People Break Down The Best Adult Jokes They've Found Hidden In Kids' Movies

People Break Down The Best Adult Jokes They've Found Hidden In Kids' Movies

Animated movies meant for children have been known to sneak in a few dirty jokes here and there. After all, the parents have to sit through the movies with the kids too.

These "Easter eggs" can be found in virtually every movie meant for kids. It may go over our heads when we watch at age 10, but years later when we re-watch to enjoy a bit of nostalgia, we realize just how raunchy the creators were.

It's not just old movies from the 90s or early 2000s, some movies as recent as Frozen 2 have some moments of adult centered levity.

Redditor Pooky135790 wanted to know:

"What are the best adult jokes that are hidden in kids movies?"

These scenes really had us rolling.

Shrek definitely has a few innuendos.

"In Shrek talking about Snow White:"

"'Although she lives with 7 other men, she's not easy.'"

"Gets me every time!"

- Sregge

"The whole Duloc opening scene with the singing puppets. 'Please keep off of the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your…….face.'"

- moco_coco

"Also in Shrek: when they get to Farquuad's castle, they note the large size of it, and Shrek asks if Farquuad is compensating for something."

- iambiglucas_2

"This joke is great because everyone can laugh at it."

"Kids will think it's a joke about his height."

"Adults will think it's a joke about his other kind of height."

- MichaelOChE

Lord Farquaad Ok GIF by PeacockTVGiphy

Cars had plenty of jokes.

"In Cars when the two Miata ladies flash their pop-ups at McQueen"

"I didn't realize for years that that was the connotation."

- MutaKingPrime

"Look at that scene again and look at the photographers behind Mia."

- dustojnikhummer

"It took me a second but I think the one directly in the middle is zooming in on their posteriors lmfao."

- -Paint

lightning mcqueen car GIF by Disney PixarGiphy

"Also the Piston Cup. 'He did what in his cup?!' Funny enough 10 year old me got that and my dad didn't."

- Clarkinator69

"Also in Cars, when Mack is driving down the highway and wants to pull over into a truck stop to rest, the sign at the truck stop says 'Top Down Truck Stop, All Convertible Waitresses.'"

- graveyardspin

Robots had it's fair share of moments.

"In Robots the [father of the] main character and his wife get the parts for their robot child and exclaim, 'Making the baby's the fun part!'"

- GeraldusMaximus

"Also the old lady bot, Aunt Fanny, has a lot of junk in her trunk."

- TheExWifeCheated

Oh, Ratatouille.

"There is that one scene from Ratatouille, when Linguini is about to confess about how Remy is in his hat cooking for him, and says 'I... have... a little... tiny...' and right after he says tiny, Collette quickly glances down at his pants. I never even noticed it until someone pointed it out to me because it is pretty subtle and can be easy to miss."

- -noobmaster68-

"Seriously the best dick joke in a kid's movie."

- AcCuRsEdApPaRiTiOn

"That and the time when the short lil chef guy catches linguini in the pantry and says, 'One can become to familiar with vegetables, you know!'"

- fineprintwarnings

ratatouille flirting GIF by Disney PixarGiphy

Coco really went there!

"In Coco, everybody laughs when they say Hector died 'choking on chorizo.'"

"'Choking on chorizo' is Mexican slang for sucking d*ck."

- IronTemplar26

"I mean the song Hector sings to his dying friend has the implied, but not spoken, lyrics: 'And her tits they drag on the floor...' (he says 'knuckles' but the guy shouts, 'those aren't the words!')."

- TerH2

What a forgotten gem Monster House was.

"Monster House."

"'That's it's uvula!' 'Oh.... So it's a girl house....'"

- TurbulentComplaint48

"Rick and Morty gets a lot of hate around here because of the sh*tty fan base, but Dan Harmon is a genuinely funny writer."

- Metallic_Substance

"Could not BELIEVE Dan Harmon was a writer on this 'til I googled Monster House; your point is a good one lol."

- TurbulentComplaint48

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Even in Frozen.

"'Foot size doesn't matter' - when Anna from Frozen talks about her fiancé."

- suckmylobster

"Frozen 2, 'I like you better in leather anyway' when Kristoff dresses up for Anna at the end."

- Epiphany432

"My boyfriend and roommate and I all watched it and all three of us spat our drinks at that and we all did the 'Did we just hear what we think we heard?' look. Then we laughed for like 10 solid minutes."

- gingergirl181

Not a movie, but still good.

"There was an episode of Dexter's laboratory where the father kept going on about Dexter's mother's muffin, and saying he only married her for her muffin. The whole episode was filled with innuendo."

- EdwardCutlen

"'Your father is a muffin fiend, a muff-o-maniac, just the aroma can make him crazy.' Lol. Had to see it for myself."

"Season 2 ep 18 The Muffin King."

