People Share Something That's A Compliment And An Insult At The Same Time
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Have you ever gotten a compliment that makes you wonder if it's really complimentary?

Like, is it really an insult disguised as a compliment?

Redditor shamilat asked:

"What's a compliment and an insult at the same time?"


"Back in the 1980s, New Zealand's prime minister said that anyone who chose to emigrate from New Zealand to Australia could be proud that they were raising the average IQ of both countries." ~ RedStarRocket91

Certain Savoir Faire

“'I love how you’ll just wear anything' -John Mulany" ~ kgottshall

Age Is Just A Number

"'You're very beautiful for your age' or 'I can tell you were beautiful when you were younger'." ~ PJmichelle

Now And Then

"Wow, you smell a lot nicer than usual!" ~ Prank_Owl

"You look so much nicer now!" ~ DogBreathologist

"I had a teacher in high school tell me, in front of the class, how much better I looked since putting on a little weight."

"I had always been super skinny but had put on 20 pounds that year because my doctor was trying out depression meds on me after my dad died. F'k you, lady." ~ SkullsInSpace


"It’s a good thing you’re so pretty." ~ ZOMGBabyFoofs


"I always get 'Wow, we used to think you were a real b*tch but you're actually really nice!' from friends at some point."

"It makes me so sad that I'm a naturally shy person around a new group of people."

"It makes me so self-conscious when I meet new people because I know that line and its variants will eventually be said again." ~ Spasay

"There’s the classic, 'I don’t care what they say about you, you’re alright'.” ~ theleftbuttcheek

"'You’re alright' is bad enough, it’s like telling someone who’s doing their best that 'It could be worse' or 'It’s good enough'." ~ Ragingbull444

"I got this comment from friends a few times long before I knew the whole resting b*tch face thing was a typical introvert problem, and I didn’t know that simply being quieter than everyone else would be seen as such a negative (especially when I’m trying to talk but not wanting to interrupt and talk over everyone else)."

"Also I thought a b*tch was someone who was openly mean and rude to people so I wondered wtf did I do wrong." ~ PrismInTheDark

A For Effort

"'I can see that you're trying' (when someone showed you something they worked hard on, and it's the only positive thing you can think of to say)." ~ GingerMau

”I can see what you were going for here.” ~ tamsui_tosspot


"My auntie once said to me: 'You know, you used to be a bit funny looking as you were growing up but you have turned in to a really handsome chap'."

"I really didn't know what to make of that, if I should be happy or offended." ~ Island_Monkey86

So what's your story?

Has anyone ever given you a backhanded compliment?

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