No one likes to be inconvenienced, but we learn how to handle it.

After all, if there's a car accident along the side of the road and emergency vehicles have narrowed the road down to one lane, there's not much you can do. Just sit, wait, let them do their jobs, then keep driving.

Yet, somehow the smaller inconveniences, the minute ones that shouldn't affect your day, typically make things much worse.

Reddit user, ConsiderationOk5905, wanted to know what gets under your skin, no matter the size, when they asked:

"Whats something small that just completely ruins your day?"

Technology is hard, isn't it? Like, all of it.

Even something as simple as flicking a switch can make people suddenly forget how everything is supposed to work, and isn't that just the worst feeling?

A Real World Scenario Leading To A Nightmare

"waking up and realizing your phone didnt charge overnight"


"You mean waking up AT NOON and realizing the phone with your ALARM CLOCK didn’t charge overnight, right? Cause that’s what I’d mean- it’s one of my biggest fears."


Learn. To. Signal.

"People who don’t use their turning signals while driving… especially when they’re turning left "


"its worse when they’re turning right and you’re across from them turning left. Like thanks bud I could’ve gone but since you didn’t have your blinker on I thought you were going straight ._."


Remember The Good, Ol' Days Of Blowing In The Cartridge?

"sitting down to play a game and it has a 50GB update"


"im a csual gamer and everytime i try to play modern warfare it happens. i try it like once every month and i always let it update hoping next time it will be ready."

"i haven't play for months."


What is it about the tiny moments that offset your entire day? Is it that they are such a minor inconvenience but the follow-up can feel like it's going to take a long time?

Buying new socks, for example.

Burn The Sock

"Hole in the toe of your sock, or a sock that's lost its elasticity and slides down your foot all day."


"On the sock topic, walking on a wet spot on the floor after putting on socks in the morning."


The Whole Meal Is Ruined

"Planning to make a meal only to find out one of your main ingredients has expired ;("


"Or you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer, which happened to me today"


Nothing Is Set Up For You As Intended

"Getting to work and seeing which member of the crew before us I'm taking over. Just seeing the outline of certain folks and knowing your days gonna be f-cked as nothing will be set up for you and in one case a guy we have that will tamper with sh-t to f-ck you over"


Even Dead Asleep, Cat Owners Can Hear This

"Waking up and stepping in hours old cat barf barefoot"


"Or being woken up at 4am by That Sound of "gag... gag... gag" knowing you have approximately 4 seconds to locate the source and maximize damage control before the kraken is released"


I Wasn't Prepared To Talk This Long...

"Basically any unexpected substantive conversation. I like a warning email before being forced to commit to any particular thoughts or feelings that will matter after the conversation ends"


And then there's these, horrifically tiny moments in the day that shouldn't have the outstanding effect on the rest of your day.

But they do, don't they?

How Rapid Our Perception Shifts

"Feeling good with my outfit and then looking at a mirror and suddenly become self-conscious"


"Worse when you leave the house and see your reflection in a store window and get hit with the self consciousness"



"When my dog just refuses to take a sh-t in the morning… it’s like I have to deal with a live bomb all day"


"I have a ten pound dog with next to no hair. In the winter, he HATES going outside. I gave up trying and set up an indoor potty for him just so I wouldn't have to have an argument every morning."


Nothing Else To Do

"Waking up an hour before you need to and then not being able to get back to sleep."


"Did that this morning but woke up 3hrs before needing to wake up. Ended up going work super early."


There's Nothing Clean For The Day

"Having a sink full of dishes, and open the dishwasher to discover it’s 70% full and dirty."


"Forgetting to turn the dishwasher on the night before is brutal. Do you try to overstuff dishwasher? Hand wash everything and then let it dry? Damnit, George is getting upset!"



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