- PizzaBrained-C*ckA**

"There was the episode about DeeDee and Dexter having decoder rings! DeeDee says Dexter's club is for big 'I-D-K-S-C' Dexter decodes it, gasps, and says he's gonna tell mom. Lol."

- Bellacide

Whispering French GIFGiphy

Spider-Man: Homecoming just got a lot more adult.

"In Spider-Man: Homecoming."

"There's a short montage of Ned asking Peter lots of questions after finding out he's Spider-Man. He asks how far Peter can shoot his webs and adds "If I were you, I'd stand on top of a building and just shoot it as far as I could." And a girl sitting behind them in class turns around with a disgusted look on her face."

- Infamous-Lunch6496

"Doubles as a reference to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man."

- Randokidd

"You hit the nail on the head for me, was trying to remember why I didn't get the sexual part."

- EmptyElephants

A theory emerges about Aladdin.

"The fact that there was a Brothel in Aladdin and that all the women there knew Aladdin."

- Kyro_Sol

"Given his extreme poverty, I don't see how he could be a customer. Alternately, being the son of a prostitute would explain his position in society."

- e_t_

"Headcanon: his mother was a prostitute and the ladies are sweet on him and help him escape because she was beloved in that brothel."

- Austinuncrowned

swoon kiss GIFGiphy

Matilda's parents were being quite inappropriate.

"In Matilda, Matilda is trying to talk to her mother, who is talking animatedly on the phone. While Matilda is trying to get her attention, the mom says into the phone, 'You should shave yours, it'll change your life.'"

- crazy-diam0nd

"Also in Matilda, the seen where her dad asks her what she's reading and she says Moby Dick. He freaks out, rips up the book and calls it filth. It took me a while to get that one, I thought he just hated reading."

- MrsNickelodeon

The Toy Story series had a few subtle jokes in there as well.

"This is mild, but I never noticed until I watched it a few years ago. In the beginning scenes of Toy Story, Mr. Potato Head uses his own lips to peck his behind with. He does this while talking about Slinky, implying he's a kiss-ass."

- ifight_themoonlight

"Also in Toy Story 3(?) Lotso takes Mrs. Potato Head's mouth after she's complaining."

"Mr. Potato Head jumps in and says 'hey, nobody takes my wife's mouth…. Except me!'"

- theresadogturdinhere

"Also Hamm in the second one: 'Alright nobody look until I put my cork back in,' (covering his crotch area and turning away from the other toys)."

- Chromattix

toy story GIFGiphy

"'The word I'm searching for, I can't say, because there's preschool toys present.' — Woody (from Toy Story)"

- SleepySeaStar

"'It's not a laser, it's a little lightbulb that blinks!' 'What's with him?' 'Laser envy…'"

- cgcs20

Puss in Boots.

"The tavern scene in Puss in Boots when one of the patrons talks to Puss about the magic beans and golden goose, both tattooed on his body, and he gets ready to show the 'golden eggs,' to which Puss objects."

- thanosd0ng

"I liked the bit in puss in boots when they're taking inventory of his possessions when they put him in jail."

"Jailor - 'One hat… one pair of boots… one belt… … one… JAR OF CATNIP?!?'"

"Puss - 'uhhh, it's for my glaucoma…'"


- BTown-Hustle

Of course, we all know about the Scooby Doo adult references.

"The entirety of the Scooby Doo live action movie. Never forget that Mary Jane is Shaggy's favorite name."

- DarkAngelOfAzathoth

"Or the scene after they break up and you see all this smoke coming out of the van, implying they are hotboxing, turns out they are just cooking food."

- rocket___goblin

Madagascar 2 had jokes far over kids heads.

"Madagascar 2 when the penguins are negotiating a contract with the monkeys and they're all sitting at the table together."

"Skipper: 'Maternity leave?' (Looks under the table)"

"'You're all males!'"

- landho54

"That whole scene is hilarious. Skipper the over the top capitalist / far right calling their union communist."

- ThatRandomIdiot

"Madagascar also had the part where Marty gets chased by Alex on the beach and he screams, "Sugar Honey Iced Tea!" Which phonetically spells SH*T!"

- DethKomedy

Even the Brady Bunch has a little adult humor moment.

"In Brady Bunch the movie, toward the end the main family wakes up to find the butcher is in their house going through their fridge but he was clearly in pajamas and was with Alice the maid, and when they ask him what he's doing there he just says 'oh, uh...just delivering some meat.'"

"I didn't get that till much much later in life."

- Ricky_Rollin

This Spongebob episode had a very scandalous moment.

"The scene in Spongebobwhere Gary catches him watching sea anemone and he quickly changes the channel."

- drshields

"Early SpongeBob episodes were filled with adult humor."

- VegansH8Me

Pew Pew Reaction GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

Children's shows may be for kids entertainment, but they're created by adults. No doubt they're going to slip in a few naughty jokes here and there.

Time to re-watch some old favorites and see what we missed when we were younger.

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