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People Break Down Gifts For Guys That Are Equivalent To Giving Flowers

Reddit user AmoebaMan asked: 'What’s the gifting equivalent of flowers for a dude?'

When intending to show a woman how much she means to you, giving her flowers is a fairly common solution.

When trying to do the same for men, however, what to give them is a bit more challenging.

True, plenty of men will be overjoyed to get a bouquet of bright red roses or pink and yellow tulips.

Unfortunately, there are still far too many men who are too insecure with their masculinity to be caught dead holding a single rose, let alone a bouquet.

Leaving one to wonder, what is an appropriate substitution?

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Money matters.

Don't let people fool you when they say it doesn't.

Yes, it isn't everything.

And yes it can corrupt.

But it can also be immensely helpful.

It's especially helpful in large sums.

A windfall of cash in any amount can be life-changing.

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Accomplishments prove we tried to do something and did something.

A little flex every now and again doesn't hurt.

I did this.

I tried this.

It proves we lived.

Just don't be arrogant about your success, but sometimes you want to show off just a little.

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Adults Confess Which Beloved Things From Childhood They'd Love To Get As A Gift Today
Edgar Soto on Unsplash

As kids many of us made wishlists of the toys or games we wanted for major holidays or birthdays.

As adults we still make wishlists sometimes, but there's a societal expectation we'll only list practical or mature or responsible things.

But what if we still want that Lego Millennium Falcon or Barbie's Dream House?

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People Speculate How They Would React If A Relative Gifted Them A Lottery Ticket That Won Big
Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Lottery tickets are a pretty commonplace gift for the holidays. It's an easy way to give someone something completely noncommittal and kind of fun gift, where even if they don't win, they play a little.

But what if you did win?

It's a fun, though unlikely, thought. Still, not impossible.

Do you ever just let your mind wander a little bit into the realm of what it would be like if you won fabulous riches?

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