We love movies.

Movies and entertainment save the world.

But some movies can send you into a messy place.

Some topics are just a lot to handle.

That is why some films, when done right and authentically, are just too real to experience.

No need to watch that again.

Redditor Kilo_616 wanted to discuss the films that have left us... SHOOK!!

They asked:

"What’s a good f**ked up movie?"

I don't really seek out these types of movies, but one that stands out for me is 'Monster.'

Charlize and Christina are BRILLIANT!


cold war documentary GIF by Kino LorberGiphy

"Threads. Depiction of nuclear war that is unanimously loved over in r/horror. A year later it still bothers me"


"They showed this movie to us as kids in Elementary School. So yeah. Why have a childhood that contains hope anyway?"



"Wasn't popular and reception was mixed, but I always enjoyed Cube. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cube_(1997_film)"


"Cube 2 hypercube wasn't that great but I love the title so much. Whenever I heard of any sequel that's the original name + 2 I always have to add the hyper in my head. Saw 2 - Hypersaw. It cracks me up an embarrassing amount."


"CUBE IS AMAZING. Nobody can tell me otherwise. And that Cube-esque multiplayer game that was made too."


"Cube is a 10/10 for me. I love that movie."


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one hour photo smile GIFGiphy

"One Hour Photo."


"I ran a one hour photo at CVS when that movie came out. There's a scene where Robin Williams is in full respirator PPE gear dumping out the chemicals. I was like 'I do that in my work clothes.'"


"That movie is crazy. First time I realized what a brilliant dramatic actor Robin Williams was."


The French One

"Martyrs (the original french). Weirdly beautiful in a very morbid way."


"That was my thought as well. This movie really just puts you in an uncomfortable place by the end. French horror is weird."


"I've not yet been able to watch Inside. Anytime I get close I just think of how I felt for weeks after Martyrs and put on a 10 hour animated video of the kittens in a marching band to soothe myself."


"I hadn't thought about Martyrs since I watched it ten years ago and just reading the title gave me anxiety. On my way to cat vids now!"



pans labyrinth faun GIFGiphy

"Pan’s Labyrinth. I was not expecting that at all!!!"


"My favorite part is when the girl eats a grape and Mitch McConnell chases her."


That Pan's creature is for nightmares only! I mean, Lord. I can't with that movie.


"Requiem for a Dream. The movie starts 'effed up and goes into a complete whirlwind from then."


"You think it can't get worse and then it does. Again and again."


"I just watched this about a year ago for the first time, have watched it 2 more times and it's insane. The whole movie feels like you are actively doing drugs. Starts out with an amazing high and rush and then you just feel like trash. Loved it."


THAT Movie

Oh No Art GIF by Arrow VideoGiphy

"We Need To Talk About Kevin."


"Unbelievable that thus is so low. Tilda Swinton is phenomenal in it. She really nailed the part of 'person in close contact with Ezra Miller.'"





"This is the first movie that came to mind. It was Thanksgiving. A few friends laying around, enjoying our turkey hangover, smoking a little, not paying close attention. And then, 'Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?' Talk about a plot twist!"


"This was my thought too. There are a handful of films that are great but I've never successfully recommended to anybody because I can't describe them in a way that makes anybody want to watch them. Incendies is one of those films."



Snowtown Murders Horror GIF by ShudderGiphy

"Snowtown. It's a depiction of one of the most prolific serial killers in Australian history. It's very visceral. It all feels very real when you watch it."


"I just heard a podcast about the real story. I'm not sure I'm ready to watch that yet."



"Trainspotting. Make sure you also read the book."


"Trainspotting is a great movie, and I enjoyed the second one too. But in terms of f**ked-upness The Acid House is along similar lines but next level."


"The scene that really broke me was the 'toilet scene.' I'm really sensitive when it comes to human excrements so this disgusted me beyond belief. Absolute nightmare fuel. I will never watch that movie again, that's for sure."


"I saw Trainspotting years ago in the midst of my own drug addiction (clean now 7 yrs) and actually loved it. I’m ashamed to say I had no idea there was a book but I’m definitely gonna read it now."


I'm not sure about this list. But, I'll take a look. With the lights on. During the day.

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