People Break Down The Best Backhanded Compliments They've Ever Heard
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People think most of us are too lame to catch when we're being insulted.

I will admit some backhanded compliments can comedy gold.

But nonetheless, be kind.

For instance... "So happy for you. We never thought you could lose the weight and look this good."

Excuse me?!

Redditor assouda wanted to hear all of the supposed niceties they've been told in life. They asked:

"What seems like a compliment but is actually an insult?"

Just say what you mean. I always try to. Unless the shade is truly funny.


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"You look good for your size."


"You’d look really good, you know, if you lost weight. How can they tell unless I look good now?"



“Hey, you’re on time!”


"Lol... I'm always late to friend/family gatherings. I can't even get mad when people point it out anymore."


"My friend does this. she also says things like 'wow I'm really impressed you actually pulled that off' and it's a simple task like knowing where to put away f**king flour."



"You're smarter than you look."


"Got hit with this one too! Also that I was actually more interesting than he thought when he first met me. From the overall context I think he really believed he was complimenting me. Thanks..?"


Well that's...

"That's certainly a unique..."


"I get this a lot except instead of 'unique' they use the word 'different' with a certain tone to the word and certain pauses around it."


"Or interesting."



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"You have years beyond your wisdom."


Oh well Bless your heart! See, I can do it as well.


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“You’re smarter/funnier/etc than I thought you were”



"As a director of high school theatre, if a parent says 'it looks like everyone on stage had a good time' it means 'no one in the audience enjoy this show.'"


"It is possible for a middle/high school performance to be enjoyable, and it really makes a huge difference. The worst are 3-hour holiday band/choir performances for elementary schools. Your kid is in two songs, but you have to sit through them all and pretend it isn't painful."



I used this one in a roast of my ex-boss before he transferred departments:

"The respect and leadership you've shown our team simply cannot be stated."

"Delusions of adequacy. But my favourite was after our marketing director left to go to another college the principal announced that he didn't want us to think of it as losing a valued team member so much as hamstringing the opposition."


Next to Godliness...

A friend visited (she’d been over many times) and this time when she stepped into our kitchen she said, “wow it’s so clean! :l "


Ha! My Grandpa said recently as he visited my mother's house: "this is the cleanest I have ever seen this place look, well done! She has lived there for 30 years and was, understandably, miffed."



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"When people say 'see you later' and the person responds 'not if I see you first!' Took me ages to realize they're saying they'll avoid me if they see me before I notice them. Pretty funny when used sarcastically though."


See... we know what you all really mean. You mean girls!

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