Bisexual People Explain How Their Tastes Differ Among Genders


All the flavors.....

Bisexual people have always had the best of all worlds when it comes to the romance department. Maybe that's why they get so much moodiness thrown at them.... we're all jealous. They get to taste everything while the rest of us are saddled with one basic menu because of a lame palette. But just because people like it all doesn't mean specifics don't appeal to them while on the prowl.

Redditor u/dr-incognito-dorito wanted to have a quick tea with those of us who like to sample all the flavors by asking.... Bisexual people of Reddit, how does your taste in men compare to your taste in women? Are you attracted to similar traits in both genders or do you look for completely different things?


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Its more like "IF YOU HOT YOU HOT" but I find more hot in women than I do in men, it's not really specific traits I can pick out tbh like, I find a lot of girls really pretty, but find myself seeing men with similar traits and not thinking the same.


I Like it All

I'm a bit all over the place really. I like masculine men, feminine men, masculine women, feminine women, and everything in between and out of the binary.

I like the female body better because, well, boobs; but I also enjoy a good beard and the more... elongated lines men have.

I'd have to go on a case by case basis, comparing two people instead of two whole demographies to be able to give a better answer.

Idk, I just like pretty much everybody who's not a jerk.



I'm sexually attracted to either muscular/fit or feminine guys and girls, so the points of attraction are similar for me. But I just can't seem to fall for a guy/girl, like I find them physically attractive but I never saw them in a romantic sense unlike girls which is strange.


Show Me

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Purely sexually there's a cross section of twinks and kinda punk rock pixie Chick that always gets me going. Romantically if they show me affection.


Attachment Issues....

I am sexually attracted to both genders but I can't seem to get emotionally attached to a girl. I just couldn't see myself dating a girl.


My friend told me about this a few months ago and it totally helped me realize my sexual identity. I didn't know why I struggled with my bisexuality until this. Such an important part of identity!


The "Right"Type....

I'm a woman and I prefer women who are more feminine and men who are more masculine.

There are some overlaps. Regardless of gender I love for them to be outdoorsy and into the same activities as me. I'm very attracted to smart people who are ambitious and adventurous. But for women I prefer people who are not super buff, are more feminine when dressing, have more feminine personalities, etc. For men I'm more into the outdoorsy manly guys. I'm also way more picky with women and less likely to form an emotional attachment to women, but am definitely more sexually attracted to the "right" type of women than any men.

I used to worry about finding the right person when my preferences are all over the place but now I am very happily married to a smart, ambitious, adventurous outdoorsy man.


All Sides Now...

Androgyny in all things. If the human body was a slider with M/F being both sides I want it in the middle.


I don't even care about the scale, I just like punk people lmao. But actually, yeah same.


Oof, this, sorta. My lady is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen, and I wouldn't trade her for anything else. But this is how i felt before I saw her, so.



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I like twinks, and I like goths. I'm a simple man.


The BF Says....

I asked my boyfriend and he said:

"I don't know if it's because I'm dating a guy right now, but I only have romantic attraction to men and some minor sexual attraction to women. I am not really picky with people I guess, no real preference, I just want someone who can put up with me rambling about piercings and exercise with me. Though I do have to say, I think I could only imagine myself happily getting married with a man as of now."


All in....

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I still am kinda having a sexuality crisis, but for me I look for basically the same traits in both genders. Someone who respects and is willing to do things you like as well. Not the relationship revolving around them, and definitely not the other half-hearted their part. Seriously, some people these days have problems with not even giving half the effort in a relationship.


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