But eventually, we realize our parents are also people with full lives lead before we were even a glimmer in their eye.

Once you've grown up, you might put together the pieces you couldn't see when you were younger.

As we lose our innocence, we come to find out a lot of strange things may have been happening right in front of us, but only time would reveal those truths.

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Parents Describe The Worst Thing They Ever Confiscated From Their Kid
Phil Goodwin/Unsplash

Parents often seem like super heroes juggling all that life gives them.

Some parents work while raising little ones, some are raising kids as a single parent, some parents are full time parents.

Regardless of the situation, parents can watch their kids like hawks and still they manage to get into things that parents never thought they would.

We went to AskReddit to hear from parents on what the worst thing their kids got into that they had to confiscate.

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People Confess Which Basic Computer Skills They're Shocked Some People Don't Possess
Lorenzo Herrera/Unsplash

Computers are not everyone's strong suit. Generation z is now reaching adulthood, and they've had computers, smart phones, and iPads since birth.

For anyone in an older generation, this wasn't the case. Computers weren't even advertised for the home until the Superbowl of 1984, and even then it was priced at $2,500.

Come the turn of the 21st century, computers are a staple in the home, but the advancements in the last two decades have left some people scrambling to keep up. Things that might seem basic to some are shockingly uncommon to others.

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People Debate Whether They'd Bag Groceries For A Living If It Paid $100k Per Year
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Currently, the federal minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25. There's still a large portion of the population, 1.6 million people, who are working at or below the minimum wage as of 2019.

With inflation, this number really doesn't add up when we look at the cost of living.

Tons of minimum wage workers would want to make $100k per year if they had the chance. But would the money be worth the often boring, repetitive, and even physically demanding jobs?

We went to AskReddit to find out.

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