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The Dead Giveaways That Someone Is An Only Child

Reddit user imlovegina asked: 'What is a dead giveaway that someone is an only child?'

A lot has been written about birth order among siblings and how it affects personality.

Not that everyone agrees on the effects.

Some say the oldest is the family rebel, while others say they're the ultimate conformist and rule follower.

Others assign those roles to the middle child.

But pretty much everyone agrees the youngest child is spoiled.

So does that mean an only child takes all those dynamics to form their personality?

The folks of Reddit sure has some thoughts on the matter.

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Tell-Tale Signs Someone Is Trying To Bullsh*t You

Reddit user YoungTex asked: 'What’s a tell tale sign someone is bullshitting you?'

It's been said we're in a post truth era.

Deep fakes, AI and social media easily allow people to distort reality.

And while it's long been a criticism that politicians lie, never has it seemed so blatant and obvious.

So having a good internal lie detector is a valuable trait.

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Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades.

A lot of formerly everyday gadgets are now completely obsolete.

For example, unless you grew up when 8-track cartridges were a common music distribution medium, the very sight of a cartridge might be confusing.

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When it comes to insults, clever is better.

Anyone can go the obvious route of simply calling out a person's physical appearance or intellectual capacity.

But if you really want to be remembered, you've got to be creative.

The playwright William Shakespeare was fond of clever insults.

And Ballroom culture made reading and shade into artforms.

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man holding telephone screaming into it
Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

Some companies seem to appreciate their customers and attempt to make their lives better, but others seem to absolutely loathe their customers and actively try to make them miserable.

It might seem odd that many of these companies stay in business, but many of them have monopolies or near-monopolies in their industry or area of the world.

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