People Share Their All-Time Favorite Cinematic Plot Twists
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Beware: This post contains spoilers for major movies.

What kind of movie really sticks with you? Chances are, it's one that caused you to feel a genuine emotional reaction... Maybe even shock, surprise? A twist ending can make or break a movie. A good twist is one that you never saw coming, but on a second watch of a movie, there are hints that make it totally make sense that it happened.

For example, Hans betraying Anna in Frozen. The film already went against conventional Disney movie tropes, and Elsa even warned her sister that love and trust can't be formed on a first meeting. So, when Hans suddenly pulled away from Anna and revealed his plot to take over the kingdom, it was a shock, yet made sense with the whole of the movie.

Redditor u/huzaifa792 asked people,

"What's your favorite plot twist in a movie?"

20. The biggest superhero movie twist ever

The end of infinity war. In almost every movie I was happy knowing it would end with the heroes winning. Infinity war didn't. I was watching the movie then it ended with thanos winning, and I was like "wtf!"


19. An Oscar winning twist

In the film parasite when we find out about the maids husband which has been hiding in the basement


18. Sounds like a great movie

I don't want to give away the twist, but it's a 1998 Denzel Washington supernatural suspense thriller movie called Fallen where his detective character battles a demon that possesses people.

Basically the twist involves a statement that Denzel makes at the beginning of the movie and there's a surprising revelation at the end.


17. This movie is too real

In Contagion when the entire virus was started my Matt Damon's wife by shaking hands with a chef who touched a pig that ate a banana that a bat was eating from. Totally made the film for me


16. The evil side wins all

Primal Fear, at the end where it turns out Norton's alternate personality was his real personality the whole time and his nice guy personality was the fake one


15. It was an odd choice, but effective

The romance drama Remember Me, with Robert Patterson. You're there cruising towards the end of a fairly average harmless movie, and then in the last few minutes there's the big reveal and it's OMFG. It's not my favourite but it was shocking and made my blood run cold.


14. Some good rom-com drama

I was watching Crazy Stupid Love with my girlfriend a while ago and I actually really liked the whole plot twist where it turned out Emma Stone was Steve Carell's daughter. She was popping up so much in the movie and I was wondering how the hell it all tied into it


13. Some love it, some hate it

In the twilight saga, breaking dawn part 2, where instead of following the books, where the Volturi leave peacefully without fighting, Alice kicks aro in the face then a whole fight starts between both sides. There were so many major character deaths. Once Bella was about to die, we were pulled back to see it was Alice showing aro the vision.


12. Very creative twist

The Book of Eli. I knew he had a bible, but I had no idea it was a Braille version or that he was blind.


11. It was surprisingly sophisticated for the series

How the ending of the last movie in the Final Destination franchise is the beginning of the first movie. It honestly blew my mind and so far one of the very few plot twists I did not see coming at all


10. The beginning of a very long franchise


The original Saw movie, where it's revealed that the "dead" body in the center of the room has been the alive mastermind the whole time.


I hate horror movies. This twist just baffled me, and really enjoyed the movie. Enough to go watch #2, but the pit of needles... and I'm out.


9. This script must have been a headache

Memento was brilliant


I was stunned how someone could write such a screenplay. I'd never seen any movies as complex and smart as this one before I watched it. Now, I've seen a lot more movies, but I still can't recall more than a couple movies as smart as Memento that are original screenplays.


8. The greatest detective film of all time


Who framed Roger Rabbbit was pretty brilliant. The rigged election, The Death of Eddie's Brother, Acme's murder, was all connected.


When I killed your brother I LOOKED LIKE THIS!

eyes turn into daggers


7. Even parents gasped

King Candy being Turbo!


Right?! I remember literally gasping when he started switching over. Looking back, probably should have realized it, but they did a great job with that twist.


6. One of the most famous modern movie twists

Fight Club.


Here for this! I've seen other shows and movies try too pull of a similar twist but back when this movie came out there was no way you would have expected that twist. Then when you go back and watch the movie its like the director was telling you the whole time but the idea was so alien it just didn't register in your head.


5. A new kind of horror movie

Cabin in the woods - I had no idea Where that plot was going!


This was my first thought, too. They did a really nice job hiding it in the previews.


4. A surprisingly deep movie

The Lego Movie, the fact it was literally all in the mind of a child and the main villain is is model obsessed father


Dude. I loved this twist when I watched it for the first time. Then when my husband and I were dating, we watched it together. Knowing that it was from the perspective of a little boy who just wants to play with his dad had my sobbing through the whole rewatch.


3. It all makes sense by the end

Ohhh The Prestige was a fantastic movie!! Would recommend...I don't really wanna spoil it.


Yesss, this one got me really good. On the rewatch the foreshadowing is there.


2. A sad romance made sadder

Atonement. That is, if by 'favourite' you mean 'having my heart ripped out and stomped on' then yeah, I guess this one takes the cake. Realising what we saw of Robbie and Cecilia at the end of the movie was Briony's reimagining... so much ugly crying...


1. Shyamalan does it again

I'm just going to say the one from The Visit. Don't want to give any spoilers but god damn M. Night Shyamalan... you got me


"Those aren't your grandparents."

Absolutely floored me. Not a great film, but a great twist.