Not everyone knows the right gift to get your significant other. While you’d hope after years of your relationship you’d know exactly what they want, people aren’t so simple. Which is why Redditor Born_Ad4324 can’t understand why her boyfriend is so upset. The original poster (OP) got what she thought would be a good gift, […] More
Adults Confess Which Beloved Things From Childhood They'd Love To Get As A Gift Today
Edgar Soto on Unsplash

As kids many of us made wishlists of the toys or games we wanted for major holidays or birthdays.

As adults we still make wishlists sometimes, but there's a societal expectation we'll only list practical or mature or responsible things.

But what if we still want that Lego Millennium Falcon or Barbie's Dream House?

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For all the relationships we have been in, we’re all aware of that one relationship that seems fun on the surface, but when you start digging, you realize your partner never really bothered to get to know you. That unfortunate fact can become especially apparent in instances of gift-giving, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” […] More
When we try to shop for gifts for another person, sometimes it can feel impossible to decide. So how do you normally figure out what to get someone for their birthday? If you’re Redditor SidIc3, you just ask your girlfriend what she wants. However, the original poster (OP) didn’t like the suggestion given and decided […] More
New relationships can be fraught with challenges. For one guy on Reddit, drama ensued with his new girlfriend when she noticed he spent more money on his female cousin’s Christmas gift than he did on hers. He wasn’t sure about what to do about this situation, so went to the AITA (Am I The A**hole) […] More