People Break Down The Worst Responses To 'I Love You'
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So, let's say you've been seeing someone exclusively long enough to know you're not interested in pursuing anyone else.

You feel a mutually amorous connection that is undeniable. You work up the courage to finally open up your heart to say those three words you've held off expressing for quite some time.

"I love you."

When the recipient of the romantic declaration doesn't respond right away, it's a record-scratching moment indicating you've either spoken too soon or the love connection you thought you had with this person was all in your head.

Sound familiar?

Curious to hear results from strangers after they've professed their love, Redditor DadsSpaghettiii asked:

"What is the worst response for 'I love you?'"

People can be so heartless.

Give It Time

“It’ll pass.”

– she_dani_gans

How Gross


– -_-_-_--_--_--_-

"Ew is the worst response to many things."

– AdolfCitler

Some responses are just head-scratchers.

Identity Crisis

"And I love you too random citizen."

– HaroldMcbob

Responds With Question

“How did you get in my house?”

– papachon

Copy That

“You too”

– Lazy_Brother1575

"If I get a response like that at this point in my life, I just say forget it man. It’s not worth it. If they aren’t making an equal effort, it’s not worth it."

– Iamloghead


"See ya in chemistry!"

  • "If you know, you know"

– HuckleberryHungry918

Some people don't think before responding, or do worse without verbalizing.

Being Polite

"That's nice"

"Which is what my wife said to me when I first said it to her, 28 years ago."

– MysteriousDudeness

Knee-Jerk Response

"i once accidentally said ‘oh no’, which I think is pretty horrendous."

– tokaygeckoking

And That's An Order


– VictorBlimpmuscle

"You should rethink your life options."

– hidethemilk

Pow Pow

"finger guns."

– sparksfly5891

"Needs the tongue click and the wink too."

– Turneroff

Sonic Void

"Just dead silence."

– shayoix

The fear of rejection is what prevents most people from being true to themselves.

What's the point of withholding your feelings about someone you have strong affections for if you can't verbalize them? If you're hoping they'll make the first move, then you're just playing games. And who has times for games? No one.

If you're worried about someone responding to you in a way you weren't hoping after using the "L" word, who cares?

What you really should be asking yourself is, "What if they love me too but they are also freaked out like I am?"

You'll never know until you take that leap.

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