People Share The Best Travel Tips They Know
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Traveling is one of life's greatest pleasures. To see new places, meet new people, and witness different cultures in action can be both a thrilling and rewarding experience.

But travel can also feel intimidating, especially if you've only just started to get a feel for it. What do you pack? What if you forget something?

And when you get to your destination, how should you behave in order to blend in and to avoid making yourself an easy target for scams and the like?

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People Explain What They Do In A Hotel Room That They Never Do At Home
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I love staying in hotels.

There is such a freedom to act in any foolish way you want.

We shouldn't. Just because we're in a hotel the rules of basic human decency still apply.

But we tend to ignore that fact.

No wonder hotel rooms are so expensive.

Redditor HarryHolmes68 wanted to hear some confessions about our behvior when not at home. They asked:

"What something you do in a hotel room you’d never do at home?"
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Foreigners Explain Which State They'd Most Like To Visit In The U.S.
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America the great.

Fifty states plus Puerto Rico.

There is definitely a lot to see.

You have to wonder what visitor's lists look like.

What are the most popular places to see?

I know in NYC it's the shopping sales tax.

But let's do a little traveling.

Redditor Cole-On-Cancer wanted to hear what American sites are on the agenda when visiting. So they asked:

"Non-Americans of Reddit, what state would you want to visit the most?"
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