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When I first went to Paris, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the city's architecture, its rich history, and the plethora of local pâtisserie options.

I was also extremely disoriented and not ready for the cutlure shock.

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Wondrous landmarks you've seen in history books and in the background of some of your favorite cinema have an allure that makes you want to visit in person.

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I loved working on cruise ships because it allowed me to travel extensively to locations I would never get to if it weren't for the job.

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Life in your 20s can be described with an infinite array of words: chaotic, euphoric, aimless, confused, busy, energetic, just to name a few.
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Where in the world shall we all go to hide? Ok, maybe not to hide, but to find a little peace and tranquility. Let's spin a globe and see where our fingers land? Sounds like a plan right? If only life could be that easy. There are many specifics to take into account when planning vacation travel and one that tends to be overlooked is population. Certain destinations sound alluring and glorious but you have to ask yourself.... how many people are also heading there? Possibly too many. A crystal sand beach is fabulous, but are you sharing it with ten thousand other people. The issue of tourists is always one to take into account. When too many tourists are mucking about they can ruin many a good time. Just ask anyone visiting or LIVING in New York City and Los Angeles.

Let's see who had some ideas a Redditor recently posed the question.... What beautiful place have you visited that isn't a mainstream tourist destination that you recommend people visit?

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