Gifts are always appreciated. Even if some gifts can be more exciting than others, one can’t help but be touched by the simple gesture of generosity. But have you ever been given a gift someone expected you to pay for? Strange as it sounds, that’s just what happened to Redditor throwawayhousegift and their husband. Unsure of […] More
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For most children, Christmas is all about presents. And as some people grow older, the holiday season is still all about presents.

Unless you're playing Secret Santa and present exchanges come from a place of mischief, you would hope that the person you're genuinely giving a gift to would be appreciative.

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Teen angst and rebellion are pretty normal, but sometimes teenagers can really cross the line in protecting their boundaries.  Teenagers sometimes try to be honest and end up being mean, etc… because they are asserting their own identities, so everything feels like an attack. Redditor Radiant-Honeydew8422 found herself protecting a boundary regarding a birthday present—her […] More
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