Throw a little caution to the wind!

Take a risk and see what happens.

I hate all that advice because it's easy to give when it's not you facing the consequences.

Consequences should always be part of the decision-making process.

You can't escape them.

Redditor HabitualRot wanted to hear about the times people just gave in and hoped for the best. They asked:

"What was your "f**k it I'll deal with the consequences later" moment?"

I will admit I have done this a few times. And I still regret most of those instances.

Do it Now

gas gasoline GIFGiphy

"Every time I tell myself, 'I'll just get gas before I drive to work tomorrow' and then find myself running 15 minutes late. You'd think I would learn at some point."


And your score?

"Credit cards. Oh man I wanna fight 18 year old me.."


"Thankfully I was always scared of credit, so I managed to never open a card and create debt I couldn’t pay back. However now i finally did open one, and it’s taking forever for my credit to build up. Wish I would have opened one sooner! I really don’t understand how people open up a credit card and spend it on things without paying it back. It was just always kind of obvious in my mind even as a child that whatever I spent on it I still had to pay back."


Bad Save

"Was about to hit a tree while snowboarding. Either break my board on it to lessen the blow or break my body on it. Chose to protect my board. Regretted ever since. A lot of damage was done. My thigh slammed into the tree and took the full brunt of it. I didn’t break any bones but couldn’t walk for two weeks. However, that was the best part."

"I went to the hospital for a check and they said it was all good but what they didn’t notice was that my right side of my back had shifted. So when I tried to run or play sports, the ligaments and meniscus is both knees got destroyed and now I can’t run anymore."


We All Know

"I had developed feelings for a coworker (small company, about 20 people), we kinda flirted at work and some people were starting to suspect something but we managed to keep it professional. One night we had a few drinks, could not decide to part ways, one thing led to another... the morning after when we woke up together, neither of us could muster the strength to go to work."

"She called in sick, and a few minutes later I sent an email to use a day off, as things were quite slow at work anyway. But we knew all too well that the both of us not showing up, with coworkers aware of our plans to get drinks together the night before, well, we weren't going to fool anyone. And the following weeks/months were pretty awkward indeed (we never made it official, for the time it lasted)."


All Night to All Day Long

Tired Donald Duck GIF by Mickey MouseGiphy

"I stayed up with my friends playing video games online until the sun started rising. I'm in my mid-thirties and that level of sleep deprivation the next day was worse than a hangover."


Seriously. Always embrace sleep. Always. You'll thank me later.

Sometimes it works...

Olivia Wilde Reaction GIFGiphy

"Offering my long time best friend a neck massage, turned into some foreplay, then a conversation about not ruining our friendship with sex, followed by a "F**k it" and a night in bed. 3 children later, still going strong."


"throw it man!"

"I was a teenager in a friend's car, we were smoking weed. Then he was getting pulled over. Driver said 'throw it man!' I was like 'he'll see that anyway, and this car smells a lot like weed anyway, also it's good, lemme just finish this real quick.' So the cop arrived at the car and I was this kid sitting there smoking. The look on his face was kind of hilarious. I wasn't raised to be wasteful for goodness sake."



"I used to unload freight from delivery trucks for a living. Most the crap was half haphazardly thrown in without regard to anything. It gets a bit frustrating. One time I had got to the back of the truck and there was one pallet left. The pallet itself was crushed with these concrete barriers that were stacked on it. They never should have loaded it that way and they knew it."

"It would be impossible to unload by hand, but I couldn't get the fork lift all the way under the crushed pallet. I decided ultimately to just say f**k it. I leveled the forks at pallet level, backed up about 30 feet, and then rammed it full speed. The forks went clean through the pallet... and the back of the truck. I got those concrete barriers off though."


Lets Try

"Me and my now wife's third date. Our cars got locked in this garage at a garden we were visiting. I ended up staying at her parent's house as they were the closest people to the location we were at. We slept in the same room, after like 15 minutes of excruciating tension she said "'soooo..... you just wanna do it?'"

"I replied, 'I don't have any condoms.'"

