People Confess Which Mispronunciations Drive Them Nuts
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It can be so "frustrating" when people mispronounce words.

Very, very frustrating indeed.

Particularly for grammarians, who might as well be hearing nails on a chalkboard when they hear "sherbert" or "libary".

Some words are even mispronounced so frequently, that the majority of people might not even realize they're saying the word incorrectly.

Making things all the more unbearable for sticklers for grammar.

Redditor BubbaClegane was curious to hear which common or not-so-common mispronunciations make the Reddit community want to pull their hair out, leading them to ask:

"What mispronunciation makes you excessively angry?'

'B and D are interchangeable, aren't they?"

"Supposedly/supposably."- MuluLizidrummer

Hearing this is FRUSTRATING!

"Fustrated."- WYWH13

"My coworker adds some extra syllables to frustrated."

"She says fer-ust-er-at-ed."

"Or maybe I've been pronouncing it wrong my whole life."- MarvellouslyChaotic

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Might want to pay a visit to learn how to pronounce it properly...


"It is LIBRARY!"- F*ckBradfordPears

"Lie-barry."- Certain_Praline8930

Understandable, but still wrong


"Ecsetera."- FormalWare

All the time he spent in front of one makes this especially surprising...

"I used to have a help-desk guy who pronounced 'Console', the thing you use to control an old computer, as 'council'."

"And he used the word ALL THE TIME when doing phone support, and it drove me absolutely over the edge."- GuruBuckaroo

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Not "exactly"...

"This is very specific to my aunt."

"She pronounces 'exactly' as “ezacly'."

"I can’t stand it."- antisocial_moth2

One "X" lead to another...

"EKscape for escape."

"My boyfriend did that and now he’s my Eks-boyfriend."- just_some_australian

Too many to name!!!

"Instead of saying shoes, my friend would say shoosh."

"Another one is when people say sammich instead of sandwich."

"It bothers the heeeeeeeck out of me."- HuntridgeHuntridge

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Of all the words to mispronounce...

“Mispronounciation”- AllPointless

Do people really miss those syllables?

"Comfortable/Comftabl."- datmrdolphin

Muffled through song...

"I dislike singers saying filling good instead of feeling good, and drimming instead of dreaming."

"And so on."

"Vowel before the consonant must be long not short!"- patriziaf

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You'll probablybe corrected if you mispronounce it...

"Prolly instead of probably."- NutellaEh

Possibly correct either way?

"How do you say the word "Calm" do you say it with a silent "L" or not?"

"Both seem to be acceptable but it bugs me all the same."- McDummy

As long as you pronounce your answer correctly

"Aks" me a question."- F14Scott

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It's from all the spicy food!

"Chipolte."- Ri99ed

Not the amount you were looking for

"Hunerd instead of hundred."

"I vividly remember my seventh grade math teacher saying it that way and it pissed me off so much."- liviorsomethingidk

Maybe for dramatic emphasis?

"The part in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End when Elizabeth screams 'fire!!' during the climax but she says it like 'FIRARE!!'- _xoss_root-

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Some people like to "cross" their T's a little too much...

"Late to the party, but every now and again I hear someone say 'acrost' instead of 'across'."

"Come on."- drewm916

Should you not be certain how to pronounce any word, people are always willing to help those who ask.

And tend to be even more inclined to those "aksing" for help.

Reasons to be single #1... you avoid monkeypox, apparently.

#2... all your money is yours. And Uncle Sam's.

#3... more room in bed.

#4... the list is endless.

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