Male flight passenger looking through his bag
Bambi Corro/Unsplash

The best of traveling is getting to see the world, escape from the trappings of our everyday lives, and be exposed to different cultures.

No one talks about the worst part of traveling–which is the actual travel part.

Especially where flights are concerned, you could be sitting for hours, feeling claustrophobic, and discovering the nuissance that is having restless leg syndrome.

All of these can be exacerbated by the type of passenger you have sitting next to you. Because if you're not on a journey with a travel companion, the stranger beside you could completely ruin your long-anticipated trip.

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For anyone seeking an adventure or way to grow themselves as a person, traveling and learning about other cultures is a great tool.

But there are some places that really are not worth traveling to, and it's better to save money for other destinations.

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