"She said, 'I'm on the pill.'"

"Worked out cause we are now married 7 years later and no kids."


This is Me

Blake Shelton Nbc GIF by The VoiceGiphy

"For a serial procrastinator like me... this is my whole life. Sometimes, I have to postpone those dealings with consequences too. It's an art as well as science."


Middle Finger

"I used to work at an animation studio until a few months ago. It was an 8-5 with unpaid OT, far from home and shitty pay. It was a terrible experience, only reason I stuck around so long is because I was in a tricky situation and wanted my credits on their project."

"In January this year I got freaking tired of working long hours in an office job because I'd been employed since October and I hadn't been paid since then because 'the salaries had been delayed due to budgeting issues.' Ahhh this was a really bad time for me."

"Family was over, and for once I had no money to treat them to something nice, all because I chose to work at that filthy studio. I said screw it, took a week long vacation without informing anyone and after coming back handed in my resignation in the form of a middle finger for all the miserable past experiences."


World in my hand...

"Quit my job when I was 24 and went traveling around the world for a year. Parents wanted me to buy a house with my savings but I spent it all on seeing the world instead."


"40 here. House. Married. Kids. The works. I spent my 20's building up savings buying my house etc... You made the right call."


Confused AF...

"I changed my secondary school choice last minute from a school 15 miles away to the one a 2 minute walk from my parents house. I figured I would deal with the consequences. Time came around to see if I was accepted into the school... I was accepted into the original one, 15 miles away... Confused AF."

"My mother grins and says she changed it back to the original one before sending it off. I wasn't even mad, I regretted my decision about a week after I changed it. The original school was a much better school and I'm now still the only person in my family to do all of the education stuff."


Toilet Trips

toilet GIFGiphy

"Found a new coffee shop in town which was so good I immediately went back for a second and a third large (so 6 shots in like 10 minutes). Regretted it both throughout the day and during the multiple toilet visits!"


I Gotta Go...

"Quit a new job that had me an anxious wreck every morning, to the point I couldn't even have breakfast. So glad I did it, but I'm never that impulsive. (I'm ok now, happily employed in a position somewhere else)."


"I was in the exact same situation. Used to vomit every morning before work. Barely slept and lost a load of weight. One day I walked out and never went back. I didn't have a job to fall back on, best decision I made. Unfortunately, I still struggle with the trauma from that job more than 5 years on."


He wanted coke...

"Last Friday I went to a carnival and won a goldfish. I was going to fill up a bowl for him when I got home, but the water pipes were down for repairs, so I just used Coca Cola instead. The next day the water was back so I put my goldfish in a new bowl and he was not happy."

"He wanted coke. He glared at me. He rammed the glass. He hasn't let me sleep in days. He desires the coke. He DEMANDS the coke. As I sit here typing this on my lunch break my hands are shaking because I know he'll be waiting for me when I get home. I don't know what to do."



"Pretty much all of adolescents. Currently dealing with it. High cholesterol, constant tenitis, bad joints, nutritional deficiencies... It wasn't until November that I finally accepted that 'Just because you technically can doesn't mean you should.' 37 years old and finally an adult. It's boring."


Ever After

"1998 - on my first date with a woman I'd met in an online chat room. We did the boring, cliched dinner and a movie thing. Things got hot and heavy in the theater. After the movie we drove back to her apartment and she invited me in. I had plans the next morning, but said what the hell. I didn't leave until 5:00 the next morning, and ended up blowing off my plans. She and I have been together ever since."


More Night Please

in bed love GIFGiphy

"Hanging out with my girlfriend in the middle of the night knowing that I have to go to work the next morning."


Bye Grandma...

"Right now I am sitting in an airport on my way to see my dying grandmother. I have to drop my huge project that is just going into execution. In week 1 I put in 70 hours and expected similar for the current week. I emailed my boss but am going to be on a plane before he arrives at work. I'm prepared for any backlash, I'm not prepared to not hug my grandma again."


Well, I'm glad it worked out for a few, but not most. Right here is a lesson.

Consequences first!!

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